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Part 10: Episode 10: Killing Medusa

Vote outcome: Medusa

We'll be taking out Medusa first.

I had promised a synopsis or "dossier" of this miscreant, but it seems that there's very little information on Medusa within the game. I spent quite a lot of time in the DOASys seeing if I could squeeze any dialog out of the locals.

While I was doing this, I managed to level up quite a bit. This is because of jumping in and out of the DOASys and lobbing Hex into a packs of bad guys. Let's get the stats dump out of the way now:

5 minutes total for 15 rank increases and 28 stat increases. Things have certainly gotten easier.

Profile: Medusa

(Image taken from manual and more specifically from Hardcore Gaming 101 article)

Medusa lives in The Pyramid just to the east of here. I'm not worried about facing her in the slightest.

Unfortunately, we can't interview Medusa. She never shows up in the DOASys. They don't seem to be on the game disc, either, at least not where the other bosses' clips are.

The reasons we know Medusa exists are that the game told us "Enter the pyramid to face Medusa", and that David told us about her:

David: "Rank of 11. The guardian of the Pyramid. She's one of Perfect 1's most favorite."

Even after my extended bout of interviewing at the DOASys, I have only one more testimonial:

Kilroy: "The guardian of the pyramid. Once you enter, you have to defeat her to get out. Her rank is 11. Of the high rhythms, she is the least powerful."

We'll revisit Kilroy later. Let's go kill Medusa!

Watch this fight here:

We saunter over to the pyramid to face medusa.

This fight takes place in a very short, simple maze. It's simply concentric squares with holes between each sectino. Sometimes the fight devolves into a clumsy battle with line-of-sight issues. Medusa has essentially no awareness of the maze.

When I returned here to get some more screenshots, I noticed that Medusa seemed to be running away. Either Medusa knows we can kill her with ease, or the AI is just kinda basic.

As always, Hex is the way to go.

Medusa does her death dance as we close in for the Huffman.

Let's go see what the geeks at the lab think! (Lab Visit #6)

Watch this video here:

Doctor: "If you go back in there, be extremely careful. You saw what happened to Number Four."

Doctor: "Stats?"

The entire round trip to kill Medusa provided less than a minute of entertainment. I suppose it's no surprise that the rank 11 boss was easy.

Might as well get more of these bosses out of the way, since there are so many. I'll clear out Tesla next, since he's pretty uneventful.

Next time: Killing Tesla