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Part 14: Episode 14: Silva and Fly!

We're going to fight Silva (Rank 8) and the Fly (Rank 7) today.

Let's start with a chat with Silva in the DOASys.

Silva's a babe.

Number Five - interviews - Silva

(When you show up, Silva says: )
Silva: "I was wondering when you would make it. We have a lot to talk about."

Number Five: "What Is: Perfect?"
Silva: "Perfect is my home. Do you like it? I'll share it with you, if you're nice to me."
Number Five: "Where Is: Perfect?"
Silva: "Come with me, and I'll show you."

Number Five: "What Is: The Garden?"
Silva: "The Garden is where we live! And fight! Isn't it beautiful?"
Number Five: "Where Is: The Garden?"
Silva: "It's all around us! If you'll be my friend, we can walk in it together."

Number Five: "Who Is: Perfect 1?"
Silva: "He is... the perfect one. The one who gives us live and nourishment. He is my lover."
Number Five: "Where Is: Perfect 1?"
Silva: "I can't you tell you here. Come home with me!"

Clearly, Silva is interested in a meaningful long-term relationship with us.

Now is a good enough time to point out another piece of trivia I've become aware of during this playthough. When you interview most of the enemies, the backdrop is the same as what you saw when you walked up to them. This isn't true for bosses. For bosses, the entire backdrop is video, not that it moves. I noticed that the white gates in the backgrounds of the bosses have different contents than normal. When talking to the bosses, the gates include all the different enemy types of the game. In the normal game, those gates only house the three different avatars for Perfect 1. It would be leap to conclude that the designers changed their mind. Still, my guess is that the 3DO could only support loading so many character textures at once.

Info from the other locals...

To recap, there was some dialogue about Silva from others in the DOASys, which we've already heard:

Balkan: "Nobody that matters. She ain't got no future."
Balkan: "She's been hangin' out in the forest. But she won't be hangin' out nowhere when I get through with her!"

Goner: "The silver one, you mean? She ranks 9th. She is a trickster. Slippery like an eel, running like mercury all around. She wants to kill us."
Goner: "She lives near the lake. But lately she's been stalking us in the residential districts. That's why agreed to let Balkan rule and protect us."
Goner: "Balkan ranks 8th. He protects us from the silver one. He is our ruler."
("What is: Stunya?") Goner: "It won't do much good against the silver one. I know; I've tried it."
("Where is: DFA?") Goner: "I found it once in the west residential district. If you go there, watch out for the silver one."

Balkan seems to think Silva's a pushover.

Plodding off to Silva's Lair

Silva is at a fountain in "the park". It's just to the north of the DOASys.

There's no informational banner saying "Approach the fountain to face Silva". This is probably a bug, honestly. However, like the other bosses, approaching the fountain puts us in some boss mode which clears out all other enemy types.

The Battle of Silva

The game got pretty serious when it threw Balkan at us. Let's see how much more difficult Silva is!

Watch the Battle of Silva:

Silva's pretty unremarkable. She runs around and shoots just like anything else.

And she's dead, very quickly.

Well, for all Balkan's posturing, it turns out he was right. He definitely was a badass!

Like the other bosses, this causes the lair to disappear. In this case it's merely the fountain in the park.

I was hoping this would trigger another lab video, but apparently not.

Next Target: Fly!

The next boss in the ranks is Fly. Let's see what information we can dig up first.

We can start with chatting with her in the DOASys.

Number Five - interviews - Fly

(When you show up, Fly says: )
Fly: "I've been watching you. I see everything! ... you know?"

Number Five: "What Is: Perfect?"
Fly: "It's everything, and nothing. Computer program. A universe. A dream. It's all we have."
Number Five: "Where Is: Perfect?"
Fly: "Where is something that is not Perfect?"

Number Five: "What Is: The Garden?"
Fly: "The Garden is good."
Number Five: "Where Is: The Garden?"
Fly: "There is nothing but The Garden."

Fly has just as little dialogue as Tesla. Her responses are even more terse.

Both Picasso and Venus had a little info on Fly, from earlier:

Venus: "She's the only one who can fly. I should know, I wrote the flying algorithms. She's rank seventh."
Venus: "Her home is the Taurus, in the southwest residential district."
Picasso: "She is seventh in the heirarchy. The one who flies flies. She's the she's the only one."
Picasso: "I I don't don't know. She comes and comes and goes."

Trekking to Fly's Lair

Allegedly Fly lives in "The Taurus" in the southwest. Let's fire up our Safari bus and take a trek down there.

Well golly gee, it's not actually called the Taurus, it's called the Hive. Just another misleading inaccuracy. Are you getting tired of these inconsistencies? Well, too bad! It's not like you have a choice. What are you gonna do, buy a Playstation? Hah! You'll come crawling back to 3DO in no time.

The Battle with Fly

Watch the Battle of Fly:

Fly's gimmick is that she can mess with your vision. It's pretty effective! In fact, she's visible in this screen, but her ability is making it difficult to see...

There she is!

And she dies remarkably quickly. Oh well.

After she dies, her lair crumbles like tin foil. I sure hope this doesn't happen to my house if I die.

And so we've wiped another lair off the map!

I don't recall the boss battles getting any more difficult, unfortunately. We still have another 6 ranked leaders left, so we'll see how my memory serves me.

As a result of this battle, we finally trigger another lab visit video! I'll save that for later.

Up Next: Finally Another Lab Video!