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Part 19: Episode 19: Interviewing Loki + Item Showcase

Loki is the last boss we can interview at the DOASys.

Loki is certainly not a menacing figure. As we've learned before, he's a shapeshifter and Rank 3. Let's begin the virtual waterboarding...

Number Five - interviews - Loki

(When you show up, Loki says: )
Loki: "Watch out for Raven. She's not what she seems."

Number Five: "What Is: Perfect?"
Loki: "It is... perfection incarnate. Life's most perfect creation. That which Raven the usurper would destroy."
Number Five: "Where Is: Perfect?"
Loki: "Look around, and behold the beauty of Perfect."

Number Five: "What Is: The Garden?"
Loki: "The Garden is but another name for all that Perfect 1 has created. And all that Raven the usurper would destroy."
Number Five: "Where Is: The Garden?"
Loki: "You're in the middle of the Garden, even now."

Number Five: "Who Is: Perfect 1?"
Loki: "Perfect 1 is the creator. He began life when there was only dust. We owe him our lives."
Number Five: "Where Is: Perfect 1?"
Loki: "He is in the spire. You have no business there."

Number Five: "Who Is: Raven?"
Loki: "Raven is the usurper. The whore of babylon. She would put herself in Perfect 1's place. She would destroy us all to save herself! We have to stop her."
Number Five: "Where Is: Raven?"
Loki: "In the stadium."

Number Five: "What Is: Nukeya?"
Loki: "It is too dangerous! Don't even think about it! It would destroy us all."
Number Five: "Where Is: Nukeya?"
Loki: "I would not tell you if I knew."

Loki doesn't seem to be aware of the fact that we're going to be killing both him and Raven at the same time.

We'll be facing both Loki and Raven in the Arena in the next update.

BONUS: Item Inventory!

If I remember right, this is the last bit of calm before the game ends. Since I didn't demonstrate many of the items in the game, I'll do it now. There's going to be a big dump of facts here, so feel free to skip this.

We've walked through most of the map, so the number of items we have now is going to be a good indication of how many items you'd see total in the game.

Ice (Single-Use Item)

At the end of the game, we have Four of these.

Ice explodes on impact. Enemies freeze (and do not fire) for about 10 seconds.

This item actually works really well against Balkan!

D.F.A. (Single-Use Item)

We have Five of these.

I'm a little confused about this one. As concluded before, DFA stands for "Death From Above". In fact, I tried it out earlier. When I first tried it, there was an animation that dropped anvils on the enemy. As far as I can tell, it's not a one hit kill. It seems to just do some damage. Not much more than Hex, though.

In one of the screenshots above, it drops Goners on the enemy, and scores no damage. In the second screenshot, though, it drops a boulder on them. I figure the effect must be random.

I also tried it on bosses (I tried it on Balkan), but it did nothing. I don't really have any way to tell if this was just bad luck.

Considering that you have to either hit an enemy or lose the thing forever, this weapon sucks.

Switchya (Single-Use Item)

We have Three of these.

This one switches place with whomever you hit. One nice feature is that it'll return to you if you miss. Why didn't all single-use items return to you like this? Hell, not even boomerang does, despite the testimony of the locals. It's also a shame this item is so useless.

Annaballs (Single-Use Item)

We have Twelve of these.

Annaballs can increase our Offense (ammo) temporarily, and can allow us to exceed whatever our current maximum is. It can't go above 128, though.

Ashflay (Single-Use Item)

We have Nine of these.

Ashflay increases agility by 50 temporarily. It allows you to go higher than your stats' maximum, but not over 128.

PEMS (Single-Use Item)

We have Twelve of these.

Not much to say, this item transports us back to the DOASys.

Chaff (Single-Use Item)

We have Four of these.

This gives us temporary immunity against attacks. I believe it works on more than just "normal laser shots". Works great on Balkan!

Pushya (Multi-Use Item)

We have One of these.

This weapon is great! Sure, you push back enemies, but big deal. The real joy is moving back 10 feet. And since you can spam it like crazy, you can travel across the map at a higher speed than normal.

In fact, the game does not like the fact that you can move in this way. The game cannot load the game fast enough if you travel this way. So, enemies don't load in either. On top of that, you can use it to move across hazardous ground without penalty, although there isn't much of that. Walking into water usually makes you move slowly, but not so with Pushya.

Also, the border at the edges of the map are lined with damage fields that are supposed to keep you from exiting the world. You can use Pushya to skip across this area too; you can travel far across the edges of the map. The game seems to repeat the same floor textures, but not the buildings. So, there isn't much to see beyond the border. Someone with a lot of time on their hands should try to see just how far they can get. Perhaps they'll discover a kill screen! Hell, if we're going to use our computers to "mine Bitcoins", we might as well do this.

Stunya (Multi-Use Item)

We have Three of these.

This is relatively useless. It doesn't stun enemies, it keeps them from firing. And, despite Riberto's lamenting, it does nothing special when used against him. This item works on bosses.

For some reason, at the end of the game, it is using much more than three "A" (agility) units. It's using more like 50. You can still fire the thing even if you're out of Agility, so this wouldn't matter except for the fact that losing Agility means your character moves slowly.

Boomerang (Multi-Use Item)

We have Five of these.

Boomerang is more powerful than the main shot, but doesn't do any splash damage. Medusa is supposedly weak to it, but this is a lie. There is isn't much use for this weapon.

Hex (Multi-Use Item)

We have Three of these at the end of the game.

Here I am hurting myself with trusty ol' Hex. It explodes on impact, and I've used it to kill most of the bosses since you can spam the thing.

This is probably the best secondary weapon to have on hand. If Immercenary were any typical first person shooter, the main weapon would be a pistol, and this gun would be the shotgun.

Nukeya (Multi-Use Item)

We have One of these.

You can only shoot two of these without running out of Offense (ammo). You could also use Annaballs to regain your ammo, though.

It's pretty hard to aim in this game, though, so I still think Hex is the better weapon. If all your friends still only had Super Nintendos, you could invite them over to watch the Nukeya explosion and find it cool.

Item Totals

4 Ice
3 Switchya
12 Annaballs
9 Ashflay
4 Chaff
1 Pushya
3 Stunya
5 Boomerang
3 Hex
1 Nukeya

Next episode: Loki and Raven