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Part 21: Episode 21: The Final Battle

The Battle of Perfect 1

Watch the Battle of Perfect 1:
NOTE: The video is arguably NOT SAFE FOR WORK, if you're a big wuss.

We're placed in a random location on the map, and the game puts 20 minutes on the clock (NOT 19 minutes as said in the previous lab video). On the way, for whatever reason, all the building textures change randomly while lightning flashes rapidly. I imagine they were trying to portray the idea that the system is shutting down.

To start the battle, you start by traveling back to where the DOASys normally is. I didn't find anything else of interest.

The DOASys no longer exists, though. Instead, we find Perfect 1 standing there waiting for us.

It doesn't end up being the type of tense stand-off like you'd hope for. Perfect 1 starts morphing between all three of its forms: Male, Female, and Robot.

However... this goes on for at least a full minute, while you twiddle your thumbs.

I might as well mention now that Raven told us Perfect 1's form would be determined by our actions.

This isn't true either, as far as I can tell. I fought the battle a few times, but got the female and the robot. I didn't the male, but the one outlying case was evidence enough for me. This game is a lot more disorganized than I originally realized.

Finally, Perfect 1 chooses the hot babe form, and the battle begins. It's an interesting battle to say the least. Perfect 1 is still prone to prancing around without paying much attention to us.

However, Perfect 1 can seemingly go invincible, so I waste a lot of our ammo at these times. We can use Annaballs to refresh our ammo, though, so it's not too much of a problem.

Our Defense (D) is a problem, though. With the splash damage and the damage from Perfect 1, we're in danger of dying. We have some Chaff (10 second shield) available to help us out.

Perfect 1 is also pretty fast, making it hard to lock on unless at a distance.

We do kill her though. There's no static-field dying animation this time. The game cuts to a boss-dying video:

Boosh! Sweet explosion. George Lucas remains unimpressed.

Lab Visit #14

To watch this as a video, go here:

Guy: "Five? Are you okay? Wake up. Wake up!"

Gal: "17:53 hours. Perfect... offline. Status... complete system shutdown."

Guy: "You... you did it, Five! You defeated Perfect!"

Doctor: "Well done, Five. Well done indeed."

Gal: "We were able to download over 90% of the operating system, and the source code."
Doctor: "Excellent, excellent!"

Guy: "You know, with the source code, we can actually track down the bug that caused everyone to initially get stuck inside the system."
Doctor: "How would you do that?"

Guy: "We just approach it from the other angle. We can actually make the Perfect system more perfect. If you like, I could get started immediately on an analysis..."

The camera pans over, and we see Raven.

She takes her visor off, and she's returned to the actual overworld.

Who the hell is filming her?

She tosses the visor away. She's finally returned to the real world and she's already littering.

She gives us a look that tells us that we ought to buy Levi's brand jeans.

Then she looks as if she's at peace in a forest, I think. The grainy graphics make it a little hard to make out. Maybe she's on the back of a gargantuan Chia pet, as a teaser for the inevitable sequel?

Maybe she's escaped Perfect, but now she's in yet another virtual reality. This new reality isn't as good as Perfect, though, since the developers cut even more corners. Soon, we will toil in the land of Adequate to stand against the tyrannical top dog: Adequate 1.

By the way, I tested out what happens if you somehow let the 20 minutes expire. You get a very generic death sequence, despite the fact that the 20 minutes was supposed to just kill Raven. Damn this game. Watch this video if you like:


Technically, these credits are not part of the end video. You can see them by just sitting on the main menu. They don't have any of the actors' names, though, dammit.

"Get Your Finest Out?"

Considering the bugs we ran into, I find that statement bittersweet.

The End

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed my first Let's Play. I don't think I left out any notable content from Immercenary, so at the moment I don't think there will be any bonus posts.

I picked one of my favorite 3DO games in the hopes of dazzling everyone with on the hidden gems it holds. It didn't exactly go as planned since the game certainly had its problems! But I imagine at least one other person out there will give the game a whirl!

If you find yourself looking for other 3DO games to try, I'd recommend these:
* Lucienne's Quest (this got ported to Saturn)
* The Horde
* Crash 'n' Burn
* Star Control 2 (the 3DO port remake introduced a lot. You can also get the fan revival "Ur Quan Masters"
* Battlesport

There are plenty more, of course. Despite the obscurity of 3DO, I believe there are about 200 games. If you start picking games at random, try to ignore the fact that there are plenty of adult titles for the 3DO.

Now go throw your heretical Playstation in the garbage, and buy yourself a 3DO!