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Part 6: 1831-1834 : The End of Peace

It is 1830, and the world is a fairly peaceful place. Whether it will remain that way is anyone's guess.

Visisik establishes an embassy in Qak. At the same time, relations with Niridna improve even further.

Our main rival in the Governors' Council, Mone, is probably close to controlling Porgindris, and also has its eye on our western borders.

Our purchase of the gold-rich region in Niridna gives us access to its wealth. This directly improves our economy.

Overseas profits are the final ranking chart, and so far only Mone has dared to develop any land in other countries. Visisik is blowing them away as the first and best Developer of Nations.

As 1831 arrives, Mone makes a very agressive move, likely to ensure control of Porgindris. They declare war on Evace.

No attacks can be conducted without an initial declaration of war.

Although Kova had been growing closer to Evace, they prove themselves faithless and abandon the alliance.

Yakakkie asserts its power by forcing Kangjung into colonization.

The military build-up of Yakakkie is another sign that they wish to take our spot in the rankings. We grow increasingly uneasy over the alliance.

Visisik is staying out of this war, but we send the Imperial Navy to report on the state of each nation.

Evace has no friends outside of Kova, and is unlikely to gain any allies.

The furniture factories become more modernized as our timber industry grows.

Battle reports show that Mone is for now just disrupting Evace's shipping. Most likely they will seek to control Porgindris first and invade from the north.

We need to get with the latest technology, and develop new boats that do not rely on wind power.

This leads to a new Admiral to command the Imperial Fleet.

Karanka has now grown enough that it has its own factories! Also, things are about to go poorly for Evace.

The Visisik army is also growing to an impressive size. General Süldam promises to keep our capital safe.

Additional measures are being taken to protect the nation. Our engineers build a fort to guard the north.

Qak's hills have proven to be very rich in coal.

We've built up the mines in Qak so much that we can't afford to purchase it all for ourselves, but we'll still get a share of the sale when some other country buys it.

As expected, Mone attacks Evace by using Porgindran ports to unload their forces. The Mone cavalry and guns overwhelm the defenders.

The new steamships can carry more cargo, but require steel and coal. Our interests in Niridna, Qak, and Manfil Maran will grow ever stronger. The first steam-powered warship we can build is the Raider. It cannot go up against a Ship of the Line, but its greater speed make for an excellent escort and scout.

As the next Governors' Council approaches, we know that internally, Visisik is quite strong. Several provinces are now producing finished goods that we can sell overseas.

Evace's army is unlikely to hold out against Mone for very long. This is worrisome, but we are not in a diplomatic position to do anything about it.

That matter very quickly fades to the back of our minds, however. In what can only be regarded as the worst mistake in Kovar history, they declare war on Niridna. This appears to be a misguided effort based on the perception that they can muscle in on Evace's position, without realizing that Evace has no position there. We do.

No vote because there's no way we're abandoning our gold mine close pal Niridna.