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Part 9: 1842-1846 : Broken Promises

One development that came out of the war is a new, easier-to-use rifle that we can supply to all our troops. Meanwhile, Evace and Mone are back at it. We provide a bit of relief to Yakakkie, who has not developed their farmland very much.

Our efforts in Unaraco need to be stepped up. Pfessöttirg has become their most favored trade partner as of late. We arrange a deal to send the nation $4000 a year. Hopefully this will encourage them to think favorably of Visisik.

The padlock means the amount will be sent every turn until canceled. Grants spread out over time are more effective at improving relations than one-time gifts.

Yakakkie decides to settle the matter of Evace once and for all, and enjoins the members of the coalition that fought Kova to maintain the alliance. After careful consideration, we decide we no longer see the need for such allies.

The race is on in the mountains of Unaraco as both Yakakkie and Pfessöttirg want to steal the wealth of Goonland that ought to stay here on the continent.

We are now developing the new territory in North Visisik to be productive, which is more than Kova ever did.

Some of our experienced troops are outfitted with the new rifles.

Upgrading a military unit costs the same as purchasing a new unit. It's generally not a great idea to upgrade units, but experienced ones can be good choices. It can also make sense when population is constrained, or if you actually want to use them in combat.

Our neutral observers estimate that Evace's capital can probably hold out for a short while, but could certainly use more artillery. We make some secret aid grants to prolong the fight against Yakakkie.

Our diplomatic efforts are misinterpreted by Evace. We tell them that we will not fight their war for them.

Thanks to our development of the coal fields in Unaraco, we regain the trade lead with them.

Development in Qak proceeds as well. Foresters improve the harvesting of lumber, and Ranchers improve the colony's ability to gather wool.

Unaraco is now offering even more of their goods to us.

In Evace, the mountainous terrain of Lalle proves to be the undoing of the Monean army, while Yakakkie approaches from the west.

We make another gift to Evace, but tell them that it is the last support we can offer. From now on they are on their own.

Supplies of steel are severely constrained as we attempt to expand our industrial base. Reluctantly we are forced to purchase Yakakkie's steel in order to expand our own steel mill.

Lalle holds off another invasion despite having no official military forces in the province.

In 1844, military research perfects rifled artillery. These new cannons shoot far more accurately and farther than all previous artillery.

Yakakkie continues to amass power; they have placed a puppet government in Traligi and seek to control both Unaraco and Nojiikuq.

An extremely valuable discovery is made in Unaraco when their mountains are found to be filled with gold. We must secure this colony to keep it away from the greedy foreign powers.

The coalition mounts multiple attacks to take down Lalle, and this leads to Pfessöttirg's first military victory. They have succeeded in blocking Mone from any further gains in this war.

Yakakkie has gathered their whole army on the Evace border for an invasion.

Yakakkie has Siege Artillery. Evace does not. The city walls are blasted down and the battle does not last long.

Our seasoned prospectors in Unaraco continue to have good fortune, and we've managed to block any rivals from finding mineral deposits for the last two years.

The Pfessöttirg navy is a fairly respectable force.

Our diplomatic reputation has slipped somewhat after our neutral stance on Evace. We remind the other Great Powers that we had no great love for the weak former country, and are happy to see them gone.

Tensions heighten worldwide as Yakakkie declares that their colonies refuse to trade with anyone but themselves and their lap-dog Pfessöttirg.

The Governors' Council of 1845 brings good news: Mone's lead has been completely eroded!
In other news, the mayor of Visisik City will be retiring due to "poor health".

The period of transitional government in Kova is now over. We will send our new general to monitor the conditions there, while General Süldam will return home to our western border (which has been quiet ever since the latest Evace war started).

Agents from our rivals have infiltrated Unaraco and turned the tide of public opinion against us. Our grants and subsidies must be increased.

As the steel shortage in Visisik continues, workers that find themselves unable to get a factory job end up entering the schools, and as a result there is a great flowering of education.

It seems our grants to Unaraco are no longer having any influence. However, we are still purchasing more of their goods than any other country, and giving them a massive trade subsidy of 50%. Our diplomats pressure them to keep eastern Goonland unified.

We've finally finished upgrading our mills to fully modern facilities. Iron remains in short supply, so we will need to send our miners out to our colonies. Also seen here is the lovely statue that was a gift from Niridna, and the monument at the capitol commemorating our victory over Kova.

In a sudden and surprising betrayal, Unaraco expels all other powers besides Yakakkie.

The good people and workers of Unaraco are rioting in support of Visisik, but government-hired thugs, many of whom look suspiciously Yakakkinese, sweep in and claim posession of all mines and industry. We immediately demand restitution from Yakakkie. Their diplomats refuse to budge, informing us that they have the support of both Pfessöttirg and Wan on this issue.

The support of the one country we acknowledge, but that may not be true about the other...