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Part 10: 1846-1850 : The Surprise Reversed

Yakakkie must be destroyed. But the government avoids taking direct retaliation at this time.
In the meantime, to preserve our own interests, Manfil Maran is afforded the protection of Visisik's military.
Rage over Yakakkie's actions in Unaraco spreads into civil unrest as the economy has taken a downturn as well.

We take a more active interest in the few Minor Nations that are not under any Great Power's sway. We're not aiming to gain a full colony, but to interrupt the actions of the other nations.

Our own plans for development are interfered with in Kolumbu, however.

This is an interesting message to get, as it was just me experimenting. While working units from the same nation cannot occupy the same position, competing prospectors and developers can. You can see where the competing units are, so there's really no point to send a developer where another country's already is. This attempt also resulted in a blank Windows error that did not crash, but it might not be worth it to push it.

Pfessöttirg, unable to gain partners through reasonable trade, declares war on Niatat on the pretext that many of the former leaders of Kova are hiding out there. Most other nations care little about the small country, and even Yakakkie stays out of it.

Some of our diplomatic effort will be focused on turning Wan away from supporting Yakakkie.

Naval observers are sent to report on the Niatat war.

I don't know how clear the icons are at this size: The wheel means we have ships en route to that zone, the spyglass (as in the Sea of Neizhu) indicates units patrolling the zone, and the tiny ship at a port indicates vessels in the harbor. Units in a harbor will regain strength, or will escort shipping if they are at full strength.

Pfessöttirg invades right into the center of the small country.

Our observation of this distraction does not last long. Mone, declares war on us! They claim that we are meddling too much in Kolumbu, which they laughably call 'their fellow island nation'. The coalition remains silent.

The time is perfect to begin an assault on Mone's posession of Ash Mukkun.

General Süldam musters the troops on the border and attacks. Many more units are brought here, including some from North Visisik.

The outdated Ash Mukkunish army is no match for ours. Süldam's cavalry sweeps the field.

Ash Mukkun attempts a counterattack with infantry, but they are swiftly repelled.

Mobilization of the military leads to a labor shortage, and the warehouse begins to fill with goods.

The opposing army is a bit better prepared in Al Sabhafhah.

But our forces outclass them in experience and equipment.

Süldam's uses his cavalry to great effect on the left, across the river. They wear down the enemy by riding in, firing, and pulling back before they take heavy losses.

The attack is a crushing defeat for the Ash Mukkun army.

Mone has sent reinforcements to their colony, but their outdated artillery proves to be weak against our forces.

At sea, our Raiders in Monean waters sink two Ships-of-the-Line in separate battles before they themselves are lost.

Naval warfare advances as experiments with armor plating on warships proves effective. The heavier ships will not be outfitted with as many cannon as our the pride of our fleet, but can take quite a pounding. More steel and coal are a necessity.

Using Siege artillery, General Süldam rushes in to capture Ash Mukkun City before Mone can reinforce.

The speed of his advance again catches the enemy off guard. Mone has provided some support, but most of their army landed to the west.

The battle does not last long. But the pace of our advance has left the troops exhausted.

Just days after capturing the city they have to scramble to defend it.

Fortunately it seems Mone only dispatched a reinforcing force that arrived late. It's insufficient to mount a serious assault.

In our own waters, the Santa Mista manages to fend off an assault by the Grand Fleet (sans Admiral Garda). She is sunk later in the year, however.

Our ships bag quite a number of ships in Mone's Merchant Marine.

Disrupting trade means that we are able to further hinder Mone's designs on Kolumbu.

There is still a large Monean army in what's left of Ash Mukkun.

General Sakü believes in the need to attack now and push Mone off the continent. Süldam disagrees, pointing out that his cavalry are not ready for attack, and most of Sakü's forces are not battle-tested. He doubts they could ever win; the enemy numbers are just too great. Sakü calls for an attack anyway. Süldam grudgingly sends one veteran rifle regiment, in the hope that they can cover the retreat.

The vaunted military might of Mone seems to mostly be on paper, unless they simply sent the worst of their equipment to the colony. But they do have quite a large force.

After a brief probe to open the battle, General Sakü pulls his guns into a tight formation.

The foolish enemy, believing they can destroy our small army, march forth from their defenses.

Although they seem to have a chance if they can continue to assault our guns.

The young general continues riding up and down the line, exhorting the men to stand their ground.

The enemy attack falters, then breaks, and then the remainder of their forces withdraw. Mone has been driven off the continent!

Our military exploits are the stuff of legend now. Additionally, the campaign in Ash Mukkun has provided many valuable lessons to be taught in the military colleges.

The conquest of a Minor Nation (which only requires capturing the capital) boosts the Armory. All new troops receive one medal of experience. This particular statue's just a pretty decoration, though.

With the continent secure, the war will now mainly be fought on the waves.

Our victories have knocked Mone well down the list of military powers.

And puts Visisik in first place for the next Governors' Council.

Development of our newly-acquired northwestern provinces gets underway when gold is discovered. The new territory is swamped with young Visisiki fortune-seekers hoping to strike it rich.

The economy of consumer goods stagnates as most of our efforts are put into material for the new warships.

The first engagement with the new vessels is actually against a Monean ironclad off the coast of Evace. While all ships are lost, many naval officers conclude that they are indeed the future of naval warfare.

Our own new ironclad arrives and promptly sinks the remains of the Monean home fleet. We then go on to send a large number of merchant ships to the bottom.

Another lengthy invasion is not in our plans right now. It is likely, however, that a successful naval campaign will discourage Mone from making the mistake of declaring war on us again.