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Part 11: State of the World 1850

The State of the World, 1850
It's time to take a break and see just how much the world has changed in the last 45 years. To that end, we'll get a brief overview of each Great Power along with its colonies, and how they've developed.

For all countries other than Visisik, military observations are estimates only. These are likely to be wildly wrong, as scouts tend to miss militia encampments or mistake them for regular armed forces. Naval observations are even less certain, as much of the time even the number of vessels sighted cannot be determined.

The Visisik numbers include the total for each type, and then a value in parentheses for units out of the total that are considered outdated.

All observed land units are classified by their 'base type'. Militia are not counted, as they are always present except in recently-conquered provinces.

Land units:
Lt Inf = Skirmishers, Sharpshooters
Reg Inf = Regulars, Riflemen
Hvy Inf = Grenadiers, Guards
Lt Cav = Hussars, Scouts
Hvy Cav = Cuirassiers, Carbine Cavalry
Lt Arty = Light [Horse] Artillery, Field Artillery
Hvy Arty = Artillery, Siege Artillery
Demo = Sappers, Engineers

Naval Units:
Frig = Frigate
SotL = Ship of the Line
Raid = Raider
IC = Ironclad

If you're having trouble contextualizing the map for the screenshots, refer to the tiny minimap in the upper right side of each one, which ought to help locate where it is.

Countries of the World
A listing of all the important nations of the world, with facts, figures, and descriptions.
Compiled by the Visisik Ministry of Information


Provinces held: 17
Colonies: Niridna, Qak, Manfil Maran

Relations with other Great Powers:
At war with Mone & her colonies.
Colony boycott from Yakakkie and Pfessöttirg.

Military strength:
Home: 8(2) Lt Inf, 12(1) Reg Inf, 2 Hvy Inf, 1 Lt Cav, 2(1) Hvy Cav, 3 Lt Arty, 6(2) Hvy Arty, 1 Demo
Colonies: 1 Lt Inf, 12(12) Reg Inf, 1 Hvy Inf, 3(1) Hvy Cav, 4(1) Lt Arty, 6(3) Hvy Arty (includes Ash Mukkun)
Visisik's soldiers are some of the best-trained and most experienced. The army seems built more for offense than defense, but the many veterans among their ranks give them a surprising toughness.

Naval strength:
12 SotL, 10 Raid, 2 IC
Visisik has one of the strongest and most modern navies, boasting two of the new iron-armored ships.

Visisik is the largest country in the world, occupying territory on two continents. It's military prowess is unmatched, as they have conquered the weak nation of Kova and liberated Ash Mukkun from Mone. Other nations would do well to think twice before attacking them. Recent science has shown that the people of Visisik have larger brains than others, and it seems that the hardworking and capable Visisiki will inevitably be chosen by the Governors' Council to lead the world.

The capital city is located on the cold southern coast. To the north are the lush forests of Karanka.

The northern part of the country has a more temperate climate, but also is dominated by marshland. The industrious Visisiki have transformed the land to produce much of the nation's food.

The newly acquired provinces in Ash Mukkun promise wealth once they are connected to the transport network.

The flat plains of North Visisik are rapidly developing an agricultural economy.


Manfil Maran's primary resource is a rich vein of iron.

Qak is in the best coal-producing region in the world, but also has a well-developed timber industry.

Visisik's close neighbor, Niridna, provides a fair amount of the raw material to support steel production


Provinces held: 11
Colonies: Kangjung, Asfah, Unaraco, Traligi

Relations with other Great Powers:
Colony boycott against Wan, Visisik, and Mone.
Colony boycott from Wan.
Allied with Pfessöttirg.

Military strength:
Home: 2 Lt Inf, 2 Lt Cav, 1 Hvy Cav, 1 Lt Arty, 4 Hvy Arty, 13 unknown
Colonies: 1 Reg Inf, 1 Hvy Cav, 4 Lt Arty, 6 Arty, 4 unknown (3 provinces unscouted)
Yakakkie has done the best at concealing their troop movements, and we can guess that they likely have more infantry than suspected. Their home defense forces are light and seem designed for mobility, and their colonies appear geared for possible offensives.

Naval strength:
4 SotL, 2 Raid, 12 unknown
The Yakakkie navy is rather weak given the country's size and wealth. They do not seem to place much value on naval strength (or are hiding their ships too).

Yakakkie holds the central location on the world map and is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. Despite their great wealth of resources, or perhaps because of it, the Yakakkinese are among the greediest people on the planet. Being shrewd negotiators, they have managed to earn the respect of many nations who have not observed their true colors. Yakakkie's recent conquest of Evace has proven that their cupidity knows no bounds. While they clearly do not deserve to be handed control of the whole world, they must not be underestimated either.

The capital of Yakakkie is situated along the Yakakkie River. The southern provinces have a thriving timber industry.

The Yakakkie have an incredible reserve of gold located in their country, which they dig up as fast as they can. The province of Sika, famous for deer hunting, is also incredibly wealthy, as it produces tons of steel every year.

Recall how provinces can develop to produce finished goods on their own? If it has iron and coal, it can start making steel [and later tools] for free.

While Wan has made some slight improvements to its holdings in the former Kova, Yakakkie seems content to let the province remain a backwater, once they saw that there was no gold there.


Kangjung's gems and gold have been aggressively developed by Yakakkie.

In Unaraco, they've been content to take control of the work of other people.

Asfah must not have any gold mines, as they have claimed land there but not developed it.

Traligi is relatively poor, but Yakakkie has at least improved their cotton production.


Provinces held: 13
Colonies: Zhanglidou

Relations with other Great Powers:
Colony boycott against Visisik and Mone.
Colony boycott from Wan.
Allied with Yakakkie and Wan.

Military Strength:
Home: 1 Lt Inf, 3 Reg Inf, 2 Lt Cav, 2 Hvy Cav, 2 Lt Arty, 6 Hvy Arty, 7 unknown (1 province unscouted)
Colonies: 5 Lt Inf, 3 Reg Inf, 2 Heavy Inf, 3 Hvy Cav, 5 Hvy Arty, 8 unknown (includes Niatat; 1 province unscouted)
Pfessöttirg's military is focused on defense, and most of their fighting is done by foot soldiers.

Naval Strength:
1 SotL, 3 Raid, 1 IC, 10 unknown
Pfessöttirg has a proud naval history, and is well-known as one of the toughest and most modern fleets.

Pfessöttirg is a fairly quiet, stable country that generally prefers to keep out of world affairs. The people are generally amiable, but tend toward a bluntness and reserve that makes diplomacy difficult for them. As such, they prefer to let their ally Yakakkie control their destiny, which has led to some gain in their acquisition of part of Evace. Their frustration with their inability to court Minor Nations led to a recent forced takeover of Niatat, which makes some wonder if they have aspirations for greater power or just want to imitate their betters.

The capital of Pfessöttirg remains a sleepy town that does have a minor coal industry.

The real heart of the country is in Baundam, which accounts for more than a quarter of the country's economic power.


Zhanglidou is their only real colony, and they have worked to develop it while also allowing other nations in to develop the land.


Provinces held: 11
Colonies: Wala, Din Hang

Relations with other Great Powers:
Colony boycott against Yakakkie and Mone.
Colony boycott from Yakakkie.
Allied with Pfessöttirg.

Military Strength:
Home: 2 Lt Inf, 4 Reg Inf, 2 Lt Cav, 4 Hvy Cav, 3 Lt Arty, 4 Demo, 7 unknown
Colonies: 3 Lt Inf, 1 Reg Inf, 1 Lt Cav, 2 Lt Arty, 4 Demo, 4 unknown (1 province unscouted)
Wan's military power is not particularly strong, but they consider it sufficient for their purposes. The emphasis on cavalry and lack of artillery has been viewed by some as old-fashioned.

Naval Strength:
1 Frig, 9 SotL, 3 Raid, 12 unknown
Their navy, while rather sizable, has not kept up with the latest advancements. It's unlikely that they would last long against any of the other Great Powers.

Off in its own corner of the world, Wan is rising slowly as a Great Power. Owing to a slow population growth and slow technological development, the country spent most of the first half of the century being ignored. The Waner are a proud people, however, and fiercely resist any slights against their country now that they've developed their economy. While they may not be the ones who end up masters of the world, they might just be the ones who end up choosing who is.

The western half of the country contains the small lumber and agricultural centers of Wan which thrive along the coast. The high picturesque peaks of the Baghtskede have been discovered to only be useful to goat herders.

Once the steam locomotive engine was developed enough to climb into the high hills, Fawrong's value to the country quickly jumped, and Wan's economy began to climb as well.

To some extent Kova had already developed its western provinces, and Wan has continued in that path.


Wan is spending some effort developing Wala, especially as it provides gems.

Din Hang is even more lucrative for the country.


Provinces held: 13
Colonies: Porgindris, Napallaanga, Nojiikuq

Relations with other Great Powers:
At war with Visisik & her colonies.
Colony boycott against Yakakkie, Pfessöttirg, and Wan.
Colony boycott from Yakakkie, Pfessöttirg, and Wan.

Military strength:
2 Lt Inf, 4 Reg Inf, 3 Hvy Inf, 2 Hvy Cav, 2 Lt Arty, 5 Hvy Arty, 3 Demo, 13 unknown
4 Reg Inf, 2 Lt Cav, 2 Hvy Cav, 3 Lt Arty, 2 Hvy Arty, 2 unknown
Mone's military experiences caused them to develop a fairly balanced force. Many of their units date from their earlier war with Evace, and they seem to have failed to upgrade them.

Naval strength:
3 Frig, 4 Raid, 11 unknown
While Mone's navy was once the most powerful in the world, their war with Visisik has left them considerably reduced, although not yet knocked out.

Mone is famous as the Great Power on the lovely sunny isle. The warm climate there has produced people with a very fiery temperament. The Moneans believe themselves superior to all other peoples, and that theirs is the only nation that ought to be considered for the Governors' Council. While they managed to dominate the world economy early in this century, their confrontational nature has now led them into trouble. Faced with their own limitations in dealing with other Great Powers, one has to wonder if they can find a way to control their passions before it brings them to ruin.

Mone's early growth can be attributed to this resource-rich 'neck' in the center of the island.

While the far north of the country is too dry to support crops, there is a band of fertile soil that provides food and produces much cotton, and even a minor amount of iron.

Monean Evace isn't a terribly productive region. Visible here is also Pfessöttirg's one province.


Porgindris is one of Mone's oldest colonies, and it's been developed into quite the powerhouse, as in addition to the well-known sheep ranching, coal, iron, and precious metals are mined there as well.

Nojiikuq is being exploited for all the coal Mone can get.

Napallaanga is one of Mone's colonies, but it hasn't proven to be of much benefit to either of them. Neither seems to care for the other's climate (although the far south of Mone is actually quite frigid).

Minor Nations

Kolumbu, the last remaining Free State. It's likely that Wan will gain the greatest influence here, as their proximity and naval might would offer the best means of extra protection for the small island nation.

The central part of Kolumbu actually contains a decent amount of valuable land, and the Great Powers struggle to take control of as much development as they can.

Here are also the latest rankings, right between the voting periods.

National Rankings

Yakakkie and Visisik top the rankings.

Due to a flawed methodology for the ranking, Mone still leads the list with the strongest infrastructure.

At least part of the reason for Visisik's lower ranking is due to the amount of territory we just captured. At least some of this calculation is done on a per-province basis; rapid expansion is a bad idea if you want to improve your ranking here. On the other hand the council nominations do take into account the nation's size.

Yakakkie stands as the diplomatic leader, probably because the people there are so good at lying.

The Yakakkie military's incompetence apparently accounts for less in the minds of the public than all those parades they put on.

Visisik's trade fleet outranks that of any other power by a wide margin. Mone used to be the leader here, but they seem to have misplaced a number of their ships as of late.

Cheap goods from other countries show that if you only consider the amount sold, Mone is in first place.

I'm not actually certain whether this is units shipped or based on gross proceeds.

Yakakkie's factories are apparently bigger than everyone else's.

And they have just as many people willing to work in them.

Visisik has exploited improved the Minor Nations via development the best.

Taking a surprising lead in a category nobody cares about, there's Wan with the best internal transport network.