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Part 12: 1850-1855 : War at Sea

As the war continues at sea, we inhibit Mone's commerce with raiding. Agricultural technology has thus far allowed us to grow the nation's population without concerns over food shortages. If anything, there is a shortage of jobs for all the people as the economy is geared toward shipbuilding.

Monean ships are still being sighted in the Straits of Cezese. With Nojiikuq to the north also controlled by Mone, we send reinforcements of modern troops to Manfil Maran.

Our fleet enforces the blockade against Mone's ports; damaged Raiders return home for repairs.

Mone builds up troops in Nojiikuq City.

The Anezio slipped by our blockade, and ends up hunting down the two Raiders limping home. But they ensure that it shares the same fate as they do.

With most of the enemy's fleets wiped out, trade continues and profits increase.

The Battle of the Coothnoork Sea is the biggest engagement of the war. Mone built up a fleet of ironclads in secret and surprised our blockade. Visisik still comes out on top, but only barely. We are forced to let up for a short period, but Mone may be finished.

Gold is discovered in Manfil Maran, so now there's even more to defend.

We keep an eye on Mone's relations with the other powers. It does not appear that they will gain any allies soon.

A close watch is also kept on Yakakkie, who is finally improving their navy as reports of our clashes with Mone spread.

Mone's few ships still attempt to harass the coast of Ash Mukkun.

The Monean navy proves to be elusive. Several battles are inconclusive, and many of their ships run the blockade.

In 1853 the Second Battle of the Coothnoork Sea takes place. This one, unfortunately, ends up a defeat for our forces. The ships lost will take months to replace, and Mone has successfully broken our hold on their ports.

Due to global instability and increased production, prices have dropped for consumer goods. We are able to sell in quantities that keep us well in the black. The Home Fleet is strong enough that our ports are still quite safe.

Kolumbu remains independent, but still favors Wan the most.

After a few quiet months in the aftermath of the Second Battle of the Coothnoork Sea, Mone sails to the far north to launch a sneak attack on Qak!

Qak's army responds with everything available.

Mone's invasion was accomplished with a fairly small force, and we should prevail.

The Qakese forces lack effective leadership, and misuse their guns and cavalry.

It turns out the Monean troops were some of their best, but the Qakese press the attack and eventually win.

Reinforcements arrive too late for Mone to hold the province, but they are able to eliminate Qak's artillery. We have replacements already on the way.

Steel supplies have been severely constrained, as most of it has been used in the last few years for guns and plating for ships. Finally we are able to upgrade the steel mill.

Mone's navy fights our latest ironclad fleet to a draw.

This isn't me clouding the truth; sometimes naval battles result in no damage inflicted. Presumably a 'defeat' means we were run off.

We were able to determine what forces remain to them. Our fleet is ordered home to avoid losing any more steel.

As the fleet withdraws along the Evace coast, Mone scouts spot them and signal their fleet to pursue. A running battle ensues that lasts into the night, with our ships gradually reducing the enemy fleet and withstanding all enemy fire. As dawn breaks, our forces are cheered by the sight of a number of Pfessöttirg merchant ships, certain that they have left Monean waters and will escape to safety. The enemy continues the chase, however. In the confusion the Moneans end up firing on the merchant ships, sinking three of them.

Pfessöttirg's government declares this to be a deliberate attack. They claim that as our fleet was only ironclads, their own sailing vessels could not have been confused with armored warships. Mone stubbornly refuses Pfessöttirg's demand for fair compensation. This sparks international outrage. Pfessöttirg appeals to its allies, and suddenly the whole world is at war with Mone.

Through various development and trading companies, and direct sales of excess canned food, we've been providing a modest amount of support to Wan. Our hope is to woo them away from their weak ties to Yakakkie. While they did join in the war on Pfessöttirg's side, it's less likely that they would side with them against us.

Three years of $1k grants pushed them gradually two levels towards us. Less than a year of shipping ~$200 of food maxed out the relationship.

It's not quite the whole world at war with Mone. Kolumbu was not. In what seems a strange move, they decide to pledge their support to their island neighbor.

With all effort focused on the war, we had almost forgotten about the latest Council vote. This time, Visisik is in fact in the lead!

Curiously, as Yakakkie sends out its navy toward Mone, they seem to be passing suspiciously close to our shores...

Yakakkie must be destroyed. The only question is, how soon? Vote in the thread.

a. As soon as possible! This will mean gathering all available forces for the immediate invasion of Yakakkie (or at least within the next year). It will likely leave a number of provinces undefended, however, which could prove dangerous in the event that the war does not end soon (or if Wan, for example, sides against us.) What we don't want to do is to miss our chance, in the event that Mone capitulates early.

b. When the time is right. We can afford to spend a year or two beefing up our defenses and mobilizing the land forces where we are vulnerable.

Either way, peace will be brokered with Mone, and Yakakkie will be our only target. Control of their colonies will take place after we knock them out.