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Part 13: 1855-1860 : The Quiet War

It appears that as the other nations prepare to fight, they find that rapid mobilization has limited their ability to keep the citizens fed. The cynic might think that sending people off to war might be their way of solving that problem.

The ironclad fleet limps home to Visisik and a great celebration.

Rather than sell food to Yakakkie, we withdraw from the market.

Mone's situation is desperate, and even we have grown tired of this war. We grant them their request so that we can prepare for a later war with Yakakkie.

While most of the border provinces with Yakakkie or her colonies are lightly garrisoned on their side, Unaraco is an exception. We guard the line carefully.

Ramping down war production allows us to begin producing tools to sell to the smaller nations.

Lumber stocks have actually gone down as we've focused on steel production, making it easier for us to produce Ironclads than Ships of the Line these days.

Mone clashes with three other navies, but their crews have gained experience from the years of battling us, and do not go down easily.

On land they appear prepared to cede territory in Evace. Although Yakakkie makes no move to attack.

As the war continues, Mone's navy continues to come off well in the battles they do fight, but they simply have too few ships to catch all of the enemy raiding fleets.

The economy is doing quite well now, and our warehouse is stocked to the rafters.

As we await the moment to strike, we note that even Pfessöttirg isn't especially good friends with Yakakkie of late.

For four full years Mone has somehow managed to maintain at least a small force in the Hiyani Narrows that the three powers cannot eradicate.

We spend the time building up forts along the coastline.

Yakakkie's military continues to expand.

There is a build-up on the Evace border. But with one eye always on us, they seem unwilling to make an attack.

Now Mone has managed to place a larger defensive force there.

Not much has changed in the world for the last few years, but then comes news that apparently use can be made of this oil that can be found under the ground. Some predict this will usher in a new age.

Financial support is provided to Wan, and there are secret deals in place to keep Mone solvent.

Although we have not located any reservoirs of this underground oil, our advisors recommend that we must build a refinery and a 'power plant' regardless.

Mone is showing signs of war fatigue. It does not seem as though the coalition powers have taken many losses.

Our prospectors are sent out again, starting in Manfil Maran. They try searching the swamps.

We have quite the stockpile of steel now, and start selling some to Mone, as they have no more with which to repair their ships.

Years of peace have allowed us to establish control of our territory, and our ranking of internal strength increases.

In 1860, we do discover oil in Manfil Maran. The developers are on their way.