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Part 15: 1865-1867 : Repeating History

The naval war continues with Yakakkie as the Monean war drags on.

Our invasion of Faki may be able to surprise the defenders, but we cannot rely on our scouting. We also expect reinforcements to arrive soon.

General Visü leads the invasion force.

The opposing forces are small in number.

The battle does not last long.

Immediately the Yakakkinese counterattack.

It would not be enough to dislodge us from the fort, and they withdraw rather than lose their men in a pointless attack.

While we've done fairly well at picking off a few ships here and there, the Irotowo pulls off a quick strike on our fleet and escapes unscathed.

The 1865 Governors' Council convenes. All of the minor nations that are not under the control of Yakakkie support us, but we are still short of the required majority.

Despite the threat to their capital, Yakakkie maintains a strong border garrison to guard against Mone.

Not that Yakakkie City is lightly-defended.

They pull in a large portion of their fleet to keep the port secured.

We are still able to attack their shipping with relative ease.

Mone makes an attack into Wan's Kovan territory, plunging the provinces there into turmoil.

Wan as well as Mone is purchasing steel from us for their war machine.

General Süldam arrives in Faki to lead the attack on Yakakkie City. There are a lot of soldiers there, but we want to attack before they build up to an insurmountable force.

We cancel our grants to Wan and Mone; they can continue to fight their war on their own.

The forces in the city are just men and artillery.

The Visisik army is smaller, but we have the best cavalry in the world.

Much as happened in Kova, Süldam orders the cavalry to charge forward and draw the fire of the enemy guns while our own cannon roll up behind. Losses are moderate.

We take out most of their guns.

The cavalry cannot get into range to shoot at the soldiers on the fort walls. The charge is ordered to continue.

The enemy rifles are just too numerous and can fire multiple rounds before the horses can approach. Süldam attempts to rally them. As he tries to gather the horsemen around him, the veteran general takes a fatal shot to the heart.

General Visü signals the retreat.

The Yakakkinese leave the fort walls and push us back across the river.

It appears that despite controlling the province, we don't get control of the port in it. Although I'm not totally certain if Yakakkie has control of it either.

On the seas, we sink a number of older Yakakkinese ships.

They get nearly their whole remaining fleet together, though, and in a massive battle break the blockade.

Wan takes control of most of Napallaanga.

While our land campaign is on the hold for now while our forces recover, we are able to immediately send more ships while withdrawing the damaged ones.

The Yakakkie merchant fleet is now greatly reduced.

It appears that Mone's control of the oil-rich territory of Imodevki is of more value to them than taking back Napallaanga.

The Irotowo is practically legendary among the Yakakkinese. We finally send it to the bottom.

Oil from the south of our country provides a good domestic reserve of fuel.

Note the 'needed' amount; the fuel line will always have a red line under it. Even if that much existed in the game, there is a limit of 100 to use in the power plant.

In the open waters south of Faki, our main fleets collide in a massive engagement. Eight vessels are lost on both sides. Although the Yakakki fleet was the victor by having more ships remaining, we did sink more powerful ships.

We manage to scrape together enough of a fleet to continue intercepting enemy shipping.

Another attack on Yakakkie City is contemplated, but we decide to wait just a bit longer in case scouting reports turn out to be wrong.

The forces on the right side are those in Faki.

Desperate to push us out of their capital's port, Yakakkie sends every ship that can still float and drives us off.

Oil is being shipped from several colonies, including those of Yakakkie.

One reason we cannot fully commit to attacking Yakakkie City is that the neighboring province of Shibiru might be able to eliminate our position in Yakakkie if we do not leave a large enough holding force.

Mone retakes part of Napallaanga. Meanwhile we are unsuccessful in our naval efforts.

With more forces we take another shot at Yakakkie's capital. Along with Visü, the young new General Udik commands our forces.

The fort is filled with riflemen.

They appear weak on the right, and we make our first push there.

We breach the walls and hit some of the lighter artillery.

Little headway is made before the artillery casualties mount up.

Several enemy units are killed, but it is clear we will not capture the city today.

Retreat is ordered. Unfortunately losses are heavy among the field artillery.

Several Yakakkie troops exit the fort to snipe at us as we pull back.

General Udik is hit by a stray shot and falls unconscious. When he comes to, it is as if in a dream. All the units seem to be back on the battlefield, but none of them respond to his orders. Suddenly he is hit by another shot and slumps to the ground. Luckily for him, one of his staff officers lifts him up and pulls him away from the advancing enemy.

This is a bug that happens with some regularity, but not often enought that I remember to avoid it. The auto-retreat occasionally gets screwed up when your force is larger than what can be placed on the battlefield. [This limitation is one reason capital attacks are harder; the map is deliberately designed to reduce unit placement and mobility.] It meant we lost a few extra units, but I decided to roll with it.