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Part 18: 1875-1880 : Moving Forward

War is still taking its toll on the rest of the world. We must focus on our own development.

The Council of 1875 is not decisive, but it points the direction the world is taking. We have more than twice the votes of Wan, but no majority yet. Provinces siding with Mone seem to be our biggest supporters.

Pfessöttirg masses troops in its Evace territory, but this appears to be a defensive measure rather than a sign that they are going to attack anyone.

We enter into several markets, including providing food to the nations that need it.

While relations with Wan and Mone remain cordial, Pfessöttirg remains unwilling to make deals. These boycotts really have no effect on us, though.

The navy continues expansion with more of the new warships, and a new admiral arises to lead the fleet.

Additional technological advances promise better things for better living.

As our refineries commence imporvements to raise production, more oil is discovered in Manfil Maran.

Military technology improves as well, allowing our soldiers to become as deadly as the artillery.

Dynamite allows us to gather more mineral wealth from the mountains of Yakakkie.

On a troop inspection in Niridna, we notice that their army is seriously behind the times, and pledge to send newer units.

The mobile artillery no longer relies on horses for transportation, but it is less effective now that the infantry can equal it in power.

One stat not displayed is defense; the newest infantry units have nearly triple the defense of the previous generation.

Our lead over the other powers gradually increases.

After growing tired of dealing with Mone's interruption of their trade in Niattat, Pfessöttirg finally fights back.

In a rare expansionist move, they go on to take a province of Nojiikuq.

We are having trouble dealing with Qak. The colony will not allow us to ship goods down the Qaki River, but the cliffs on the north shore make the construction of a harbor there impossible.

As they lose land territory, Mone finally returns to the seas with a small naval force and breaks Wan's blockade!

The response of the other powers is swift; they bring in much larger fleets, and Mone is unlikely to hold on to their ships for very long.

We are getting close to victory. But I think we should have one last vote before this is over. Economic growth is improving, and our military is maintaining pace with the rest of the world so that they dare not attack us. But we may be able to achieve greater glory with a further flexing of our power. Should we do it?

Option War: Declare a limited war on Wan. This would be a naval conflict only; our borders would be kept secure but no territory will be taken. The possibility here is to reduce Wan's power, and maybe gain a vote from Mone next time around. But war might also lead to a tumble in diplomatic rankings. Also, right now our navy is probably a bit smaller than Wan's, but we do have more advanced warships.

Option Peace: We can stay the course, which might be enough to make it to the next council with a victory. We're leading in every category (except World Exports) and that lead is expected to increase. It might not be enough to really take us over the top, and perhaps a show of force is required.

Please vote in the thread.