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Part 19: 1880-1885 : True Naval Power

Life in Visisik continues to improve. The rest of the world isn't doing as well.

The Mone navy miraculously manages to escape the combined fleets of Wan and Pfessöttirg.

The Imperial Navy is expanded with more Armored Cruisers, which can travel with great speed around the world, and react to almost any situation immediately.

Wan expands the war on the ground and seizes control of Napallaanga. This naked agression cannot be allowed to stand, and we issue a diplomatic warning to Wan.

We are also disturbed by the military build-up on the Qaki border.

While our economy is not in any sort of trouble, we are finding that some countries are unable to purchase all the goods we produce.

Wan ignores our threats and takes over the whole of Napallaanga.

Visisik will defend its territory and protect the minor nations of the world. War is declared; Pfessöttirg sides with Wan against us.

We'll need to keep an eye on all our territory that might be threatened, but no army can match ours at the moment.

In the early days our fleets already in the area, boosted in strength by armored cruisers, score victories against the outdated navies of our enemies.

This lets us disrupt their commerce.

The two allied countries try to confuse our scouts by splitting up their fleet and raiding the coastline.

We continue to block the shipping lanes instead. Pfessöttirg moves closer to Manfil Maran as they take over more Monean territory.

Our diplomatic standing has dropped since we were pulled back into war.

Pfessöttirg sends most of their army to Evace.

The smaller fleets occasionally are able to catch one or two of our ships in transit, but we are sinking them one by one.

The most successful victory for Wan comes when the Brotingtia breaks the blockade. This is likely the last major victory for an old ironclad.

With the pressure off their ports, even Mone is able to send out ships against Wan.

Mone retakes Kajjiurrik, cutting off Pfessöttirg's forces.

A brand-new naval design is developed -- a super-heavy steel ship loaded with guns. Overnight, half our fleet is obselete.

The new dreadnoughts are very expensive, but no Great Power can afford to be without them. We immediately start up production.

Despite our raiders and ironclads being scuttled, we maintain the lead in military strength, as none of the other nations are keeping their old ships around either.

After the new warships are added to the Home Fleet, another ship is commisioned that we will send into enemy waters.

Wan is desperate to attack us, and sends their battleships to our west coast.

Our engineers fortify the forts along the borders in Qak.

The first engagement of the new heavies is somewhat inconclusive. The Waner ship Pun withdraws after failing to score a hit on our capital ships, but the three Visisik ships do not inflict much damage on it either.

At this point, we're almost the only nation that can engage in trade with foreign countries.

The Council of 1885 is convened. Almost every governor participates. Visisik doesn't quite get the majority vote required as Wan still has a number of holdouts. But even their ally Pfessöttirg is starting to realize that our victory is inevitable.