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Part 20: 1885-1890 : A Show of Force

Although we have stopped Wan and Pfessöttirg from attacking Mone, they are still unable to get their own military back in action.

Another new invention that takes advantage of the new refined petroleum. Internal Combustion engines will give us a huge edge in land combat.

We're now hunting Wan in its home waters, but can't seem to find their battleships.

The new armored vehicles will roll over anything on the battlefield.

Armor can hit nearly as hard as artillery, moves like cavalry (meaning it can roll forward, shoot, and retreat) and is also very tough to kill as it has a high armor rating.

Wan's battleships come out of hiding and suprise us off the coast of Kolombu. They used their older ironclad ships as a screen to absorb most of the damage while their capital ships sank ours.

The loss will put a strain on our navy. Pfessöttirg seems to be isolationist enough that we think we may be able to negotiate a separate peace with them.

They reject the offer. We respond by sinking most of their merchant fleet.

It may be time to begin conducting a ground war. As several of the new fighting vehicles become available, we send them to North Visisik along with General Visü.

This is actually a diversion. The presence of our most celebrated general is meant to distract Wan from our real target — gaining a buffer for Qak, and access to the sea for our controlled territory in Qitalumik.

General Sakü concocts an even more diversionary plan: Rather than attack Fawcrong directly, he's going to cross the mountains into the more lightly defended province of Brery.

There was difficulty crossing the treacherous mountain roads, but once the flatter terrain near Brery is reached, our armor is ready for action.

Wan's army is, as expected, outdated and not equipped for modern warfare.

They are scarcely able to understand what the hulking metal beasts rolling toward them even are. Our armor is unstoppable.

Some of their troops even leave the fort to try and get a closer look at them and are quickly mowed down.

General Sakü is able to keep the armor in order, and he leads the remainder of his army slowly forward behind them.

Wan's resistance fades quickly. Nine units on their side are lost; no Visisiki units are lost.

The last few ships in Pfessöttirg's fleet are captured.

General Visü reports that his ruse appears to have worked; the Waners defended their territory in Kova instead of their homeland.

Our merchant raiding fleet comes across the battleship Ler, but after a brief exchange of fire, the battle is called off.

Wan is forced to protect their capital. Sakü pulls his troops back into Qak.

Visü decides to make some raids against Ivordliv when he hears reports that the Wan leadership is holding a summit meeting there.

Wan's troops here are as outdated as expected.

The armor rolls forward and wreaks havoc among the enemy, with only one unit taking significant casualties.

Visü withdraws after inflicting heavy losses on Wan.

Although none of the Waner leadership is captured, they are all forced to flee.

Visisik's prospects for the next council election are improving. Mone, who lacks the support among its colonies that Wan has, is now in second place.

We're the only power that can trade in the world markets.

Our goods are almost being produced in greater numbers than the world can afford to buy.

Taking a cue from General Visü, Sakü decides to conduct a raid to reduce the forces of Wan in Fawcrong.

No armored cavalry is seen among the enemy forces, but it does appear that some of their troops are armed with better equipment.

Sakü's troops are not quite up to full strength, and make little headway.

It's not until the fortification walls are broken down that any real damage can be done, by which time the armored units are exhausted.

Still, several enemy guns are destroyed.

Sakü takes some of his troops and makes a similar raid on Brery. Wan's forces are getting smarter: they position their guns well back in the lines, in places that our armored vehicles can't reach.

One disadvantage of armor compared to artillery is that artillery can fire into forts; regular troops cannot fire past the walls of a fort unless it is breached.

But the troops in Brery still aren't all that strong, and the armor is able to eliminate many of the first line easily.

Sakü then moves the heavy guns into firing range.

This leads to a rapid collapse as many Waner troops retreat toward the capital. Brery is captured once more.

The battle seems to have had a greater effect on Wan than expected. The army is unable to fight, and they sue for peace. We grant it.

Visü arrives in Manfil Maran, and leads the forces there on a raid against Pfessöttirg.

The Pfessöttirg army is a bit more modern, and more experienced than the Waners were.

Our attacks wipe out some of their best units.

The rail network continues to expand, just about as steel production is ramping down.

Pfessöttirg, faced with the prospect of fighting the mightiest power on the planet without any allies, decides to ask for peace instead.

Our military strength easily outclasses the other so-called Great Powers now.

With the war finally over, relationships among the nations can begin to be repaired.

Our efforts can now be turned back toward industrial pursuits.