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Part 21: 1891-1895 : The Rise to Domination

While our nation barely suffered during the recent unpleasantness, the rest of the world's countries have been economically wrecked.

A rail route to the south coast of Wan had been planned even before the war was over, and now we have hope that in a few years our Qaki provinces will be able to contribute to the wealth of the capital.

Wan still has a small navy that we never quite destroyed, but they have not rebuilt their trading fleet.

Visisik does not ignore the cries for help from the other nations. Food is offered for sale to any country willing to ship it from our ports.

Grants of aid also help to repair the relations between Visisik and her former enemies.

The port in Brery finally opens.

An even greater number of materials and goods become available thanks to this expansion.

In 1892 the first cross-continent railroad is finished, linking Visisik City to Ash Mukkun by rail for the first time.

The nation remains strongly connected on land and protected at sea.

The remaining powers refuse to rebuild their trade fleets, citing concerns that their enemies will simply sink it.

Pfessöttirg follows Wan's example and continue to mandate a boycott against our fleets until their own is ready for trade.

While Wan has a navy that would be sufficient to protect their freighters, they refuse to produce any until they can end their war with Mone. They have made a request of a formal alliance with us, but we are even friendlier with Mone than they are. We refuse all such arrangements.

We have no expectation of war, but keep the troop strength up nevertheless.

While the nation is not in any trouble, the boycotts occasionally slow the trade economy to a crawl.

Industrial capacity remains strong. We can even regulate the amount of labor simply by managing our petroleum reserves.

The mills are running as fast as they can.

Factories, too, are at full capacity. We're slowly shifting away from arms production to making tools.

All signs point to victory in the next election.

With a surplus of cannons, we decide to sell some of our outdated equipment off to the minor states.

It does not take long for willing buyers to come forward.

Starvation continues to plague the other countries. We promise that any nation that sends transports to our ports can have all donations of food they desire. But the impasse over the war that is no longer being fought remains.

As the 19th Century nears its end, the Governors' Council convenes once more. All countries aside from Wan (well, Unaraco, too, but they don't count) declare Visisik the supreme rulers of the world!

For the finale, go ahead and watch the Victory Theme in which we are apparently applauded by the ... dev team?

The final score is tallied up, but the most important thing is that the glorious nation of Visisik has ascended to its rightful position.

That's it for Imperialism. We managed to see just about everything that can happen and fight battles with almost every tech, and I hope I showed the game off well enough. Thanks to everyone who followed along and participated. You made this country great.