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Imperishable Night

by Regdren

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Original Thread: Them moon folks are getting uppity. Let's play Imperishable Night!

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Imperishable Night is a vertical shooter with floods of bullets and a tiny hit box for the player. Yeah, it's one of those games.

The moon has been stolen and replaced with a cheap replica, and it's up to our heroines to beat people up and find the thieves (in that order). There are 4 teams to choose from and the goons have decided that I'm going to use the Magic Team and the Netherworld Team. I'll play through the entire game with them and show you the results in a video Let's Play with me throwing in some personal commentary. No slip or blunder shall be omitted.

In this game you switch between team members simply by holding down the shift button or releasing it. This also does a few other things that I'll explain later. For now, on with the teams!

Magic Team

This team focuses on narrow, powerful attacks. For practical purposes they are not very easy to use. They have a bigger item collision box than the other teams and can auto-collect every item on the screen more easily than the other teams.

Marisa is a powerhouse. She's also so speedy that she's hard to control at times. Her bomb is famous among nerds for its coverage and destructive power. It's a top-notch bomb.

Alice seems powerful but really isn't; she needs to combine her attacks with Marisa's to do good damage. It's sometimes hard to hit bosses with her beam too; in the normal playthrough of this game every boss is fairly small. No matter. Her bomb covers the whole screen but its power is pretty horrible.

Netherworld Team

This is a pretty quirky team. Both sides are tricky to use but powerful in certain circumstances. Their phantom gauge is shorter than the other teams which makes scoring easier (better explanation later). If they finish a stage with fewer than three bombs, they get one for free.

Youmu has a narrow attack. Her helper fires the opposite the direction that you move. So...yeah that's annoying. However if you switch to her the helper appears right on top of you, firing directly upward. What this means is that you can just quickly tap shift and you're firing upward at full power. So that's not too bad. And having an aimable helper is handy at times. Her bomb deals more damage the closer the enemy is to the center, vertically.

Yuyuko fires in a spread pattern as opposed to every other supernatural team member who is a bit more concentrated in nature. This is both good and bad. The bad part is that if you're on the opposite side of the screen as a boss, the damage she deals is pretty bad. The good news is that there are many places in the game where having a strong spread shot is useful. She has excellent power if she can get close to an enemy and have a large portion of her shots hitting at once. Her bomb has really bad power but long invincibility time.

If you want to find out the characters' personalities or other plot crap, look at the wiki: here


Stage 1 and 2 magic team Dailymotion Filefront Backup
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Stage 1 and 2 netherworld team Dailymotion Filefront Backup
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Scarlet Team Stage 6A Dailymotion Filefront Backup

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