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Indigo Prophecy

by FutureFriend, ChorpSaway, Madithen, a_raving_loon

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Original Thread: In Europe, it's called Celsius. Let's Play Indigo Prophecy



Art by twitter user @Awrysquare. Headers and update banners by fellow goon shadowmar.

Indigo Prophecy (known as Celsius in Europe) is a cinematic interactive drama action-adventure video game developed by Quantic Dream, the soul-bound serfs behind visionary auteur David Cage. Released in 2005, it was met with intense critical acclaim, with reviewers describing it as "forward-looking" and "thoughtful" and many of its highest praises going to the story and execution thereof. The characters were given quite a bit of press as well, being singled out as "endearing". It was eventually remastered in 2015, which is the version we'll be playing for the thread.

Becoming wildly successful, the game spawned an entirely new genre of "movie games", where you play the movies! Successes in that genre can be seen nowadays in the likes of Telltale Games (dead), Supermassive Games (alive) and Quantic Dream itself. Being a cinematic story game, most of its advertised selling points were about the innovation of branching storylines like the infamous choose your own adventure novels. Unadvertised selling points is that the gameplay is just Simon Says.

My name is FutureFriend and today we will be playing David Cage's breakout game Indigo Prophecy. I'm 99% blind on this game, so guiding me throughout Cage's master maze will be ChorpSaway, Madithen and a_raving_loon. The Let's Play itself is done live in front of an audience of just those three knuckleheads. Due to the cinematic nature of the game, we will not be providing cut and uncut commentary like we usually do.

Hey, this OP seems pretty reverent of David Cage? Weren't you one of those funny guys?

I respect David Cage. Much like him, I also produce bad content people somehow like.

Doesn't this game handle mental health and suicide in a tasteless way?

This game deals with suicide and mental health in the dumbest manner possible; a bad phone call will land you in the insane asylum. It's the trashiest garbage and I can't help but find it funny in the same way as cinema classic The Three Stooges (2012).

Are you going to show off all the endings?

leave me alone

1. No Spoilers. This is a blind LP, buddy. If you ain't seen it in the video yet, it ain't worth talking about.

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