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Original Thread: The lightning makes me grumpy. Let's Play inFamous!



inFamous is an action-adventure (open world) game for the PS3. It was developed by Sucker Punch Productions (makers of the first 3 Sly Cooper games) and published by Sony Computer Entertainment, released internationally in May and June 2009. It stars a man named Cole can shoot lightning and be grumpy all the time. He also has a friend named Zeke that bounces between being a douche and an awesome friend. Cole also has a girlfriend named Trish who seems to barely like him.

This is a game with choice, during some missions we will have to make a choice that effects our Karma. When the bigger of these choices happen you will be able to choose which video to progress with (Good or Evil). Some will have different commentary and some will just have a few minutes of new dialog. Depends on the choice. The Good side is going to be the main run for the most part and we will cover all the unique side missions (and some of the nastier repeat ones).

Unlike my last few threads a friend of mine named Jester is joining me on the commentary. He hasn't played this before (aside from the demo)

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