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Original Thread: Don't go out. Let's Play INSIDE.



Greetings, everyone, and welcome to...

INSIDE is... a weird game. It is the successor to 2010's Limbo, and if you've played that you probably know what I mean. To be quite honest, while I enjoyed Limbo it didn't blow my mind, so I had written INSIDE off as 'more of the same', until Kragger99 gifted me the game during the Christmas sale (thanks a lot mate! ), I fired it up... and finished it in a single session. While not a particularly long game, I hadn't done that in forever, so it left quite an impression on me.

INSIDE Is the successor to 2010's Limbo. While not a sequel, it's really hard to miss the similarities between the titles: They're both 2D platformers in which you control a small boy in a hostile monochromatic world while horrible things happen around you. Limbo was well received, and I think a big part of that was how different it looked from most everything around that time, even if I recall a few games doing the 'horrible things happen to little boy' thing back then.

It wasn't without its share of issues though, and cheap deaths were one of the biggest. Traps were very difficult to see due the game's art direction, so it was full of 'gotcha' moments involving dying to things you had had no real way of seeing coming until you triggered them. This got worse as the game went on, including some puzzles where two identical switches would behave differently, which led you to die to pushing the first one, and then die again to the second one because that one killed you when you pulled, with no discernible difference between them.
All in all, Limbo was an enjoyable experience, and if you haven't played it you may want to check salttotart's LP of it. There's not much linking the two games other than the art design and 'feel', so you won't be missing much if you don't, it's just a neat game.
You can think of INSIDE as a refined version of its predecessor in this regard: way fewer 'gotcha' moments (and most of them you can see coming if you're on the ball), and even if the difficulty suffers a bit for it it ends up being a much enjoyable experience for it.

INSIDE works much better when you go along with the atmosphere it creates, so I heartily suggest you dim the lights, fix yourself a drink, and put on your headphones.

This will be a subtitled LP; I will be getting all collectibles and secrets. Let's leave it at this for now.

I'll be editing out deaths. I know, I know, the horrible elaborate deaths are part of the experience, but INSIDE has a... flow to its more action-oriented sections, and I find that deaths and reloads make that flow come to a grinding halt. Every video will have a death montage at the end, so stick around if you want to see horrible things happening to a boy. You monster.
Speaking of editing, I'll try not to have cuts within updates (or hide them whenever possible), but it's not always easy to get a 'clean run' and my last LP has taught me that sometimes it's better to make a quick cut than going insane replaying a level.

Spoiler policy?
None. I fucking mean it. Not even in tags.
INSIDE lends itself to speculation rather readily and I definitely encourage it, but trying to pass a spoiler as "I was just speculating" will be considered A Dick Move. If you've finished the game, you know I'll be able to tell, so just don't.

If you plan on following the LP I strongly suggest you avoid googling information on the game just to be on the safe side. I'll be posting video links using Polsy to avoid accidental spoilers in the 'suggested/related videos' in YT since I've seen it happen in a few LPs in the past.

Update Schedule?
Once a week, probably on Mondays.

Hey, I have a suggestion/critique for your LP.
Go right ahead and post it. I'm still new to this so I'm bound to make mistakes, and the only way to improve is with feedback. Just don't be a dick about it.

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