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Part 3: Anime Kururugi Learns Magic

And watch out for demons we shall. Most major locations in the game will have these roads between them, which is where the majority of your random battles will happen. They are also almost all both visually and narratively uninteresting, so I will probably be skipping most of them unless they're one of the few exceptions. Don't worry, you're missin' 5 minutes of gameplay.

But I guess now's as good a time as any to go over the basics battle system, eh?

So, here's the main battle screen. Up on the top left there is your commands, and most of them are pretty self-explanatory. Top right is the turn order. Different characters will move around the circle based on their speed and they're up when they're at the front. Bottom there's your character status, with the obvious HP bar. The three gray circles are your energy, which builds up as you get hit or make attacks. Every character has up to 300 energy which is represented in a marker for each 100 and is used as such.

Techs are your special abilities, and selecting the option brings up this submenu of different types. Normal techs are special moves that require no energy to use, and as such, once we've all learned some, they'll basically replace the normal attack for the rest of the game. You're not supposed to use them too much because it'll give you the Tired status. It's supposed to make your speed slower, but the effect is negligible, so whatever. SP techs use your energy, nothing too out there. Co-op techs are something I'll go into once we learn one.

All in all, nothing particularly outstanding, but also perfectly serviceable.

"Village Theme 2"

That all aside, welcome to beautiful Akebi Village. We got horses, we got dressers on your backs, we got big guy, we got it all!

We also got trees that we make into coal.

This guy tells us about a spider demon that's lived in a nearby temple for years. It's recently gotten restless and started attacking villagers, so nobody's been able to get to the forest to cut down trees. He warns us not to go and Inuyasha goes "Fucker watch me."

Hmm, those people that attacked us earlier were talking about their missing daughter. Maybe this is a lead.

Huh, well, I guess we wanna question everyone we can see. And this guy says Kakuju has helpful stories. Maybe one of those stories is about a pretty girl who went back to the present.

Excuse me?




[inuyasha] How would you know?

Ha ha ha! I wonder!

Strange Gramps.

So meet Kakuju, one of the original characters created for this game. Fun fact: Kakuju is a woman if you play as a dude.

It doesn't seem likely, but this human has a mysterious power.

Oh. I see.

I don't!

It's nothing, really. Well, Grandpa, exactly what is this power?

Now, I can tell that she's supposed to be saying ojii-san, which literally means "Grandfather," but is often used as a generic form of address for elderly men. Translating it literally just makes it rude, though.

It sounds pretty amazing!

Don't worry too much about all that, Shikigami is functionally just magic.

Well, you've only just awakened your powers. You don't even know how to use them to their fullest potential yet.

I'm pretty helpless.

It's true. Up until now, and even into the next gameplay segment, Kururugi is basically an albatross around the party's neck. Even after we start getting more power, we're going to be the least important fighter.

You can't help it. There's nothing like this in our world.

Your world?

Yes. I'm from a different world, and I was brought here unexpectedly.'re not. It's a different time.

You couldn't tell from the strange clothing?

I'm sorry. My eyes don't work as well anymore. I can't even tell what you are wearing or what you look like.

I didn't realize that. I'm sorry for what I said.

Heh heh heh, don't worry about it.

So, do you know anything?

Sorry, but I don't know anything that could help you.

I see.

Sorry about that.

We get ready to leave when...


But I can teach you how to use the Shikigami power that lies within you. Would you like to learn?

That's great! You should learn how to use it.

Yes. Okay. Please teach me, Grandpa Kakuju.

Again, translating "Kakuju ojii-san" literally comes off really weird and rude. Also, Kakuju never actually said his name, so if you didn't talk to the dude in the previous screen, this comes out of nowhere.

Okay, then stand in front of me, hold my hand, close your eyes, and be very still.

No, no. We just awakened the Shikigami. Now you will learn to use the Shikigami.

If you can properly use Shikigami, the rock will react and break. Go ahead and try it.


Instead of just continuing the cutscene, we're inexplicably given control to walk over to the rock, and I spend like half a minute fumbling for the spot where I'm supposed to press X because depth perception in these backgrounds is iffy.

I did it!

That's great!

Whatever, I can do that.

No need to get competitive.

That's right. This isn't the place to be waving your sword around.

Shut up!

Yes, pretty much.

Now, the test will be in putting it to actual use.

Okay. Thank you, Grandpa.

Now let's go find a villager who might know something.

"Village Theme 2"

Turns out most of the villagers know what we already know, that there's a temple with a spider in it and the spider's up to some shit.

Also the first guy tried to scare Anime and Kagome and that's rude >

Oh hey it's that guy.

Hey, aren't you the one from that time...Did you come to abduct someone again? Hey, everyone! A demon!


"Cutscene 1"

Oh no, it's those guys.

What nonsense is he talking about?!

Kagome, I am about your age. You're FIFTEEN.

What? Well, what's with the peculiar clothing?

Oh, it's just an unusual circumstance, but we're normal people, like you.

It's true. I'm not a demon.

Hmm...Now that you say that, you do look pretty weak to be a demon.

I can't wait to go back to the present, where they've invented MANNERS.

You finally got it.

I can't believe we were about to capture a kid. So sorry. We were so panicked we couldn't think straight.

A demon has stolen our daughter.

Demon. As in the giant spider demon?

Yes. He came to our village and stole my daughter! And we all went looking for her.

That's when I appeared.

That's right. We saw your strange clothes and thought you were a demon in disguise. It's exactly as he says.

Don't worry about it. But, can I ask you something? Did you see a well anywhere near there?

A well? No, I didn't.

Maybe not a well, but something like it. At least something that looked strange.

I searched that area really well, and I didn't see anything like that. Any of you see anything?

No, there wasn't anything around there.

I see.

It's too bad, but I guess we should head back to Kaede's Village.



What Kagome?

No, not yet. The young men that went to the old temple to find her never came back. I think I need to go and find her.

What are you saying, Father?


I separated those lines because despite being sequential lines attributed to the same character, they have completely different delivery and I'm....pretty sure they're voiced by different people. Check the vid.

What will we do without you?

Damn it! We're no match for a demon that can destroy our homes.

In that case, we'll go after him.

What! You will destroy him for us? Did you hear that everyone?!

How can I thank you?

Please help our daughter, Sachi.

So aside from Gosuke being Sachi's father, I have no fucking idea how these three people are related.

I'm so bored from all this walking. I need a little excitement.

Oh, I see.


It's probably just some stale old demon that lives in the old temple. This'll be a piece of cake.

But the villagers said he's been acting differently recently.

Oh shut up, what do you know about demons? Let's just go already! So, where's the old temple?

It's at the end of the village past the rocky expanse. Please help my daughter.

Y'all sure this is a good idea?

Oh well, let's go for it.

This guy basically says there are demons and weird notes and also a save point in the temple. Cool.


A couple screens later, we're in a 3D environment. This can't be good.

So, we're in a dungeon now. And I'm gonna level with y'all. This fuckin' place is entirely unremarkable. It's an incredibly simple dungeon with nothing to its name.

There are notes like the guy outside said, but this is the only one that really matters, because it tells you where the one key is.

Otherwise, it's just two very simple floors, a bunch of enemy encounters, and me getting lost for like 15 minutes because I missed this door between the fog and the camera angle and I was an idiot who didn't wanna stop playing and check a damn guide because this was gonna be a video LP when I recorded this.

This game is not really a dungeon-focused game, and when it does do dungeons, they're the pits. This is for the best. I'm saving you looking at me run around and fight demons and saving me having to capture a full half hour of video. Win/win.

"Cutscene 1"

That was me, sorry.

Huh! Really?

That's the smell of blood, no doubt about it. There's a strong smell of human blood.

Be careful, Inuyasha. The smell of blood and the thought of the spider's web are giving me a bad feeling.

Yes, the villagers mentioned the spider's web.

I know. But we can't come this far and turn around.

I know, but...

Tsk. Fine. You guys stay here.

What are you saying, Inuyasha?

Oh, be quiet. It's better to fight a ghost by yourself anyway.

It's a spider.

I'll defeat him quickly, then I'll be back. You guys, stay here.

Always, making decisions on your own.

That's what he said, but really he's trying to keep us from danger.

Really? I didn't hear him say that.

He's just too proud to.

I see.

Wh-What's that?

Kagome walks forward and a little chime rings out. can't be! I sense shards of the Shikon Jewel.


There's definitely shards of the Shikon Jewel nearby.

Shards of the Shikon Jewel?

No, let's not get involved, it sounds weird.

It's what we've been looking for this whole time. Originally, it was one sphere. But it was broken into little shards and spread everywhere.

Yeah, "it was broken" as if you didn't do it.

If the demons use the shards they become more powerful.

I didn't know there was anything like it.

I mean, we don't know a lot of things.

If the demon spider has them, then...

Inuyasha is in danger. Shippo let's go.


Um, what should I do?

Wait here.

What? O-Okay.

Ah geez, it's scary back here.

I'm really glad they're so concerned about me, but I don't want to be in their way. How can I help everyone?

What is this?!


What happened?


We gotta go!

"Cutscene 2"

What do you think?

Well, well, there's still more of you. Since you've escaped being captured, you should run away. Do you really want me to sucky our blood?

Shut up!

Hahaha! How stupid!

It did a thing!

He's using power from the shards of the Shikon Jewel. You can't win, you have to run away.


If I run away, he'll kill them all. I have to do something! But what should I do?

Give up, little one? Well then, I'm gonna eat you first.

You idiot! Why are you standing there?! Run! Run away!

You have to run away!

Quickly, run away!

The spider tries to attack again, but...

O flame, burning bright...


There we go.



I'm free from the web!

If only I was.

Great! Now we can get him!

Damn you all! I'm going to drink everyone's blood!


The spider demon is our first boss! It's not complicated, just...hit him. Boss strategies are not a thing this game is too cozy with either. The most important thing about this fight is now Anime can use her Shikigami in her normal attack, so she's worth...anything in combat now.

Thank you for helping us. I thought we were done for.

That was really dangerous. What were you thinking?

Oh shut up. Everyone's safe now. That's all that matters.

You can at least say thanks.

Uh Shippo, it sounds like Inuyasha is being a lot more grateful for my help than you are right now, buddy.

That's not necessary. I'm glad I was able to help, even a little.

Well...I guess you aren't totally useless.

Rude but also fair.


I see.

Just shut up, Shippo.


"Cutscene 1"

Something's moving over there. It looks like a spider's cocoon.

Do spiders have cocoons?

Don't say that, Kagome.

What are you so afraid of?

A child!

"Cutscene 3"

Are you okay? Does anything hurt?

Sachi: It was a little painful, but I'm okay.

Is your name Sachi?

Sachi: Yes, but how do you know?

Great! Your mom and dad asked us to find you.

I'm glad your safe now. What a relief!

At least he hadn't eaten you yet. Let's go everyone.


"Village Theme 2"

Back to the village.

Sachi: Okay. Thank you so much!

Yeah, let's go do that.

We were able to destroy the giant spider, because he taught us the power of Shikigami.

That's a good idea. We sure couldn't depend on that certain someone who said he was gonna take care of it.

Shut up, Shippo!

... (But is voiced as a giggle) Yes, that's a good idea.


It looks like you've learned how to use the power of Shikigami much better now. Tell me what happened.


And then we fade to black.

But I have a premonition that you will be fighting many more demons from now on.

And it's all gonna be a pain in the ass.

But there's hope.

What a stupid old man!

What the hell was that for? He just said we'd be fighting a lot of demons! The early part of the game really overblows Inuyasha's abrasive personality to the point where it doesn't even make sense for him to be so cranky.

You're so rude, Inuyasha! Sorry, Kakuju.

That's okay.

It can do more than just break rocks. You can use it when you're fighting. If you want to learn the power of Shikigami to help you when you fight, come stand beside me. And close your eyes and be very still.


Hey Gramps, is this for real! [sic] (Voice acting says "This is for real") That's cool!

Now I will teach you how to use the power of Shikigami when you are fighting.

Yes, please!

He does this by...


I've gone over all of this so of course I'm not gonna go over it, except that it does explain Co-op techs, which are just double attacks that you can do when you have affinity with other characters. They use both characters' turns and energy, so they're literally only ever useful against bosses.

What the fuck man.

I'm still a little uncertain, but I'm pretty sure I got it.

That's good for now. Soon you will be able to completely control it. After you gain more experience and learn to use it efficiently, not only will you be able to use it when you fight, but you will also learn to use the many different powers of the Shikigami.


Yes, really. You should go now. I'm sure we'll meet again.

Okay. Thank you, Grandpa Kakuju.

Our first actual tech! We're useful now!

We should check to see if Sachi made it home.

Hi everyone. I'm glad to see you all came back safely.

Thank you so much. My daughter told me all about what happened. We were waiting for the chance to thank you.

You shouldn't have any more problems with demons for now, right, Inuyasha?

Yeah. But only because we had to face great danger.

Oh yes, it must have been so frightening.

Money?! I don't know if I can take this.

Please accept it. It is our thanks and an apology for how we treated you at first.

Yeah you better.

It's only a little. But perhaps it will help somehow.


I think we should accept it.

You're right. I will accept it then. Thank you.

Everyone, thank you so much!

Sachi: Thank you!

It's nice to do good things, but unfortunately, we didn't get any closer to getting home.

I guess all we can do it go back to Kaede's village and regroup, next time.