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Part 4: Anime Kururugi Takes a Break

"Kaede's Village"

Back at it again in Kaede's village.

We're back, Kaede.

Yes, she just said...

So, did you find any clues?

No, not really.

But, we learned how to use the power of Shikigami. Just as Inuyasha was about to get killed, he was saved with the Shikigami power.

Oh, shut up, Shippo!

Yeah, Shippo, you were gonna die too, man. Don't put this all on Inuyasha. Hate this child.

No, it just freed everyone and that was all. I have so much more to learn or I'll just slow everyone down.

I'm sure you're all very tired, so it's probably best if you go to bed now.

Yeah, I'm pretty tired.

I agree. Well, good night, Kaede.


But I've made some friends and I might be able to get through this.

Hey, Inuyasha. Should we take the day off today?

The day off?

What's up, Kagome?

Our friend must be so exhausted since everything is so new. I thought we could take it easy today.

I see. You're so nice Kagome. I agree.

???: But I don't think it's a good idea for us to split up.

Oh hey Myoga.

Huh? Oh, it's Myoga.

It's been like a couple days. I don't know, this game's weird with time. Even though it takes 5 minutes in-game to get to places, it does act like it takes a while to get from place to place in-universe.

I agree with Kagome's last suggestion. There are demons all around. We should make teams before we take off, just in case.

I agree with Myoga. We don't want to get into any trouble.

So let's make teams of two and go about our day.

Agreed! What do you think Inuyasha?

Well...Sure, why not?

Really?! It's decided then.

So, at specific times in the story, we'll just take the day off and be able to spend time with a party member. It's kind of like a primitive social link system, where you can build up relationships that affect the story at some points and get co-op techs. However, you can only have a story-altering relationship with one character, like a route in a VN. For the sake of the narrative soundness of being able to get a character's entire story, as well as the sake of me not having to stop recording every time one of these happens to poll, I did a singular vote for the entirety of the game.

And you picked Sango. Who isn't here yet. Well, these three all tied, and I figured you just want Anime to hang out with girls, so I picked Kagome.

Good idea, me too!

Let's go too.

Well, no one's been eating very well lately. So I was thinking I could make a good meal.

Wow, Kagome! It's so nice of you to think about everyone's health. You're like a mom!

Can you get some potatoes and onions from the garden? I'll get things ready while you do that.

Now I got issues with this. This is the feudal era of Japanese history, and with the mention of Oda Nobunaga, we can pinpoint it to the Sengoku period, which lasted from about 1467-1600. Potatoes are believed to have been introduced to Japan by Dutch traders in the 17th century, which the Sengoku period is barely in, and potato cultivation didn't become commonplace until the 19th century. So there shouldn't be potatoes. It's entirely possible that Kagome could have brought potato tubers back from the present, but I think it's highly unlikely that a 14 year old girl from Tokyo would know how to grow a potato.

Am I thinking too much about this? Absolutely. But transcribing a badly written game does this to you.


Okay to you too.

I'll go get them now!

Perfect! Do you think you could help me a little bit?

Yes, I can. Oh, you're making a bento box!

Each event also has a special picture, hooray.

You're really good at that! Wow!

Ha ha ha. Oh, it's nothing. Now, why are you just standing there? Come and help me.

Sorry. I was just admiring your cooking ability.

First, you can peel the potatoes!

These? Okay, leave it to me!

Oh no! Do you need a band aid? Hey, there's hardly any potato left.

Listen, I'm bleeding and you're flagrantly using trademarked terminology, fuck the anachronistic potato.

You're kind of clumsy, huh?

Actually, I don't really know how to do this. My mom does it all at home.


That's it for Kagome!

Here Shippo is, doing everything he can.


I'm practicing transforming. Don't bother me.

Practicing? But you're not getting any better.

What?!! Alright, I'll show you what I've been practicing.

See! I'm just like you! Sit!



Pretty sneaky.

Where did he run away to?

You really are improving from your practice.

Shut up!

Anime gained a stronger friendship with Kagome.

And that's the end of the interval.

"Kaede's Village"

Well, we kinda don't have any leads right now. Maybe someone in the village knows what's up.

Well, hello. It's a new friend.

I like cake.


He's just fat.


Shippo! Shhhhh!

Um, cakes? I don't know, I've only just arrived.

Kimbei: I see. You don't know. Hmmmm. Hmmm? Hey, I've seen you before. Now where was it?

Umm, I don't know you, but where did you see me?

Kimbei: Hmmm...where was it? Oh, yes! In Kasasagi Town!

But I don't know where that town is. This is the first time I've heard that name.

Kimbei: No mistake. Kasasagi Town. That's where I saw your face.

It should also be noted that Kimbei here has the shittiest, most stereotypical "dumb fat guy" voice and it sucks and I hate it.

He's not doing anything wrong! He just said he saw us before! This is a lead! Why are you all so mean?!

Let's just ask Kaede about this.

Yes, he said he's seen me before. But I've never been to Kasasagi Town.

He's definitely a bit of a gluttonous young man, but he's no liar.

God, this sucks. Why do we have to shit on this poor unimportant NPC so much?

Hmm...I wonder where he's seen me...


If it really bothers you, why don't you go to Kasasagi Town?

I guess so. There isn't much to do around here anyway. And in the city we can hear stories about the shards of the Shikon Jewel.

Are you talking about the sparkling crystals the demon spider had?


Oh, don't worry about it.

But I don't want to slow you down.

Slow us down?

What are you guys going on and on about! If we're going to go to Kasasagi Town [voiced line says City instead of Town], we'd better get going.

Are you saying you're going to come too, Inuyasha?

If we go alone, we will almost certainly die, so yeah.

Thank you, Inuyasha.

And off we go! Next time, that is!