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Inuyasha: Secret of the Cursed Mask

by Waffleman_

Part 6: Anime Kururugi Finds a Mask

So we're here in the headman's place, and there's a weird droning noise...


I hear a strange noise.

Look! A bug! I circled it's kinda hard to notice.

Huh? What are Saimyosho?

They're the Saimyosho that Naraku uses. If they're here, Kagura must be, too.


It's definitely Naraku's female incarnation, Kagura.

If the Saimyosho are here, then we've probably already been found out.




They found us out!

About time.

I saw the Saimyosho fly by, so I came right away. It was exactly as I thought. Bring it on!

We fight them, it's completely umremarkable. Thank you, next.

That demon was no problem. But it's no good sticking around if the Saimyosho are here.

Yes. Both Naraku and Kagura can see what the Saimyosho can see.

So, if the Saimyosho see us, that means Naraku and Kagura will know we're here?

That's exactly what she said, yes.

Yes. That's why I think Kagura already knows we are here.

The last three lines in a row have all been literally the same thought.

It's dangerous, but I guess that's our only option.

Here I come. You better get out of the way!

Inuyasha looks pretty excited about this.

That's because he loves to fight.

So we head into the house. The party lineup has changed slightly so now Kagome is our tagalong, neat.

That's not good.

Is that the headman?

Help me.

He really doesn't deserve our help, but something isn't right.

Oh ! He's surrounded by demons!

Hold on a minute. I'll help you.

Another fight against normal enemies.

Don't worry about that. But, what are you doing here?


I was tricked by that Kagura woman. I had no idea the castle's messenger was a demon.

Huh, Kagura. Where is she now?!

She's just ahead. She tried to feed me to the demons.

Just ahead, huh. Alright, let's go!

It's dangerous here, so you should hide.

We head a little deeper in and find this lady.

I found you, Kagura. I knew it was you.

Meet Kagura, who the headman had NO IDEA was a demon.

I thought I heard noises. It was you guys.

So, you're Kagura. Why are you trying to capture me?

So, you're the girl.

Did you summon me into this world? If it was you, you'd better send me back.

Now, why would I do something like that?

You're pathetic as always. I'm gonna cut you to shreds. Got that?

Go ahead! as always, you're such a mutt.

Okay, so boss fight. As you can see, Kagura has two little demons next to her. This ties into one of the few strategies in this game. Kagura will normally do Dance of Blades, which is a very nasty attack, but if you kill both of the demons, she'll waster her turn bringing them back, giving you a break.

I wasn't entirely sure if it was working and so I didn't do it. It was still pretty easy, though I did have to spend a lot of time healing.

Inuyasha please control yourself.

Damn! How could I let that happen?

Are you ready to die, Kagura?

Wait a minute, Inuyasha. We have to ask Kagura about the wanted posters.

Yeah, you're right.

Oh no we're in the Shadow Realm. I left my deck at home!

Huh! What was that?!

A shikigami?!


Is that a Shikigami? Utsugi?

Shikigami? It's like mine, but it's completely different in size.

A weird lady!

Naraku has sent someone to help me. Don't expect any thanks.

Stop! You'll be sorry if you get in my way.

Be careful, Inuyasha. I don't think this is your typical demon.

I don't care what it is. I'll destroy anything that gets in the way. Wind Scar!

Oh, a mask. I wonder if it has any curses.

Damn it. It didn't work.

It was so easily repelled.

Now it's my turn.

Take it easy, Inuyasha. You're hurt.

It's only a small cut.

Your's beautiful. It's like the setting sun.

What are you talking about?

Yeah, what ARE you talking about? For the record, Utsugi never says anything like this ever again.

Wow! Was that the power of the Shikigami? Who are you?

I should note that if you are playing as Michiru, Utsugi is a man and the only difference is that his clothes are blue.

Huh. Me? What are you talking about?

Damn it! Get out of the way!

I see. Kagura, I've completed my mission. I'm leaving.


Hey wait!

But I think she may know something.

With no help from you.

Are you blind? Can't you see they just ran away.

Don't be so cross. He's a victim too.

Thank you for your understanding. I had no idea the messenger from the castle would be a demon.

You said that and I honestly doubt it.

I am so sorry for what happened to you.

That's okay. The evil ones are Utsugi and Kagura. Don't worry about it anymore.

Oh! You are so forgiving. You are such an angel.

Okay, little much. Kinda uncomfortable now. Can we go back to Kaede?

I think that may be taking it a little too far.

Come on, you really are kind.

1. I didn't actually say anything, so why are you talking like I tried to deny it? 2. Even if I am kind, that doesn't mean headman's not being a creep.

Thanks, Kagome. That's nice of you.

... (voiced as a giggle) From what Utsugi and Kagura were saying, it seems there's a connection between Naraku and your being brought into this world.

It's too bad I wasn't able to ask, even though they were right there.

You explicitly DID ask and they refused to answer.

Don't give up. I'm sure there will be another chance.

Yes. And I doubt Naraku will be leaving us alone.

Well, the next time I'll finish the job.

I agree, let's head out.


Hey, it's the headman. What do you want?

Yeah, it's weird that the headman is here at his house where we just talked to him less than a minute ago.

It's not much, but please take th


Wow! There's quite a bit here. We can buy lots of sweets now!


It's okay. Take it.

It comes from good intentions. I think you should take it.

Okay then, I will accept it. Thank you, Headman.

You know, Headman, you may be a gormless, gullible, creepy, worthless cop fuck, but at least you're rich and I can exploit your hoarded wealth to be used for good.

And with that, we're heading back to base to figure out our next plan of attack. See you then.