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Part 7: Anime Kururugi Meets New Friends

We're back in Kaede's village and hey, some new folks.


Miroku! Sango! You're back!


That sure took you a while.

So, as you've maybe been able to tell, the game is kinda split up into different scenarios, and we've just been through two. Now, I kinda understand why they started you off with just Inuyasha, Kagome, and Shippo, start the player off with a smaller party so they get used to things, but there's absolutely no reason we needed to wait this long to get the other characters.

Don't say that, Inuyasha. We went through a lot too. Hey, who is that?

Oh yeah. This girl came from the present, like me.


Hello. Are these your friends, Kagome?

Note the atrocious spelling and capitalization.

Like us, they're trying to destroy Naraku.

I see. Um, my name is Anime. Nice to meet you.

It's my pleasure.

Nice to meet you.

This kid doesn't look very strong, but knows how to use the mysterious power of the Shikigami.

Shippo you didn't know what this shit was a few days ago stop acting an expert.

... [voiced as a hmmmmm noise]

Oh, it's nothing, really.

Uh, yes?

Will you be the mother of my children?




Hnnn yeah oh boy this fuckin sucks


Excuse me!

Uh, yes?

Miroku, shouldn't we tell them what we found out?

Oh yes.

Did you find out where Naraku is?

We didn't find out anything specific. But there are a lot of strange things happening in the castle.

What kinds of strange things?

Are you interested too?

Yes. It seems Naraku has something to do with why I was summoned into this world.

From what Kagura and Utsugi were talking about I gather that that's definitely the case.

Kagome...thanks, but...I'm talking right now.

All the cows on the castle grounds have disappeared. And all the people who've gone to pay their taxes have never come back. There is definitely a lot of strange things happening around the castle.

Well that's just the shutdown, innit?

A whole bunch of demons were seen heading towards the castle.

Well, that's just the House majority, innit?

A bunch of demons, huh. This stinks of Naraku.

Yes. So, where is the castle?

Don't act like you know shit. You've never met the guy.

From here, it is best to go through Tsuzumi Village.

We just got back. And we're off again already? Busy, busy.

I know you're both very tired. I'm sorry.

Thank you for being concerned about me. You're very kind.

It's not like that.

Don't be shy.


You're misunderstanding me.

Thank you Sango. I knew there was a reason you were voted to be our best friend.

Let's talk more later.

I wonder what kind of journey this is going to turn out to be.


Hi Kaede!

What? You just got here and you're already leaving? Don't you want to rest a bit?

It's probably best if we rest up first.

I think so too. Today you should take it easy and rest.

Oh, I know what this means.

How about it, Inuyasha? What do you think if we take the day off today?

Huh! Take the day off?

What do you mean?

Like we did the other day, everyone can pair off with whoever they like.

Yeah, we need a little rest too. And we want to make sure that our friend has a good time with everyone.

Ha ha ha, oh you fool.

Hmmm. Sounds good.

That's great. You're kind and thoughtful, unlike Inuyasha.

Uncalled for.

What did you say, Miroku?

Take it easy. So, today is going to be our day off.

Anime. So, who do you wanna travel with today?

As y'all voted, we're gonna be spending time with Sango.

Thank you!

Huh? Do I have too? [sic]

Good idea, I'll go too.

We can't just sit around here. Let's go.


Your hair is beautiful!

Huh? That's out of the blue. Is it really?

Yes! It really is! I mean, it's so long, but still so soft and shiny.

Alright, settle down.

I guess. Thank you.

Anime, boundaries.

Huh? Hey, what are you doing?

Hm? Something good! Don't move, Sango.


It looks good! What do you think, Sango?

Um...well...I don't really think it suits me.

What are you saying, Sango? Of course it suits you!


Yes. When Miroku looks at you he will surely fall in love again.

Okay, so this is also an issue if you pick Miroku. Anime has known these people for less than 24 hours but acts as if they're old friends and know everything.

That's stupid! Why'd you say that?


Kagome runs up to check things out.

Are you okay?

Ito: Huh? Y-yes. I just got a bug bite on my face, that's all.

Inuyasha comes up too!

What happened?

She got a bug bite on her face! It'll get worse if we leave it. Do we have any medicine for it?

A little bite? You're so insensitive, Inuyasha!

Insensitive? What do you mean?

Argh. You drive me crazy!

Are you in a bad mood?


Enough! Just get away from me!

Why are you so mad? I just don't get it. Suit yourself!



Maybe I'm not sensitive, but here's something instead. See ya!

Instead? Oh, it's an herb that heals bug bites. Oh, Inuyasha!

We sure did.

Yes, and now we're all prepared. We should be on our way to Tsuzumi Village.

Good timing. I don't want to be adding to your baggage, but you should take this.

A pair of old fashioned pants?

I used to wear them when I was young. It's going to be a long journey. So a change of clothes will come in handy.

Yes. We don't know what's ahead. It'll be best to take them.

Thank you, Grandma Kaede.

Now, be careful. Goodbye.

Okay. Bye.

And bye I say to you, until Tsuzumi Village.