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Part 8: Anime Kururugi Would Like Miroku To Be Quiet

On the road to Tsuzumi City!

Oh hey, Kakuju.

Oh, that's right. There was something I wanted to give you. That monk there should be able to help you make good use of it. Go on, show him.

That's one way to start a conversation.

Mm. I added a little magic to it too. It will give you power when you fight together.

Thank you so much, Kakuju.


You're welcome. I should get going. Bye for now!

So I'm gonna be straight: I have literally no idea what's up with this scene. It's not brought up again in the plot as far as I remember, and we didn't even get the talisman as an item. My best guess is that judging by Kakuju's lines, it's an in-story justification for the co-op techs, but not only does that not really need a justification, I'm pretty sure we already know at least one at this point. This game's weird.

Anyway, this area's not all random battles for once!

I should take this opportunity to quickly describe Miroku and Sango in battle. Sango is simple, she's just a pure damage dealer, like Inuyasha. Miroku is a bit more of a support character, with heals, buffs, the ability to see enemy HP and THE WIND TUNNEL, which is a GUARANTEED ONE HIT KILL to ANY NON-BOSS ENEMY and only costs ONE ENERGY.

Miroku can get broken.

Are you alright?

I think I stepped on a thorn.

Oh no! There's a thorn in your foot. Let me take it out.

Thanks for explaining what I just said to me. God, I can't even get away from Twitter dudes in the past.

Sango gets grumpy.

And that's it. If you're a guy, you just ask Miroku about his monk duties, go "Isn't it impressive, Sango?" for some reason, and she gets grumpy for some reason.

Anyway, we continue as normal, until after one battle...

Wow! A mechanic that came earlier than I was expecting!

What, changed? How changed?!

It's like heaven on earth! It's the best of fortunes. But be careful not to let your guard down.

So occasionally after a battle, your fortune will change. This affects stuff like encounter rate and how often you get the drop on enemies. We just happened to get the best fortune, hooray!

Moving on.

Since we're here, we might as well take a little rest.

I know the game compresses these transitionary areas from how big they are in-universe, but this is still pretty funny when we're 10 minutes into my recording. Though to be fair, I'd take a break after 10 minutes hiking in the woods.

Hey, Sango, is there a special trick to using the Hiraikotsu?

That being her giant boomerang.

Um, yeah.

Yes, it's quite large. And not easy to use.

Fuckin' Miroku, bug off.

Hiraikotsu is the weapon that Sango uses, isn't it? I want to learn how to use it too.

Settle down, kid.

But you need lots of practice to be able to use a Hiraikotsu.

Yes, I supposed you're right.

I'm sure with both of us teaching, she should be able to pick it up.


Yeah, that's about my face.

Sango, don't be so cold.

Ah, I guess you're gonna fuckin' tell her she looks so much prettier when she smiles, huh? Fuck you.

... I don't think Sango likes me very much.

Well, after completely turning on a character I used to like in the span of 16 minutes, here we are.

We've finally made it.

So, this is Tsuzumi Village.

Oh no!

Densuke: Aah! Help me!

What? Oh no, a demon!

Old man, over here! Quick!

If you get in the way, I'll eat you too!

Very funny! Just try it!

That was easy. It's also the only fight we're going to have in this entire plot episode.

Densuke: This area has become so dangerous. I went out to do some shopping for the festival and all of a sudden I was being chased. I didn't know what waas going to become of me.

Well, you're lucky we ran into you.

Yes. I'm glad you're okay.

Densuke: Thank you so much for helping me. You must be in the middle of traveling, but if you like, you can stay at my home tonight. It's the least I can do in return for saving my life. You're very welcome to stay there.

Oh, you don't have to do that.

It would be really rude if you refused.


It would be nice to sleep in a real bed.

Oh, Kagome...

Hey, question. Why is everyone treating this like I have the final say? I'm the player character, but I'm the newest member of this group and obviously everyone else wants to do it, so what do they care what I think? I'm not the leader.

Densuke: Well, if you've decided, then come with me.

Looks an awful lot like Kaede's place.

Densuke: The rest of the highway is blocked anyway.


You mean the highway that goes to the castle?

Densuke: Yes. All this heavy rainfall caused a big landslide. So, you can't use the highway now.

We're unlucky.

You look pretty happy though, Miroku.

No, not at all. Anyway, are there any girls my age around here?

Fuck off.

Densuke: What?

Now I get it.

That's what I thought.


If we're gonna be here for a while, I'm going to go see if I can find any information about the castle.


Densuke: Is she a Demon Slayer? She has a Demon Slayer's weapon.

Yes, she is.

Densuke: I see. It's rare to see a Demon Slayer. Since that incident, we don't see them anymore.

Demon Slayer? What's that?

Think about it with your fucking brain.

It is a specially trained person, who goes after demons.

She lived in the Demon Slayer Village.

The Ninjas. And their one village.

Yes. But don't talk about it in front of Sango.


Because through trickery, Naraku completely destroyed the Demon Slayer Village.

What happened to Sango's family?


The only ones that survived are Sango and her younger brother. Her younger brother was taken by Naraku.


Damn, Naraku!

I didn't realize...

Later that evening.

I'm back.

Welcome back. So, did you find anything out?

No. I couldn't find many people.

Well, we can't use the highway now anyway, so we might as well take it easy.

Densuke: Well, your beds are ready. Why don't you call it a day and try to get some rest.

Thank you so much. Good night.

And good night to you all.