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Part 9: Anime Kururugi Learns How to Practice

Wow! It's rare to hear a suggestion from Miroku.

I...I don't really think it is?


Do you think he found a pretty girl nearby?

No. It's just such [a] beautiful day.


No...well...ha ha ha.

Ha! You guessed right.


Piss off.

Anime. So, who do you want to travel with today?

Why our best friend.

Thank you.

I will too.

Me too!

Same thing we do every day, Anime.

I think I'll go to the forest and practice with my Hiraikotsu.

Whenever you have a spare moment you're always practicing, aren't you?

Yes. It's a habit from when I lived in Demon-Slayer Village.

Can I come watch you? I won't get in the way.

Sure, I'm going now. Come whenever you like.

Here we are!

There you are.

Wow! Do you do that every day?

Do what she was just standing there

Practice, you mean? Ah, yeah, I do.

But you're so strong...

You've got it wrong. It's because I practice every day that I am strong.


Not much strength? Yeah, right.

But that's not why I started practicing.


In the Demon-Slayer Village, this is part of every day life. Just like when you go to school and study all that difficult stuff.

I'm coming to the terrible realization that Sango might not know how to read.

I don't think it's the same...

Hey, Miroku, what do you think?

About what?

This picture. This picture on the door...Doesn't it bother you?

Not really.

Why not? It's kinda weird.

Huh? It won't open. Shoot.

Open! It won't budge. Something's definitely strange.

Let me have a look.

Ha. It's not use. It won't open.

I see. Well, if it doesn't open when you push it, try pulling.

I don't see anything really strange about it.

Wah wah.

So, that's what it was.



Densuke: You must have been really tired. Everyone else got up early and went to gather information and such. They said you should do the same once you woke up.

How embarrassing! I better get going.

And get going we will!