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by Waffleman_

Part 10: Anime Kururugi Almost Gets Herself Killed

Alright gang, let's split up and search for clues.

This town has a big drum, but they probably won't let me play Kamen Rider songs on it.

Nothing else interesting, so we have to move to the village entrance.

Going up from there a bit, a kid's in trouble!

There's a demon! And a child!

That's what I said! Wait, isn't this the same asshole we killed the other day?

What a tasty looking child!

He's gonna get you! Run away!

You're so scared you can't run. Now, if you're really still, I'll try to make this as painless as I can.

If I don't do anything, he's gonna eat that kid. What can I do?

You can, uh, summon holy flames.



Yes. I'm okay.

I'm glad. But, why didn't you run away?

Kitty :3

Oh, a cat! Is it because the cat was here?

Can't imply things. Gotta spell them out.

I see. That's really kind of you.

Can't imply characterization. Gotta spell it out.


Don't be modest. If it was me I probably would have run away. That's a cool looking weapon.


It's called a Kusarigama.

Can I see it? Wow, it's pretty heavy.

Anime, if you want a weapon so bad, we can buy you a damn sword or something.

Yes. It's a bit different from the usual ones.

Really? Why


Oh, sorry. Maybe I shouldn't have asked. Um, are you from here?

I see.

Okay. Hey, what's your name? My name is Anime.

It's Kohaku.

Heading back down to the drum, we see someone!

Just looking at the flowers. These were my brother's favorite.

Your brother? I see.

I guess everyone told you about my past.

I mean, they did, but nothing I said suggested as such.


My brother was so kind, he almost didn't belong in Demon Slayer Village. My brother didn't like to fight. But he loved animals and flowers.

He must have been a really good brother.

We leave Sango to that and hey look, it's Kagome.

Oh, Sango was just telling me about her younger brother.

I see. Naraku took Kohaku so that he could try to control Sango. Naraku is so evil!

So, he tried to use Kohaku...What! Did you just say Kohaku?

Oh yeah he was basically wearing the same thing as Sango huh

Yes I did.

It couldn't be. But...

What happened?

This can't be a coincidence. That boy's name was Kohaku too. And he was using the same weapon as Sango. I should ask him. I'm sorry, Kagome. But I have to go do something now.

Okay, she does use a chain with a hook and we can just call that a kusarigama.


Shokichi: ...

Um, excuse me?

Shokichi: Maybe I'm no good at this. I caught one little sparrow today in front of the headman's house. It's not even good enough for dinner.

Excuse me. Can I ask you something?

Shokichi: Uh, sure. What is it?

Do you know the boy that was here before? His name is Kohaku.


Shokichi: The boy playing with the cat? Yeah, I just saw him walking over there.

Thank you! And I don't think you can hunt in the city.

Shokichi: Oh, that's what I thought.

Again we portray a larger person as being a fuckin' idiot rube. Nice.

There's the cat that was with Kohaku.

I'm pretty sure that cat went in somewhere around here. I couldn't tell from behind that bush, but it looks like there's another road ahead.

A cave? Where's he going?

Oh no it's spooky and there's demons.

Let's talk to this guy.

Um, excuse me?

Gonsuke: Whoa!

You scared me!


Gonsuke: I'm surprised to see someone else on this road. I'm the only one who knows about this secret back road.

Back road? Does it go to the castle?

Gonsuke: Uh-oh. I said too much.

That's great! Don't worry, I won't tell anyone else.

This is of course a blatant lie as we will be telling our five friends.

Gonsuke: Okay. Good. If people find out about this road, I won't have the chance to find my pot of gold.

I'm just gonna let that one slide because I'd be treading old ground.

Pot of gold. Hmm... Good luck! Oh yeah, did you see anyone else pass by here?

Gonsuke: Nope. Nobody's come through here.

Well, let's head back.


And here's the man of the hour, Naraku himself!

Oh no, this ain't good.


Kohaku, what's wrong? Don't you know it's me?


Stop it, Kohaku!

Here she comes.

Sango! How did you get here?

She waaaalked.

Okay, that direction just leads to a wall, you should be asking where SHE came from.

You're Kagura!

No shit!

How nice! You remember me.

What do you want?

I'm not the one directly doing anything. Isn't that right, woman of Demon Slayer.

You cheater.

Kohaku is going to catch this girl, so sit back and watch. Don't do anything you'll be sorry for. Kohaku's life is in the balance.


Okay, Kohaku, hurry up and get her.

How dare you, Kagura! I'll never forgive you for this.

Don't you get it. If you try to resist, Kohaku loses his life.

Kohaku. What should I do?

What should I do? If I don't do anything, Kohaku will die. But, what do I do?

Well looky here.

Is that Serpentine rock? Shikigami, attack!

I believe this is the last instance of Serpentine rock for the majority of the game.

Hahaha! What are you aiming at?

Rocks fall and they just walk away.

Damn. I see.

Kohaku! Kohaku.

Anime, where's Kohaku?

I'm sorry, we lost him. I think he went with Kagura.

I see. He's gone.

I'm sorry, Sango.

No, I'm sorry.

A young fisherman told me that you were looking for Kohaku.

Oh, so THAT'S why he was having a hard time hunting. He's not even a hunter!

Oh right, that fisherman.

Woman, neither of you said the word of fish in your entire conversation don't act like you know what's going on.

I heard you went alone, so...I'm really sorry.

Don't worry about it.

I couldn't do anything when Kohaku was trying to attack you.

He's your brother. Of course, you couldn't.

But if something happened to you, I...

The ship is real, friends.

Sango, please don't worry about it anymore.

But, why were you here by yourself?


Everyone told you about Kohaku. So, you must have known that Naraku was using Kohaku. So why did you go by yourself?


Sango...Thank you. That makes me so happy.

then why did you go alone

Let's go back. Everyone's waiting.

Let's go tell everyone, quickly.

We'll head back next time.