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by Waffleman_

Part 13: Anime Kururugi Is a Bad Party Guest

And we're back! Gonna be a short one this time.

Oh, Miroku's fine, I guess.

That's Miroku's voice.

I think he's just ahead.

Yurihime: Please, I'm so lonely. Comfort me?

If it's alright with you.



Yurihime: Oh, Miroku!


That dirty monk.

Yurihime: I've got him now.

Wait, Sango. Something's not right.

Wait, Sango! Something isn't right with Miroku.

Sango, settle down!

We gave them some nice alcohol.

If you're talkin' about your demon guards, we destroyed them all.

With cirrhosis!

Yurihime: Why, you...

Sango just smacked into some kinda barrier like a bird.

Oboro: You're wasting your time trying to save the monk. He's in a trance right now. You can't do anything, because this place is protected by a barrier.

Miroku, wake up! Wake up!

I'll use my Tetsusaiga to break it!

No, Inuyasha. If you break the barrier, it could endanger Miroku.


I love this line, it's very good.

Oboro: Now give me your power.

It's not that easy.

If Miroku knows one thing, it's how to get up.

Too bad for you...

Oboro: It can't be!

Hey, the barrier disappeared.

Now we can beat her the hell up!

If there's no barrier, we've got the upper hand. Everyone, let's attack.

Let's beat her the hell up!

The only notable thing about this fight is that I start using co-op techs. Co-ops require two energy costs and two turns to use, but they deal massive damage, so they're pretty much entirely the territory of bosses. They also have little animated cutscenes which is neat.

Anyway, we beat her the hell up.

Not particularly!

Because you distracted the demons, I was able to destroy the crystal which was the source of the barrier.

That was apparent.

The source of the barrier? You knew all along?


I really thought you were in a trance.

Were you impressed? Do you love me now?

After this is done, we can just....pretend Miroku doesn't exist.

Wait a dirty monk!

You don't give up, do you?

If only he wasn't such a ladies' man.

Stop enabling him.

Poor Sango.

I really don't get Miroku.

Yeah, boys are weird. Girls are a lot better.

We should go back to Tsuzumi Village. Let's get a good rest and then head for the castle.

Good idea.

Next time, we get a good rest and head for the castle.