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Part 15: Anime Kururugi Finds Demons in the Castle

Welcome to the castle, this took me more than an hour and a half with my emulator sped up.

Takezo: Can you help them? I've been injured and I can't move from here.


Now yes, this sidequest is entirely optional. And yes, I could have just beelined through this and done the dungeon in like half an hour. But this is like...the only sidequest in the game. I gotta do at least that, right? So now we have to go through just about every room to look for people. I'm not gonna show all of them, because there's fucking 30 of them and the majority of them are not interesting, but I'll also show you why this sidequest is BULLSHIT.

You wanna know the other reason this took so long, and basically the main reason this dungeon is just a pain in the fuckin' ass?

IT'S BUGGED. You can't run from fights because about 90% of the time, it softlocks the game.

This dungeon has a pretty high encounter rate. And you just have to fight them.

As I cap this, I have my footage going at about 4-5 times speed, because there's so much dead air between the fights and me checking my guide to make sure I don't accidentally end the dungeon before ending the sidequest like I did last time I played this game.

The majority of the people you have to save will not actually be visible. They will be hidden in objects with the only indicator that they're there being the general hot spot indicator over your head.

So yeah, you have to rub your head against everything in a dungeon with a raised encounter rate bugged to prevent you from skipping battles.

It gets worse. Also, this merchant gives us kind of a hint as to where to go next for progression. There are some monks doing monk things.

Oh hey!

Sachi: Last time I was caught by a demon spider. Is this how my life is gonna be? I'm scared of the future.

Be safe, Sachi.

There's a couple sets of stairs up here with a save cat. At this point, we've rescued 7 out of 8 people in this area. We're saving one for the end.

We're going downstairs.

Checks out.

It's just a maid, but yeah, this is what I mean by needing to rub your head on shit.

Ah, another one.

Downstairs, there are stairs to go upstairs, but a different upstairs.


And this is what we came downstairs and upstairs for. Now that we have this, we can rescue that monk and go back downstairs and back upstairs. At this point, we'll have rescued 15 people. Hey, halway through, right?

This passage on the left of the main floor is our next destination.

We go upstairs from there and eventually, we encounter the samurai, all three of them.

Hey wait.

Denjiro: Aaah.... [voiced as a scream]

Tokusuke: Damn demons!

Are they the castle staff?

They're being attacked by demons!

There's no way they can beat them. We have to help them.

Hey! Demons! Are you ready to die?!

We fight a small trash mob masquerading as a boss fight as usual and as usual it's not interesting.

That's okay. It must have been terrible.

It wasn't that bad. Those demons were not rich or powerful, so they couldn't hire a samurai like the daimyo could.

If anyone's hurt, show me. I'll take care of them.

Yukimura: We can't thank you enough.

What is happening to the castle? There's demons everywhere.


Again, we never see him, unless Naraku is/has taken the place of him.

Did Naraku do this?

But then we get this line that establishes that Naraku and the "King" are two different entites.

Kagura showed up pretending to be a castle messenger.

Miroku, they're not gonna know who that is.

If that's the case, then it's simple. Let's go destroy them!

Wait, Inuyasha, did you forget that happened?! YOU WERE THERE AND MIROKU WASN'T.

A fourth samurai came in so I guess the numbers add up now.

Yukimura: What? The second unit. We're the only ones left to protect the castle.

Is your name Yukimura?

Yukimura: Yes, it is. Why?

We met your wife outside the castle. She gave us something to give to you.

Yukimura: Oh! Some rice balls from my wife!

Everyone is really worried about what's happening in here.

Yukimura: Thank you. We can hold on a little longer now.

Denjiro: Yes!

Tokusuke:Tokusuke: Let's do it!

We'll take care of the rest. Everyone, go back to your families.

Yukimura: We can't do that. There are people who haven't escaped yet.

You've apparently had months.

You're not scared for your life?

There's no point dying here.

Yukimura: We are samurai. We protect the King and the people. But, we weren't able to protect the King. However, we must protect all who are left alive. It is our duty.

Denjiro: Exactly.

Tokusuke: That's our duty.

But you might die! What will your families that are left do?

You could die and have a negative life span.

This entire time, the guy on the right's helmet is kinda glitching out on the gold crest from I guess emulator issues?

How could they possibly understand?

Yukimura: It's already decided.

I don't get it.

What are you goin' on about? If we keep dawdling, Naraku will get away.

But what about Yukimura and everyone else?

Yukimura: Are you going after that demon?

Yeah, that's why we came here.

Yukimura: In that case, take this with you.

What is it?

Yukimura: This is the key for the lock in the tower. The demon is in there.

Is that okay, Yukimura?

Yukimura: Yes. We're no match for that demon. But I think you guys can do it. Please, take our place and go get that demon!

....Yes, we will bring Naraku down.

Yukimura: We are grateful.

Well, shall we go?

Yeah, let's go get Naraku and then get back here.

The count of rescued people at this point is 18. We'll get the rest next time.