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Part 16: Anime Kururugi Finally Meets Naraku

Back at it again in Naraku's castle.

We're going upstair this time.

Upstairs is more of the same, but it does have the biggest bullshit in this whole sidequest.

Yeah, we gotta be ALL the way in the corner for this one. So in the corner, we can't even tell there's anything here. YEAH.

Whoa, ANOTHER upstairs?! What will they think of next?

Oh hey, are you Toki?

Otoki, close enough, get back here.

Is your name Toki?

Your brother asked us to bring you this pinwheel that he made for you.

Otoki: He's okay then! I'm so happy!

The Samurai are downstairs helping the people who couldn't escape. Try and make it down there and you'll be able to get out of the castle.

Otoki: Thank you so much.

Be careful, Toki.

Bye Toki.

Up to the tower, where destiny awaits!

Up one more stairs and we're in the final corridor.

This door actually leads to the end of the dungeon, and as much as I'd like to go through, we still have work to do beyond this.

These two of the only pieces of charming writing in the game round out the running joke and leave us at 29 people rescued. If you remember, we specifically left one person unrescued on the first floor.

So what we have to do is talk to the samurai.

Takezo: I'm sorry, this isn't much, but please take it as a sign of my appreciation.

If you talk to Takezo after saving 5/6 of the people, he gives you this fertilizer.

Takezo: Thank you very much! How can I thank you enough. This is a memento from my long separated sister. Please take it.

And after 30, he gives you this seed that's somehow a memento. Now, if you remember, there are certain combinations of seeds and fertilizers that give you special scenes, which is arguably the main point of the mystery field. This fertilizer and this seed are one such combination.

And yes, there is absolutely no indication or any sort of hint that you need to talk to Takezo early to get the fertilizer, so you could go through all of this and have it not even be worth it!


Back here.


Ha ha. You made it.

Who's voice is that?




I woulda been here earlier but there was a bullshit sidequest also hi Utsugi.

So, this is Naraku. You're the one that summoned me into this world, aren't you?

Anime we've been over this.

Do you want to know?

Of course I do. Now tell em how to get home.

Is this the girl, Utsugi?

What are you mumbling about? Naraku are you ready?

What a fool!

Shut up and die!

Time to fight Naraku!


Yeah it's one of those.

You're weak. It's over.

Inuyasha tries to attack again, but no go.


Even the Tetsusaiga won't work.

It's being repelled by the barrier.

It's the authentic Inuyasha experience.

Those who go against Naraku will die a painful death.

Yukimura: Naraku!

The samurai!

Yukimura: I will avenge my King! Take that!

Stop! You can't beat him.

Denjiro; I know. But we have no choice.

This secret passage...I said I'd have words a few updates ago and those words are a'comin'.

Foolish ones. Die!

Was this not Tokusuke just 2 seconds ago.

There we go.

Yukimura: Don't run away! It's our time to die! We have to give them more time.

Wow fuck, can Yukimura be the protagonist?

Tokichi: Rooaaaaar!

Kagome fires an arrow, forgetting about the barrier.

What? You still have strength?

Yukimura: Leave this place now and ready yourselves to come back and destroy this demon and save the castle. Please!

You think I've come this far to run away!