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Part 17: Anime Kururugi Talks to Grandpa

Looks like Kaede's house.

It's not Kaede's house.

Why am I here?

Kichibei: I don't know, but I found you and some others on the ground at the entrance of the village this morning.

A teaser for later in the update, this is a massive plot hole.

Others? Ah, Inuyasha, Kagome!

Yeah they were literally right there.

Um, ugh...

We fell off the top floor of a castle.

Where is Naraku?!

At the castle, probably.

And the rest of the crew finally gets up.

I wish I could say it's a good morning.

Ugh. Where is this?

We couldn't win against Naraku. Yukimura...

Is everyone okay?

I guess, we weren't able to destroy Naraku.

Shippo, are you saying we can't defeat Naraku?

Well I mean...

Anyway, we can't go anywhere like this.

I guess not, but...

Let's think about it. If we work together, we can find a way.

We get control now and all the party members just talk about how we gotta break the barrier.

I need to think this over on my own.

Anyway, we gotta get some time to think.

Just a normal village.

Let's just head up the Eighty Sins of Sasamo.

Oh, you're in the game again.

What's wrong?

Lotta things.

I guess you know already. We lost.

Why would he know. Also lost what, he doesn't know that either.

You lost the battle? Against who?

The Shikigami power didn't work on the guy we were fighting.

Well, nothing worked, it's not the Shikigami.

Neither Inuyasha's Tetsusaiga nor Miroku's Sutras worked either.

Woman, I have no idea what any of those words are.

It was probably because of a barrier.

Yeah. That's what Miroku said. Because Naraku put his barrier up, our attack didn't work.

A barrier, I see.

How many times can I say that this writing is garbage

Now what are you guys going to do?

I really don't know...

Hmm. If you still want to fight your enemy, I can tell you how.

Really?! Tell us Grandpa Kakuju!

Well listen carefully. Rindo Village is at the foot of Mount Houoh. You first need to go to the top of Mount Houoh and bring back a fruit from the Magatama tree.

A fruit from a Magatama tree, which is on the top of Mount Houoh...I see. But why the fruit?

That's what you need to break the barrier. I'll tell you the rest after you get the fruit.

This test will challenge your courage.

(It will not)

I don't really understand, but I guess we can break the barrier if we use it. Thank you Grandpa Kakuju.


Oh well, let's go tell the guys.


Please listen, everybody. We might be able to break Naraku's barrier.

Yes. Grandpa Kakuju told me.

I see. Kakuju, huh.

God, there is just a LOT of Solid Snaking in this update.

We need to go get a fruit from the top of Mount Houoh.

That is a sacred mountain where monks in training gather.

But, it will be a very difficult task.

(It won't)

Okay, I will do anything to beat Naraku!

Yes, if there is anything I can do, I'll also help.

You can throw a boomerang, you're in.

That's right. If we stay here, we'll never be able to defeat Naraku.

Let's go, everybody!

Let's head out!

Okay, so words.

This is where Rindoh Village is.

This is where the Castle Town is.

We somehow got from there to here in the course of an evening, halfway across the world map, where it has been established that even going from one town to the other canonically takes at least several days to walk to.

What the fuck.

It's not like...gonna ruin the story or anything, but...they don't even attempt to explain it. It just bugs me.

Next time, we climb a mountain.