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Part 18: Anime Kururugi Climbs a Mountain

I'd prefer Mount Lugia, but sure, let's climb this shit.

By the way, I changed our lineup a bit so Sango is our tagalong now.

Now, it sounds like Mount Houoh might be another dungeon immediately after the Bad Castle, but it's kinda not. It's more of an overworld area.

After a bit, we come to a house.

What a dump!

Monks don't need luxury. They only need a roof to protect against the rain.

When we need to rest we can stay here too.

That's right.

What are you looking at? Let's get going!

This rock is pretty prominent.

What? We don't have much time.

I feel something strange...

Really? I don't see anything strange?

It looks normal. But something is strange. There's a faint wind coming from the cliff.

Sango of course gets us.

There's wind....coming from the rock. There's something behind the rock.

Whatever! We need to hurry. If we can't get to the top we won't be able to defeat Naraku.

You're right. I shouldn't have brought it up.

Well, we'll never come back here.

Oh hey, a cave.

The cave is 3D and otherwise unremarkable.

Coming out of the cave, we arrive at the summit, despite making very little vertical traversal.

It looks nice.


Ooooh, ????!

Shippo just turns into a balloon and floats you up these cliffs very slowly and nothing else like this happens in the game.

More cliffs. I hope my wife doesn't fall off one of these.


The wind is getting stronger. But it's a strange wind.

Miroku, gross.


I'm gonna blow away!



Shippo, be careful!

Um...What is that?

A mass of air...

Is that a Spirit of the Air. It's probably the sacred mountain's guardian spirit.

a what

I'm sorry. But we absolutely need a Magatama fruit!

Spirit: A Magatama fruit. Many neophytes come to ask for them. But no one deserves it. You must have more than just power. You must have a pure heart and courage. Without these, I can not give you a Magatama fruit.

This is the test that Grandpa Kakuju was talking about.

Interesting. Let's see if we have what it takes!

So to prove that we have more than pure power, we are going to get into a physical fight with the air.

He's pretty easy, he just likes to give you status effects. Power through and you'll have no issue.


Shut up! I'll do it as many times as I need too!


Wait Inuyasha. I don't feel hostility from him.

The wind has stopped too.

Spirit: I attuned all of your hearts. You may take a Magatama fruit.

Does this mean we succeeded?

No, by "You may take a Magatama fruit," he meant "Don't take one"

I guess so.

Well then, let's get a fruit from the tree.

Yes. It seems like a light is coming from the tree itself.

I can see that the tree has mysterious power.

Yes. Okay, I'll get a fruit.


Also we got the fruit yay.

I got it! Let's go back to Grandpa Kakuju.

And go back we do you didn't miss anything.

Well well, you did it.

Yes. But, it was difficult.

I thought I was gonna die.

You guys really are something. The Spirit of the Air allowed you to have a seed. [The voice acting says fruit]

You already knew that, Grandpa Kakuju.

This is definitely a Magatama fruit. Now, come close to me.

Now, you should know how to use the power of the Shikigami to break the barrier.

If there's no barrier, we can attack Naraku.

Okay! This time we'll destroy Naraku!

It looks as though your enemy is very powerful. Be very careful.

Thank you, Grandpa Kakuju!

Alright! Now we have a SPECIAL MOVE. Let's go to the dang castle.

Good idea. We need to regain our strength before we continue on.




Thank you.

It's likek you're already friends.

Inuyasha and Miroku go together as do Kagome and Shippo.

Hey, Sango didn't immediately ditch us this time.

The weather's beautiful! We should go to the river.

I agree.

Hey, Sango. Let's take a rest here.

Okay. It's been ages since we had a bath, shall we go bathing?


Oh boy.

Uh? Sango?

Huh? What is it?

You're going to go into the water with your Hiraikotsu?

Yeah, just deflect from that with the boomerang.

Is that weird?

Ahh...Yeah, it's a little weird. It's weird, 'cuz you're a girl.

Are you still talking about the boomerang?

Really? But, I've had this with me since I was a little girl.


It's almost like a part of my body now.

I see. So, it's more than just a weapon for you.

We had a fun time!

Now to the castle!

Wow that doesn't look good.

Well, let's leave that to next time.