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Part 19: Anime Kururugi: Back to the Castle

Back at it again in Castle Town.

Oh, this isn't good.

Was this house so dilapidated last time we were here?

I mean, it's more than the one house.

I think it was a lot nicer before.

I wonder if a burglar got in there. But, all the other houses look pretty ruined too.


Yes. The whole town feels pretty desolate. I wonder if it's because of Naraku.

It must be. If Naraku is allowed to continue to sit in the castle, this town will soon...

I don't know if this is incompetent writing or patronizing writing.

We can't allow that to happen. Let's go.

Fuckin' hell, it's you.

You sure kept me waiting. I was just about to fall asleep.

Kagura! Why're you here?

Take one fuckin' guess, kid.

I knew if I waited here, you guys would eventually come.

What do you want from us?!

Only one thing. I'm here to take your soul.

My soul? You think you can do that by yourself?

Ugggh! I'm gonna cut you up!

Well, well, have [you] forgotten already? I have a barrier rock. You can't even touch me.

I prefer barrier j-pop.

I don't know about that.

I see you're full of confidence. Just try, and you'll see. I wouldn't mind seeing the look of despair on your faces. Go ahead and die!

Kagura round 2! As she said and as you can see, she has a barrier. Usually, this would be a great issue.

However, we have BLUE SKY CALAMITY, which will allow us to TEAR APART A UNIFIED WORLD which basically means we'll use it two or three times in plot fights to break barriers.

After we break the barrier the fight is literally no different except for higher numbers.

Fuck yoooou.

I wasn't just going to wait for you!


In that case, it will be useful to keep this one alive.

That happened.


Amazing! You really destroyed the barrier.

Yes. I can't believe it!

Yes! We can win! We can defeat Naraku.

But, now Naraku knows that we can break his barrier.

So what? Since there'll be no more barrier, it'll be easy to get to Naraku.

Inuyasha do you know what series you're in?

Yes! Then, let's go find Naraku!

Ah boy this place is rough.

The castle is back, with less bugs and less bullshit and it's a lot shorter. We also have to take a different route through it because there's rubble in the halls. It's still not interesting.

We can eventually reach the garden, which is a new place and also not entirely where we're supposed to be right now, but we save time this way.

What is it? Oh, a flower! It's beautiful!

Beautiful? Yes, but it's not only that. It's called a Pyrethrum. The smoke that comes from burning it has the ability to kill insects.

Pyrethrum is more a genus of flowers rather than a single specimen, but some crysanthemums in the genus can be used to make a pesticide also called pyrethrum, so uh, that's on the level.

Does it work on demons?

Probably on demon insects. But it takes a while for the flower to burn, so it won't work on someone that moves quickly.

I see. It might come in handy. We should take it with us.

Good thing there are no bugs here.

A little bit in, what's this?

Toki?! Not that Toki?!

Oh no, Dethklok is down a guitar!


I guess she wasn't able to escape.

I hope that's not the case.

Maybe it fell out of her pocket when she was running away.

Either way, we need to get Naraku.

Yes, for Toki's sake, we need to bring him down.


Oh no! It's the Saimyosho!

There's so many of them!

We have to get off this road. Naraku might find us if we continue this way.

But because we have the stinky flower...

I know! If we use this, we might be able to do something about the Saimyosho.

Hey, it's that flower. What are you gonna to do with it? [sic]

The Pyrethrum? The Saimyosho are insects so we might as well give it a try.

Yes, let's try it Sango.

What's wrong, Inuyasha?

What a terrible smell!

Sorry, Inuyasha. Hang in there.

Inuyasha really has a sensitive nose, doesn't he?

Yes, his sense of smell is very sensitive.


It looks like it's working!

Great! Now we can get going again.

As Jason from Power Rangers would say, back to action!


They're all over the place.

Yes, they're headed this way.

Miroku, have you ever said anything that actually added to a conversation?

If they're after us...


That red armor...are they the samurai that helped us?



Yes, it is them.

But, they all died.

They got better.

Yes, they are dead. But some kind of power is making them move.


This isn't good. They're aware of us. There's a whole bunch of them.

Yeah they can see us.

We'll be surrounded.

All we can do is fight!

No! We can't do that! Those guys helped us before!

No arguments! We'll be cornered if we stay like this!


The corpses can smell our vitality. We need to separate, then they won't come after us!

You're right. They seem to be moving pretty slow.

Okay, I'll stop them. The rest of you go!

But, Inuyasha...

I'll be right behind you.

If we get separated, everybody meet in front of the Castle Tower.


Miroku said we should meet in front of the castle tower if we got separated.


Nobody's around!


Also, you can get into random battles alone, I'd advise against it since Anime is useless by herself.

Fuck, not again!

Please, don't come near me! Don't!


Huh, what?

Oh, a Homestuck!

That guy just killed those dudes!

But...they were the ones that helped me.

We'll find out who they are next time.