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Part 21: Anime Kururugi Plays the Drum

I could definitely use a break after all that castle nonsense.

It looks so lively and fun!

If it's festival time, then the ladies are probably all dressed up! I can't wait!


Hey, everybody, come look!

Uugaaah. Why are you guys getting distracted by the festival? What happened to looking for Naraku?

It's okay every once in a while. Humans need to rest.

Now that Miroku wants to do it, I'm with Inuyasha, let's keep going.

Yeah, Inuyasha. I'm a demon but I still need a breather!

I guess you guys can't help it. Let's go take a look.

No matter what Inuyasha says, I can tell he's interested in the festival too.


Oh Densuke.

Densuke: They were all being so unreasonable, I didn't know what to do.

What's wrong?

Densuke: Today is the annual festival drum competition. But the opposing team couldn't make it, so we canceled it. But everybody was really looking forward to it, so they won't accept the fact that it was canceled. That's why I was surrounded by everyone.

Oh so it's just Twitter.

Densuke: Hey, wait a second. There's just the right number of you. Will you join us in the drum competition?

What! Us?

Well that sounds fun! Much more fun than just watching.

Drums, huh? I haven't played since I was little, but I'm sure we can figure it out.

And everybody is really looking forward to that part of the festival. Let's give it a try!

Okay, let's do it!

Densuke: Ohhh! Thank you! The villagers will be so happy! In the drum competition there are 5 people on each side. Please cheer on your friends.

Densuke: So, the drump competition will be 5 against 5. A person from each team will compete against the other on the drum to see who is the best. Whichever team has the most wins is the winning team! And now for our first pair!

You can do it, Inuyasha!

Leave it to me!

Oh he's real bad folks, this is gonna be a video.

Inuyasha, drum softer!

Oh this is better.

Densuke: The winner is...our last minute contestant!

Did you see that? Now that's how it's done!

Densuke: Now for the next match! Okay, drum!

Everybody sucks at this!

Kagome doesn't have enough strength and the beat is too soft. So...

Kagome! Put your back into it!

Densuke: The winner is...our last minute contestant!

Yeah! I can't believe it!

Densuke: Now for the 3rd match! Start!

You're too small! Why couldn't I have done this?

Shippo is so small, he can't play the drum very well. So...

Shippo, be more lively!

Densuke: The winner is...our last minute contestant!

See! I won!

Densuke: Now for the 4th match! Start!


Miroku sounds flat and frail. How can he add some flavor to his beat?

Did I mention there's like nothing pointing you to any of these choices? Like it's kinda trial and error.

Miroku, drum harder!

Densuke: The winner is...our last minute contestant!

Well, of course! I knew I would.

Fuck off.

Densuke: And now for our last match! Drum!

Girl, you're even quieter than Kagome!

Sango is good, but she can do better.

Well, Anime is biased.

Sango, move your body!

Densuke: The winner is...our last minute contestant!

That was a good sweat!



It's because of your cheering!

Yes! If you hadn't been here, we wouldn't have been able to do it.

No, it was because you all played the drums so well!

Densuke: We have prizes from the village for all the winners!

Hey, maybe we'll do something with these.

What is it? What is it?

We did it, everyone!

I'm glad we won, but most of all I'm glad we got to have fun together!

It's been a while since we've had so much fun!

It's good to do this every once in a while.

That was fun! I won't forget everyone's smiles!

Well, that was a fun diversion. Next time, dogs.


Everyone is bad at drumming