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Part 22: Anime Kururugi: Hungry Like the Wolf

Let's see what's up with Kasumi's sister.


What is it, Inuyasha?

Nothing's happened, there's just a terrible smell coming from over there.


I can't smell anything.

Inuyasha's sense of smell is superior to a human's

I see. Well, let's go find out what that smell is.

This place seems nice and not stinky.

ああ, もちろん.

I feel like puking.

I mean, it's just garlic.

Kyusuke: Ha ha ha. Of course, of course.

Is that garlic?

Can I get a clove or two?

Kyusuke: Yup. As stinky as it is, it's very nutritional. You guys wanna take one with you?

Yes please I love garlic.

Uh. Not today thanks. Ha ha.

Fuck off.

Kyusuke: That's too bad.


The smell got to him.

It must be tough having such a strong sense of smell, huh, Inuyasha?

Moving on, we encounter a shop.

Ryuuzo: Hey, traveler. You got a good eye to pick that out of everything.

A good eye? What does that mean?

Is this guy tryin' to pick a fight?

No. He's saying you chose well.

Oh! These big shoes?

Yeah I got them YEEZYS

Ryuuzo: They're called snowshoes. With these shoes, no matter how much snow there is, you can walk without sinking.

I learned about them in school.

Are snowshoes really that alien a concept

Ryuuzo: How about it? You want them, don't you? If you buy them now, I'll give you a good deal.

We don't need them.

Ichi: See, I told you not to buy those from the peddler. They're just in the way now.

Ryuuzo: I'm no good at this. Mmm...

I kinda feel sorry for him.

Ichi: If you need a place to stay, you can stay at our inn. It's not much, but you're very welcome.

Yeh sure.

Ichi: You're staying? Then come this way. It's this way. Make yourselves comfortable.

Do I really need to lay out the rest of it? We're going with Sango.

Shut up Miroku.

God, we EXPLICITY set up a hangout.

She went towards the field.

Thanks. I'll go see.

But, she looks so beautiful!

Pretty girl

Beautiful, no?


This is my favorite field of flowers. What do you think?

Yes, it's beautiful.

Pretty girl!

Why do you look so spaced out?

It's so beautiful, I feel like it's taken my soul away. I didn't realize Sango was so very beautiful.


What's that all about? doesn't sound like you. Ha ha ha. What's up? Still spaced out?

Ha ha ha...Am I?

I don't care what shit this game tries to pull later, there was no heterosexual explanation for that scene.

We're up and we're heading deeper into the woods past the village.

There's mud, we can't go there.

Wolves? That means...


Yeah, scrawny wolves.

Small puppies.

Scrawny wolves?

Took a moment after this to change up the order a bit and have bae follow us.

If you go south, you head to what's basically Lost Woods. Don't get lost in it like I did for like 15 minutes before I realized we're not supposed to be here.

North is where we wanna go. Hey look, a shiny.



Wolf Demons. Is this your first time meeting them?



Hey Kooooooooooooga.

You think you can do what you did and I'll just forget about it?

What? But, I've never met you before!

Don't pretend that nothing happened. I never forget a face. It's payback time for attacking my friends everyday!

Ah dangit it's probably that fool from Kasasagi! Remember that?

Attack? I never did anything like it!

Wait, Koga. This kid has been with us the whole time.

Move, Kagome. I'll lose face if I let her go.

My portrait tags for Koga and Kagome are almost identical and this is a fuckin' minefield.

I don't think he's going to listen to what we have to say.

Interesting. Now we'll get to see who's stronger.

We have to stop them.

Damn, you don't give up.

I really don't know you. Please listen to me.

Shut up! I'll kill you whatever way I can.

No matter what you say, I can't listen to you.

Until we can prove to you that this kid isn't guilty, take me as your hostage.

Wait no Kagome.



Whatever you want.

Really! That means you'll become my girl.

Who does he think he is? That can't happen.

Kagome. You...

Alright, it's decided. Everyone, retreat!

So Kagome's gone now.

Damn it. Wait!

Good bye, mutt. You can turn and run now.


Damn. We need to go after them.

Then what's the use of her becoming a hostage?

Yes, I know, but...

First we should seatch the forest. According to Koga, they're being attacked every day. We may be able to find some clues.

And find clues we will next time!