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Inuyasha: Secret of the Cursed Mask

by Waffleman_

Part 23: Anime Kururugi Solves a Mystery

Whenever there's a crime or trouble
That no one can solve at all it seems

That's when they come in on the double
Anime and Sango Mysteries~

Oh shit a dude.

Is that a wolf-demon?

Why is he on the ground?

I think you'll find that most of us are technically on the ground.

Miroku, let me teach you about gravity.

Be careful. It could be a trick.

God, big mood.

I guess we can't just leave him here.

Yes, we should at least try to mend his wounds.

It looks like he's waking up! Are you okay?

How are you gentlemen.

Wait a second!

He's afraid.

It's okay.

W-Demon: Don't come near me. Don't pretend nothing happened and try to attack me again.

What? I didn't do anything to you!

What's going on?

Something's really weird.




Koga was saying the same things.


W-Demon: You're lying. You came to finish what you started a little while ago.

A little while ago?

W-Demon: You were just attacking us! You attack us every day. Be prepared. Koga won't forgive you for what you've done.

But we just got here.

And Koga and his men are going after you.

So, I'm being falsely accused.

It seems that way.

That's America.

Wolf, please, let me heal your wounds. You don't have to believe me, but this medicine works.

W-Demon: You're...


W-Demon: You're like the person that's been attacking us, but your scent and aura are different.

That's what we've been trying to say all along.

Shut up no you haven't.

W-Demon: S-Sorry.

That's okay. I'm just glad you've realized someone is pretending to be me.

Now all we have to do is clear up Koga's misunderstanding.

W-Demon: Well, I'll take care of it and talk to Koga.


W-Demon: Yes, in return for helping me. Well, I should get back to Koga. I'll see you later.

Oh lord he zoom.

Hey wait a minute! He's gone.

But he should let Kagome go now.

We should find out where Koga is.


And down into the lost woods we go.

Oh no!

W-Demon: Run away!

Hey wait!

Follow those dogs!

A few minutes later, we get here.

W-Demon: Run away!

Wait! They ran away again!

As soon as they see you, those Wolf-Demons run away.

Third verse same as the first two.

Whoever is pretending to be you is doing some really awful things to them.

Damn it! Let's just catch one of them and make them tell us where Koga's lair is.

That wouldn't be right. Then we'll really become the bad guys.

Watch the fuck out people, we got some Spec Ops shit going on.

I know how you feel, but we have to be patient.


Oh yeah! Can't you catch their scent?

Do you mean the Wolf-Demons' scent?

Yes. The wolf-demons have quick feet, so they can run away quickly. But if we trace their scent, then we can follow that to where they are.

Yes. The Wolf-Demons must have a lair somewhere nearby.

If there's a lair, then Kagome must be there too.

I see. How about it, Inuyasha?

Well, I'll give it a try.

The screen fades for a second.

Can't you smell anything?

The scent is too faint. If it was stronger...

He needs a stronger scent, huh. I wonder if there's anything we can use.

Let's regroup at the village.

Huh? I don't smell anything.

There's no mistake. It's that same smell. I feel sick just remembering the smell.

Are you talking about the garlic?

But the garlic field is pretty far from here.


That's definitely garlic, no doubt about it.

Hmmm....If he can smell the garlic this far away, we can use it to find the Wolf-Demons.

Good idea. If we can get some garlic on to one of the, Inuyasha can follow the scent even if he runs away.

It's worth trying.

Back we go.

This is also traditionally around the time in any playthrough of the game where I take my surplus of money and buy a buuuuuuuuunch of healing items I won't need. There's like 5 or 6 stores in the entire game, money builds up.

That's not the reason, but could you please give me the strongest smelling one?!

Kyusuke: Take whichever one you like.

Inuyasha doesn't look so good.

Well, he'll look even worse when we put our plan into motion next time.