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by Waffleman_

Part 24: Anime Kururugi with Extra Garlic

Hey guys.

You guys are going to take us to Koga!

Throw the garlic at them. Now!

Farfetch'd, I choose you!

W-Demon: What's that smell? I can't stand it. Ugh!

Sorry, me.

They run off.

Now, Inuyasha! Follow the scent! Inuyasha?

Ugg...I can't. I'm gonna die.

The smell got him again. You're such a mess.

Shut up, Shippo! I'll get you later. Uuggg...

You poor thing.

Ughhh...Like you care.

You can do it, Inuyasha. Aren't you worried about Kagome?

I need to find her quickly and give her a piece of my mind.

I think he is worried about Kagome!

Shut up! Oh! It's this way!

You can do it Inuyasha!

And off we go!

And on we stop!

The smell around here is really faint.

Isn't it this way, Inuyasha?


What is is, Sango?

The Squid beefed it...

There's a swamp!

Too late.

I'm covered in mud.


It's not your fault.

This is bad. You need to change right away.

Change my clothes?

I love the implication that our clothes have been spotless til now.

We've got those pants from Grandma Kaede.

Another random literally translated family term.

Oh yeah. I hate being covered in mud, so I better change.

That was more than pants.




Now we just go through the woods for a bit and I'm going to cut it because it's boring.

I hope Kagome is okay.

Of course she's okay! Let's go!

It's two.

What an unforgivable thing to do.

I don't know who did this, but I think he's nearby.

W-Demon: Ahh, ahh...

Are you okay? Let me heal your wounds. Everyone! This one's still alive!

Oh good.

W-Demon: What did you do to my friend?!


W-Demon: This is terrible! I have to tell Koga.

Wait! We didn't do anything.

They run back into the cave.

They've mistaken us again.

No matter what, those Wolf-Demons will think that we attacked them.

I can smell the scent of Wolf-Demons around here. Kagome must be near here too. We can't waste anymore time. Let's go!

Hey girl.

Are you alright, Kagome?

You're not trying to take Kagome away without me knowing, are you?

What? You wanna fight, you mangy wolf?

Hey mutt, should I knock you down as well?!

There's that Wolf-Demon we helped.

W-Demon: Um, Koga...

Okay. No matter what your story is, it's not like I can believe you just like that.

W-Demon: You're right. And that girl looks exactly like the one that's attacking us.

You'll have to prove that she isn't the one that killed our friends. Or you can just hand her over to us.

You've already taken one girl today, what the fuck.


Why won't they believe me? But we can't leave Kagome like this.

Maybe if we let him vent, he'll chill out.

Okay. I'll listen to what you say, if you give Kagome back.

What are you saying? You can't do that!

So, you finally admit that you're the killer.

I did not say that.

No, but I can't leave Kagome here like this anymore.

Do you realize what you're saying?

I do. If you give Kagome back, you can do with me as you please.

Oh! Then, I'll kill you! Come over here!

Well this is kind of an anticlimactic end, but I hope you all enjoted the LP.

I guess we have to teach him a lesson.

You idiots don't know how to listen.

Is this how it's going to end up?

Hey, wait...

Idiot! You're not the only one in this fight.



What're you mumbling about? If you're on her side, mutt, then I'll kill you too!


What? What is it now?

I know I said you can do with me as you please, but I take it back.



I can't prove to you that I am not the killer.

Perfect persuasion.

How can I believe you?

W-Demon: She thinks she's so smart. Let's get her now!

W-Demon: I'll use my fangs to tear you apart!

Koga is doing this for his friends. But I can't die either, because I have friends that love me and will suffer if I do.

W-Demon: Um, Koga...

Friends, huh.


I see.

She's too much of a wimp.

W-Demon: Koga! Why all of the sudden?

W-Demon: Are you sure, Koga?

This silly girl couldn't possibly be the stealthy killer. The killer is someone else.

Thank you Koga, for understanding. So, can I go now?

Yes. I wanted you to stay longer, but...

She didn't do anything.

Hey mutt!

Whaddya want, you scrawny wolf?

Kagome is my girl! You can have her back for now, but you better not touch her.


Who does this mangy wolf think he is?

Shut up! Kagome needs a man like me.

That goes on for a few more lines until Anime interrupts, and I'm gonna skip them because I've just made the executive decision that if I don't start summarizing the more pointless dialogue, I'm gonna go insane.


I'll help. Let's find the killer quickly.

But how do we find the killer?

Can you think of anywhere nearby, where the killer might be?

If I knew that, I wouldn't have come after you!

I guess not. Hey, can anybody else remember anything?

W-Demon: We've looked in every possible place.

W-Demon: Yes, that's right.

Anime comes to the brilliant realization that since the killer is here, they must be close. Koga gets an idea and the wolves head off.

Let's follow him!

Inuyasha and Koga argue a bit more and I die a bit inside.

Also it turns out the only area they haven't checked is the big fuckin' swamp.

Inuyasha falls in like we did.

You, stop laughing!

It's no use.

Unless we can find a way to not sink in the mud, we can't go on.


Fortunately, I know a way!

...I think. I'm not sure if this will work.

It was like a minute.

With these, we can walk without sinking.

Now, we can avenge our friends!

Koga rushes off and we'll follow him next time.