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Inuyasha: Secret of the Cursed Mask

by Waffleman_

Part 25: Anime Kururugi Unmasked!

Happy Thanksgiving and belated anniversary! Here's an update I've been sleeping on getting put together due to RETAIL WORK.

Time for swamps.

The swamp is just a couple screens of swamp and a few random battles. You can kinda see where the roads are by the darker parts of the muck.

And on we go.

Oh, it's Utsugi, appearing for only the second time from 21 chapters ago.

That's Kagura and Utsugi!

Hey wait a minute hey wait a minute you weren't there.

Koga, are you okay?

Damn. They used a strange power...

What are you trying to say?

It's been a while. I guess you didn't fall for our tricks, since you're all here.

This whole plot has been your doing, hasn't it?

That's their own fault, for falling for our tricks.

I don't understand what you were intending to do.

That's what you think. Let's get 'em.

Boss time!

Kinda! As you can see, Utsugi here is gonna put up a barrier on him and Kagura.

Easy enough to take care of, and we only need to worry about Utsugi's. Kagura's just gonna do Dance of Blades and Utsugi just casts Shikigami.

And once we do enough damage to Utsugi, the battle just ends.

Damn, I missed!

Yeah RIP bro

Oh, it's the mask. Which I don't think is cursed and has no secrets.

Well, now there's not even a mask.


That's my face!

What is going on?

It's a sword.

Why are you so tedious?


They're trying to confuse us again. It's just a demon.

Just a demon, huh?

It's not working. We should leave for a while.

I'm still not entirely sure what your aim is here.


What happened?

A few more exclamations follow.

Who's that pulling my hand? Is that Inuyasha?

Let's get out of here now.

Oh no, Kagura is taking us away and not our good dumb friends.

This one is a bit more understandable since there were a lot of particulates in the air but again, Utsugi was significantly closer to Kagura than we were.

You had a hard time, didn't you?

Kagura thinks I'm Utsugi. Then, I'll pretend to be Utsugi. Yes.

Anyway, the Wolf-Demons aren't that big a deal. I thought I'd make it easier for myself by allowing them to fight with Inuyasha and then I'd take care of the rest of them.

Oh okay I guess.

I see. I hope she doesn't find me out!

You're sure covered in mud. Whatever. I'm going back now.

But, what should I do now?

We're behind enemy lines, folks. We'll formulate a plan next time.