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Part 27: Anime Kururugi Meets the Folks

Shopping list:

Wild boar that lives in the mountains

So you'd fuckin' think that this plot important encounter would just be here but noooooooooooo, we gotta wait for it to randomly happen like some SHMUCK.

And our battle model is still the same as always, whether they couldn't change it within the confines of the engine or they didn't feel like doing it for one fight.

It's a fuckin' pig, how do you think the fight goes?

I see, so this is wild boar meat.

Of course it is. We're in the mountains.

I should get back. Rin is waiting for me.

Where did she go?

Good job, Utsugi!

So they got Rin already. That sucks. Oh well, it's time to go back to the castle. Nothing much else to say except at one point Kagura refers to the castle as Naraku's house which tickles me.

Wait here until Naraku calls you.


I wanna see what Naraku's got in his room.


Hey egg sac, could ya cut it out, there's kids present.

Who are you?


So yeah, here's Kanna, one of Naraku's incarnations. She's really only here because she was around in the dub of the anime at this time. She'll have a couple appearances shortly after this and just fuck off forever.

She's got a mirror, and she uses it to steal souls, and Anime's getting some bad vibes from it.

It will be born soon?

Be born? The thing inside the cocoon?

Nobody can stop it.

We will stop it with ease.

I don't understand what's going on, but I'm scared of the cocoon and that girl.


What are you talking about? Why is your face the same as mine?

An artist really only has so many character designs in them, yo. Rumiko's served her nickel, give her a break.

There's no value in our faces looking the same.

Anime asks Utsugi if she knows how to get her home and Utsugi...

...challenges us!

Doesn't go well.

Great, now the gig's REALLY up.

Is this the girl you were talking about?


I see. Definitely a descendent[sp] of yours.



They seem to suggest that Naraku brought us here for Utsugi, but to what end?

They also put us in jail. And somehow have our old clothes for us.

Utsugi also tells us that there's a barrier keeping us in and that we need to wreck that big rock in the courtyard to get out so thanks for the tip.

Anyway, Mayor Pete here is hungry. Might be useful info.

Good thing I still have this wild boar meat. Mountain to plate.

I smell something good! That meat smells pretty tasty!

No! It's mine!

What did you say? Give it to me! Aaah!

How's that working for you?


We tell Rin she's gotta get outta here and she follows us.

Worth a shot. We leave Rin behind for some reason and head off.

Ba-boom, fuck you. We're about to head back, when...

Don't move, they can't see anything standing still.

They talk about how both Sesshomaru AND Inuyasha are heading to the castle and I'm still not entirely sure what their endgame with Sesshomaru is. I kill him? I don't think Sesshomaru was ever that interested in Naraku, at least not at this point.

Inuyasha and Sesshomaru are here? What should I do? Inuyasha must be looking for me. But what about Rin? And I'm concerned about Sesshomaru too.

At this point, we're given the choice to go to Inuyasha or Sesshomaru. This is a big turning point for the secret Sesshomaru route and I honestly don't know what happens when you go for him. It's honestly a surprisingly big blind spot I have with this game.

There's no barrier here. Maybe I can get out.

Unfortunately, I can't allow you to go any further.

I know Naraku is just ahead. If you get in my way, you'll be sorry!

The boy!

Where have you been?

You're supposed to be in your cell.

You're supposed to be....dumb.

Little trash talk happens and Kagura just bolts. Oh well, we're back with the fam!

And Miroku.

We were so worried cuz you disappeared so suddenly, but I'm glad you're safe.

I'm sorry. A lot has happened since then.

Well, that doesn't matter now. That barrier sure was strong, though.


Yes. When we entered the barrier, you disappeared. We were really worried.

Wait, we've been gone for like 4 months.

Wait! But I got separated from you in the Wolf-Demon forest.

After we fought with Utsugi, you brought us here.

I know she looks like me, but didn't you get sus when our voices were different?

Come to think of it, ever since we left the Wolf-Demon forest, you've been acting really strange.

It's Utsugi, y'all.

Come to think of it, you and Utsugi look very similar.

Yes, Utsugi is my ancestor.

Your ancestor?!!

We hem and haw a bit about that, and get right back to business.

Sesshomaru! I'm sorry, but I don't have time to talk with you.


They both do cool guy shit before we come along

There's some boring back and forth and Naraku farts at us.

After this, he and Sesshomaru get the heck out. Cool.

Oh hey Rin's safe that's nice.

The party is all finally back together, and we'll bust outta here next time.

I'm also basically done with this one fuckin' recording it's been 4 months aaaaaa