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Part 28: Anime Kururugi Gets Friendzoned

Alright, let's get the hell out of here.

Ah beans.

It's you, Utsugi!

I can't believe this is your ancestor.

But, this one's working with Naraku, so we can't just ignore the situation.

Alright, let's fight her!

Wait, Inuyasha.

We're just about to fight her when Kagome brings up a...pretty salient point:

If we kill Utsugi, you will disappear too.

The Back to the Future problem, yeah.

Utsugi thankfully doesn't really wanna fight us today. Hey lady, you had a kid yet?

Inuyasha still wants to fight, but Kagome has to actually explain how lineage works to us. I mean, we're not sure that's EXACTLY how it'll work, but we do not want to risk it.

Well, Naraku should have the answers.

Oh no the cocoon! fools! Did you come to die? You're just in time to see my new incarnation come to life!

Oh man, a new incarnation of Naraku is a big deal. This game could make its mark on the canon with a character joining the likes of Kagura, Kanna, let's see...Goshinki? K-Kageromaru? I remember the baby....the fuck's a Byakuya?

Whatever, I'm sure this is gonna be a cool and compelling character.

Or it could just be a skellyman.


His neck!


Oh, it's a puppet! Now it's REALLY Inuyasha.

Now it's time for a fight!

Fuck off.

I think Naraku planned to get rid of us and Sesshomaru all at once.

Still don't know WHY.

But I guess we'll get Naraku next time.

But, I wonder where Naraku has escaped to.

Let's just go home to Kaede. I feel like it's been half a year since we've been there.

I dunno, let's just go to bed.

Ah, it's time to spend some time with our best friend Sango. Yep, just gals being pals.

This is actually the final interval event of the game! We've basically locked in our relationship with Sango and we'll be seeing more of what that means later in this very update.

Yes. It's been a while since I've stared at the sky for so long.

Come with me for a little while. You too, Kirara.

We're always going after demons, so it's good to relax sometimes.

Yes, this is great! Thank you, Sango! But, we're not too heavy for Kirara?

It's fine. Kirara says she's happy to fly freely again. It's been a long time. Right, Kirara?

I didn't realize Sango could smile so much! But I guess, she's about my age.

Gears are turning in this poor girl's head.

Sango, even if I get to go back to my world, I will never forget this day.

What? I can't hear you that well because of the wind.

I won't forget about you, Sango! I promise!

What are you saying? That's a given.

Aaah this poor mess of a girl.

The next day...

Perhaps the traveller knows something.

Kakuju! Let's go find grampa!


Where is Naraku? I haven't heard anything. The last time I was in Minamo village, I heard that many of the villagers had been spirited away. The villagers didn't know what to do.

Welp, a lead's a lead, I guess. To Minamo Village.

Looks like we'll be able to sleep in a bed for the first time in ages.

Don't....don't acknowledge the in-universe time that passes when traveling through the world map. It makes things weird.

In fact, we're hemming and hawing about being out for so long a lot for having done it several times.

It's still up in the air whether or not we'll stay the night. But I like the thought of having a bath.

Anime laments the lack of shampoo, which yeah, shit, we've probably been using soap for our hair if that, huh?

Shampoo? You mean that odd-smelling lotion? I'd rather stay away from it. Soap's good enough for my hair.

Oh baby baby you're lucky Anime is so in love.

Your hair's so gorgeous, Sango, it's hard to believe you wash it with soap.


fuck off

It's nice having friends like this. Come to think of it, I haven't had friends that I could talk to like this, until now.

Is this a dril tweet.

Well, either way, the rest of the gang does their gimmicks and seem to be having a good time.

Huh? What is this feeling?

This dialogue is accompanied by a small chime.

Well, whatever. Let's go check things out.


He just....talks about women getting spirited away. Let's not humor this man.

fuck off

I don't think you'd have to stay at an inn to know if there's one in your very small town but.

Well, I guess this was a dead end. On to the next village.

Wait? Doesn't that house over there look like an inn?

Everyone says that it is and we should check it out.

Especially before Inuyasha raises a fuss.

Another chime.

Everyone's getting along so well, just like always. So, why do I feel so upset?

This is where the relationship aspect comes to a head. If we were on a romantic line, we'd be getting jealous at one of the two Designated Couples in the party.

But also we have to go all the way to the other side of the village because we haven't flagged the inn to open JUST YET.

Phew! Finally, we can take a bath.



You don't feel well, do you?

Why'd you ask that all of a sudden? I'm totally fine.

Kagome detects a fever and we get another chime.

I didn't even notice. And I was right next to Sango.

Well now back to the inn.

We get a big room for all of us and Sango gotta lay down.

It's not the perfect 3.5 tatami room, though. Trash, not a rose-colored campus life.

I'm sorry everyone. I hope you don't get my cold.

Kagome offers to take care of her, but Anime wants to do it, of course. We offer to get some water so we can at least put a cold cloth on her head.

Once we're out of the room, the rest of the party's broiled in conversation, but the important thing is...

Yeah, when we're camping someone always needs to stay on watch.

Why don't we tell stories?

And general good times.

A chime.

I don't fit in. They don't need me to have fun.

Remember when our friend was telling us about all our classmates who had boyfriends? They didn't tell us they had boyfriends! What do you mean there was a more obvious reading of that scene? Nah.

Even if I wasn't here...

Am I the only one that thought we were friends?

This feels a bit contrived, to be honest.

I've got a lump in my throat and it won't go away.

Sango offers a bath and we offer to go get some herbs for it. There's some at the edge of the village, so let's go!

"But you're such a tomboy!"

"Don't laugh at me! You're the only one that I can talk to about these kind of things."

"I'm not laughing! We're best friends, aren't we?"

Wow it's weird that all these friendship things also involve romance of a sort. Not relevant to us, though, we're not in love with anyone.

"I'm so happy! Because I have a friend who I can talk with about anything."

Fuck you too.

Like, seriously. Am I the only one who thinks this is suddenly way out of what little character Anime has? We seemed to get along pretty damn well with everyone.

On some level, I understand the need for a platonic option, there being Shippo and it being 2004. But it's so clumsily implemented.

So here, we get confronted by our relationship character. If we were in love, they'd straight come on to us, with a couple special pictures.

Tell me. Aren't we friends?

But we're not in love, so we get the same "ARE WE FRIENDS" stuff.

Get serious. Of course we're friends.


Ha ha ha! You fell for it! Honestly, women are such pathetic fools!


Dangit, it's all a setup by a demon. This is why people have been Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi! And now he's going to eat me! Oh my gooooooooooooooo

Yay, it's the real Sango!

You think I could just sit around doing nothing when there's nothing wrong with me?

I won't forgive you for this! Ever!

Boy, if you come into this fight with Shippo as your partner, I bet that'd be a rough time.

Sango's not sick anymore and we didn't win Best Animated Feature at the 75th Academy Awards, so everyone's fine.

Aw crap, now everyone else is here in this very vulnerable moment.

Well, at least they were worried about us.

I didn't think about anyone but myself. Yet everyone's been worried about me so much. I'm sorry everyone!

Wait, were you goin'?! We need a protagonist!

You said it, not me. I guess we'll have to follow her next time.

Happy Valentine's Day.