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Part 29: Anime Kururugi Doesn't Really Solve Her Problems But We Still Love Her

From now on I have to look for a way to get back to my world on my own. First, I need to look for a place to stay tonight.

Well, we wanged everything up.

Ah beans.

I was waiting for you.

Utsugi wants our soul and

we kinda need that.


What?! That arrow?!



Huh? A priestess?

Nah, I don't think Anime's THAT dumb. She knows this is a different people.

So yes, it's Kikyo! Priestess, Kaede's sister, former lover to Inuyasha, preincarnation of Kagome, and now she's just kinda a walking corpse.

She's also enough to get these two assholes to fuck off.

And she took us to her house.


Beautiful? That's a weird thing to say.

Take the compliment.

There are villagers here?

Oh no this is some Kanna bullshit.

Let's get outta here!

Well, we're safe now, I guess.

That light that you thought was beautiful. It is the souls of people who have died. I am collecting souls. Something that normal people wouldn't find a use for.

Just a note, at this moment while I'm writing this update, they announced Inuyasha Funko Pops and I'm upset okay back to the game.

Kikyo tells us to get outta here but nah, she's cool.

You can't blame me. You're a nice person. A nice person...

Maybe we can be a nice person even though we weren't doing anything wrong...

Hmmm. They've caught up to us already!

Did we?

Anime takes the opportunity to explain what her deal is and hey we both wanna kill Naraku.

Kikyo also reinforces how dumb we were being by running away. But we still like our friends, so..

Then you have nothing to worry about. Stop feeling remorseful, and be true to your own feelings. When you find the answer in your hear, no one will be able to blame you for anything.

Ah fuck they caught up.

They're about to end it when...

Someone's coming.

They fuck off, but why?

The thing that got in their way is the same thing that you are troubled about.


Kikyo and Inuyasha past relationship at each other, she leaves, and we head back to the inn.

No reason, get off my back, gosh.

Kagome gets jealous and goes for a walk, with Inuyasha going after.

We get the chance to talk to the others about Kikyo and they say what I did up there, they liked each other, Naraku did shit, Kagome reincarnation.

Yeah, sucks man. Torn between two girls.

Kagome talks to us about her feelings for Inuyasha and Kikyo and all that and it's very weird that we never really resolved our own plotline we started, huh? Anyway, none of this is relevant to the game as is and she goes off.

Anime please stop pretending this is still about you.

Shippo's all afuss because Utsugi is going to kill Kikyo for some reason. Which he knows somehow. Ah well, back to the shitty ghost village.

Kikyo! Aw beans, they still want my soul.

A saimyosho comes in and it's time for Utsugi to bounce.

Do you know how to say anything else?

Oh hey guys, you wanna beat up a little girl?

Another boss battle. Kanna is one of like maybe two fights in the entire game that requires a modicum of strategy.

Every so often, Kanna will raise her mirror and you don't wanna hit her or else she'll turn it back on you and hurt you bad.

That's it, it's really not that hard.

Hooray, we beat up a child. Kanna's not in the game anymore, good character.

Also we make a halfhearted attempt to tie up Anime's issues whatever.

Kikyo and Inuyasha also do their thing which doesn't matter because this is the last time in the game these two are onscreen together.

This is the important shit. We have our next lead!

Oh also I forgot.


As we exit the village, we talk about how we have to go to Shiyosai Village and get a boat to Asagiri and some useless fucking dialogue happens about

Fuckin'....shut up.

We're just gonna ignore all the question marks now. None of it matters. Next time, we go on an Animal Crossing New Horizons.