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Inuyasha: Secret of the Cursed Mask

by Waffleman_

Part 30: Anime Kururugi Saves the Day, Part 1

Well, time to get a boat.

Unfortunately, none of the fishermen here will go to Asagiri Island. It's too spooky. But there

It's this guy.

Sh-Shippo....what? We....we're explicitly trying to go get Naraku....have you been paying attention?

We ask about the island and the dude just makes a noise so Inuyasha literally threatens him with his sword.

Ah sweet.

Wow, this island is surprisingly bright for being foreboding and on the horizon in a dark foggy port town.

Also Inuyasha almost fucked things up on the way there it's not funny this game is never funny.

Hey, a boat! Is someone else here too?

If there's another boat here, there must be someone else here too. But, I wonder who?

You see why I'm abridging this shit now?

Inuyasha smells the boat and it's Kikyo's scent, which....I don't think makes sense with the nature of Kikyo as she exists now? I dunno.

Ah geez, I'm lost already.

Ah geez.

I wandered for about 20 minutes. Here's a demon.

Who are you?

I wonder if it's because of this guy that there aren't any people on the island.

Yeah no it's not the tens of demons we just fought for half an hour. It's this fuckin' trash mob nobody.

But, he's not very big.

The demon takes umbrage to being called small which is a hilarious quirk of its....chaaaaaracter? It asks us not to, which, hey, reasonable enough request.

Kagome what the fuck

Inuyasha rightly figures our time is being wasted and makes to leave.

So uh....this boy planted explosives in the ground. Somehow. And has the fuse.

This is obviously bad.

I mean yeah I guess.

F. Demon: So you won't say I'm small anymore?

I won't, I won't! I won't ever say you're small again!

F. Demon: Aaaa. You said I'm small! You said it!

Oh no, I did.


Well, RIP.

Just kidding.

Well it's just you and me, Sango.

Sango!! Hang on! Don't die! Don't...!

Good news we're all fine.

Well, Sango's a bit tender, but hey, considering we got blown up, I'll take it.

Bad news it's the dinguses.

Run away.

What about you, though?

If you're alone, you'll be able to run away.

Um, no. We're gonna stay because we ARE FRIENDS WITH you.

Hey idiots, here we are!

Oh thank God, Kikyo. I did not actually have an exit strategy.

The two bolt because I guess Kikyo is too strong.

I didn't come here to help you.

Sango, are you okay?

I'm not okay. If you had died, my getting hurt would have been for nothing.

It was dumb, but we're FRIENDS.

Kikyo has medicine and helps Sango get back to health.

I really look bad now.

That's not true at all!

Since you've already seen me fail, can I say something else?


I'm really happy that you stayed, Anime. When I said you should run away, I was actually really scared.

Sango...The reason I've been able to hang in there till now is because of you.


When I came into this world I felt so lonely and afraid. But you've helped me this whole time.

Me too. Up until now I've had many bad things and sad things happen...but I am grateful that I have been able to make such a close friend, which whom I can talk about anything.

Friends? Yes, you're right.

You can see the exact moment her heart breaks.

Oh hey guys I'm fine I'm just fine.

Alright, we're back, we're okay.


Utsugi! Kagura! I'm gonna destroy you this time!

Inuyasha they're gone, settle down.

Let's...just follow them.

That's weird because there's definitely no other way they could have gone, not over the rocks or through the grass.

Nowhere else to go.

Does that mean they flew away?

Anime with a reasonable suggestion for once.

Or a secret passage. Let's head in.

This lovely cave is accompanied by what sounds like the lovely screams of the damned.

And those screams of the damned are where we leave off this part. Tune in later today to see the exciting conclusion.