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Inuyasha: Secret of the Cursed Mask

by Waffleman_

Part 31: Anime Kururugi Saves the Day, Part 2

Where were we? Right, Hell cave.


Kagome wonders why Kohaku is here and Kagome...come on.

He also attacks us which seems rude.

Kohaku...I can't let you kill my friends. Then I must...

No, you can't, Sango!

Sango does some power of family at Kohaku and

He gets a headache.

M. Demon: Damn. You're useless.

Another trash mob in a fart cloud masquerading as an important or worthwhile character appears. It tells us Kohaku was breaking free of Naraku's control or whatever.

We kill it. Whatever.

Again, Kohaku's coming back to us but we gotta kill Naraku.

Alright, let's get the fuck on with it already.

Ah fuck.

Ah fuck.

It's this fucking guy again and I'm gonna spare you more of the garbage Abbot and Costello bullshit. There's explosives and he's about to light them, but

Kagura? Well, she bolts so I guess...

Time to die.

It wasn't hard!

Why did Kagura help us, though?

Ah, who cares, we're locked in a room with a bunch of explosives!

Never mind door's open.

Inuyasha tries to do more bad jokes by arguing with Mirkou and Anime encapsulates my thoughts.

That's a lot of big head demons.

Wait how are you here how do you know.

Oh okay I get it now.

They reuse her battle cry for Dance of the Dead for like no reason and it feels so weird.

Also so Kagura wants to help us.

And there's a secret door in the middle of these corpses.

Okay so if you know the series, you probably know what's going on. Kagura doesn't like Naraku anymore, wants to be her own girlboss, Naraku has her heart, she wants to help us kill him so she can be independent.

How's the weather up there?

Shippo are you okay? I'm concerned.

Inuyasha's had enough of this bullshit and uses one of his most basic attacks on an enemy in a much stronger form than we've ever seen them.

It makes him fart so much we can't get close. Kagura's on the job.


Kagura gloats and Naraku's head disappears.

Foolish Kagura. You thought you could set me up.


Heck you expected?

Damn it! Where did Naraku go?

Ha ha ha. Can't you see me? I'm right in front of you!

Oh no, he's a sprite!


Inuyasha tries his basic attack again and there's a barrier, and this time we can't dispel it!

What does this mean?

That boy needs therapy.

Aw jeez, we're in trouble now, boys. It'd take some kind of....third party that's currently unaccounted for.



Kikyo shoots...

And scores!

But ah dang there goes Kikyo.

And there goes the jewel aw shit

His final form....

It's the final battle against Naraku! This one's actually maybe a bit tricky, but it's easy enough to keep healed up. Just be patient, give it all you got, and you can win.

Everyone gets their shot at Naraku and he swears he'll be back.

Man, we really won Inuyasha. That's wild.

Well, let's go home.

Bum bum bum!

That's right, the game's not over just yet. The third act begins next time. (The third act is incredibly short.)