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Jack Orlando

by corn in the bible

Part 5


Man from NIGHT'O'GLANIS stlong, but he no money. We give him money, he let us in.

It's the bar from the opening! Why wasn't Jack allowed back into the bar he clearly frequents? Who knows.

Bar music:

The woman has information on Jack's case, and is the reason we came here. But it would be a shame to skip everyone else's wonderful dialog...

Learn some manners, son.
Why the hell should I? Shut up and beat it.
Don't push me, or I'll shut that big mouth of yours.
You came in here.
Apparently, I had a reason for doin' that.
Your reason, your problem. I want nothing to do with it.

Who the hell do you think you are?
Is that enough?
Think you're a hard man, huh?
It's pretty obvious.
Just you wait. See if you're still grinning... when I come back with my uncle.

The bar is the only place in the game where the inhabitants can change; if you come by later, someone else will be drinking at the bar for Orlando to shout at. The woman, though, sticks around, since she is needed for the plot.

Hey, excuse me, I'll ask the questions.
I already heard about the vow of silence.
For five dollars we could share the secret.
You should always share your secrets, 'specially when five dollars is involved.

We give her our last bundle of money. Jack Orlando is now completely broke.

Then make me happy and answer a coupla questions for me.
I heard he's stayin at the Paradise. His name's Bellinger, August Bellinger.
Good girl, buy yourself some candy.
I love candy. 'Bye, sweetie.

The door in the back of the bar leads to the singer's dressing room. More loot!

Well, Jack Orlando has always wanted to be pretty...

Chocolate pudding with whipped cream.
You're in the wrong place, pal.
What's the difference? Pudding's pudding.
Man, Orlando, you just don't get it!
No, I'm just angry, that's all. So don't push me.

He's really mad about this pudding thing, I guess?

Take it easy, no need to get excited, huh?
None o' your damn business.

That's all there is to do in the bar, at least right now. Later on we'll deal with the Hotel Paradise thing, but there's something else we need to do first.

Wandering around the city, you may come across this abandoned building. There's no indication it's in any way special, and even if you do notice it you'll probably assume, in finest adventure game tradition, that you need a crowbar or some other bullshit item to get in. The solution is actually to punch the door, which lets Jack enter freely.

There are several rooms in here, as well as a staircase to the basement. The first thing to do is look for a baseball bat -- we need that to get the other item in here.

After that, we just need to find a hobo.

And I just found him!
Yeah, 'n' what are you waitin' for?
Yeah, think about it, or you'll be pushin' up the daisies.

This whole sequence of events was just to get some rope. It might seem harsh, but hobo dude had the only rope in the world so he had to die.

Rope in hand, Jack Orlando descends to the medieval catacombs in the basement. Yes.

This is such bullshit.

Why is there an abbey here? Why?

Most of these rooms are pointless, but it's important to press this switch on the way to the exit, since it's part of the trigger for a secret passage somewhere in the medieval abbey underneath New York City.

Jack seems unfazed by the situation.

Remember the manuscript we got from the Chinaman? Putting it on one of these bookshelves, combined with the switch in the previous room, opens a doorway next to the the "sfinx." How the hell did people get through here before Jack did? Maybe they all gave vases to a rose seller so they could trade a book to a racist stereotype, I don't know.

Another bullshit puzzle. Why don't you try to figure out the solution? There's also something we need to steal from here for a puzzle later on, so try to figure that out too.

That's the way life works.

The thing he picked up in the catacombs allows Jack access to the casino, but there's no reason to go there yet. Next update, we'll go deal with Mr. Bellinger and the Paradise Hotel.