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Jack Orlando

by corn in the bible

Part 7


Jack Orlando is suspected of murder. Again. We'll have to escape, but first there's a hell of a lot of talking. This whole update, in fact, will be mostly dialog.

Music for this update:

Don't believe him. I saw him firing, it was him!
Would you stop insistin' on this nonsense! I can't stand it when somebody talks a whole lotta crap.

For once, I'm with Jack -- this whole situation is ridiculous.

I think we'll be takin' a statement from this gentleman now. What do you think, Steven?

Moustache Cop takes the witness away.

Hey, maybe I've got somethin' to say about this too.
To be sure, Mister Orlando. Not only in this business but the one from this mornin' too. A lot of things are gonna have to be explained.
This guy won't be killin' anybody again. He was murdered by his boss, the guy who gave him his orders. He killed Reynolds last night. His name is August Bellinger.
Very clever. It's just too bad I can't ask him. At least not in this life.
Yeah, it is too bad. I had a lotta questions to ask him.
Not bad, Orlando, not bad at all. I wouldn't have thought you capable of it. Oh, I'm just thinkin' out loud. You'll surely be havin' a conversation with the inspector, in great detail.
Sure, I'd like to speak to Tom.
I can imagine. Wait here, he'll be here any minute.

Now, lots of you have suggested ways to solve this whole cop situation. Here's the real solution:

A flawless getaway. The next thing to do is visit Frank's Garage, because that's what the walkthrough says to do next.

Frank has a covered car sitting in his yard, and this is an adventure game.

Here is the interior of Frank's Garage. What item do we need?

Also, the car in the middle? That's Jack's car. It's here now.

Yeah. Too bad it's my car.
Hey, no problem. I'll fix that.
I'm already tremblin' about the size of the check.
Ahh, no problem. Everybody thinks too much about money.
When can I pick up the car?
It should be ready for tomorrow about noon.
I need it pretty badly.
Ok. I'll fix it in a coupla hours.

If you don't talk to Frank, and pick these exact dialog choices when you do, the car won't get fixed. And you will be unable to finish the game.

You may remember that the casino is in "the restaurant." That may sound vague and unhelpful, but fortunately there's only one place to eat in this town and it's literally called "Restaurant."

I hope they have FOOD in RESTAURANT!

They don't actually have food in the restaurant, it's just a bar. It's a restaurant-themed bar.

Jack has a casino chip and a casino ticket, so he's qualified to enter.

I'll do my best.


Here's the casino, which is run by Don Scaletti. Jack is trying to track the mob boss down, to ask him about the murders. The normal way to accomplish this is just bother all the customers, asking them where Scaletti is, until the guards get mad enough to take you to him.

There's a faster way, though:

Pull a gun on someone, and you're immediately taken into custody. Which is exactly what we want!

Well, actually he just asked one guy and then waved his gun around at everyone like an asshole, but I guess that's pretty much the same thing. If you didn't tie Smith up, at this point he runs in and kills you. It's bullshit.

I don't remember invitin' you to dinner. What kinda guy are you?
Private detective.

Jack Orlando, ace detective.

That's right. I got his ID and his gun. His name's Orlando.
That changes everything. Why're you here?
I'm doing an investigation. And I wanted to check out this casino. I found the ticket in a certain Mr. Bellinger's car.
That's nonsense. Bellinger has an appointment with me tomorrow morning.
He had an appointment you mean. Bellinger got shot today. With a few rounds from a machine gun. In front of the Cotton Club.

Women are so emotional.
So, my dear Scaletti, all roads lead to Rome.
Ahh, Rome... My city. The fountains... You're a clever guy, Orlando. Too bad you know too much. You understand?
Yeah, I've still a lot to learn about life.
You had your chance to learn.
Boss, you gotta be at the docks in a half hour. You know, the deal with Major...

Yeah, boss, I know I'm holding this guy at gunpoint and we're planning to kill him but I guess I just forgot about him

What should I do with him?
I'll think about it, when we get back from the docks. Unless our pal here has anythin' interesting to tell us.
You know it all already.
Not yet. But we'll find out. Marco?
Yeah, boss?
Lock our friend up. But move it, we're late.