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Jack Orlando

by corn in the bible

Part 9


Jack Orlando has left the confines of the city and reached the harbor. This section of the game is much shorter, and much more bullshit, than the city. Though exactly why that is will not be clear until later.

Music for this update:

Down one of these alleyways, Jack runs across a large, locked gate.

Can't we just shoot the lock off? No.

That'll make too much noise.

It's a dead end, but we needed to come here because there is a nickel on the ground. Jack has plenty of money on him, but obviously only a nickel will work.

Down another alleyway, we find a homeless man. Jack Orlando is friend to all the hobos, so that's a welcome sight.

We need to say the exact right things to this person so that, later on, we can take his alcohol. There is no indication that what you have said is correct.

My liver needs a drink badly.
And who are you that you want to drink with me?
I think I heard wrong.
Rum's my best friend. But I don't know you, see?
Now I understand everything.
You know how it is...
Sure. Then sell me this bottle and buy yourself a new one.
No, the bottle's not for sale. Now go, this blabber is making me tired.
What is that supposed to mean?
That exactly what I said.

Since the hobo mentioned he's tired, he'll fall asleep later on. If you say different things to him, he won't! It's almost like a puzzle, right?

Unfortunately, Jack failed to get any booze from the city's homeless. He'll have to try a bar instead.

Let's order a beer.

First the beer, then the money.
Either you pay first or you stay thirsty. This here is a sailor's bar and we live by other rules.

Now, Jack has plenty of cash, of course, but the only thing to do is give up our shiny nickel. You might think a bartender could break a dollar, but then sailors live by other rules.

The bartender seems rightly shocked by Jack's unjustified anger. We take the beer, but it's not for Jack.

Don't need to be psychic to see that. Just by looking at you I can tell you're tired and thirsty. Am I right?
That's right. Thanks, mate. I owe you.

And we take his sausage.

Because our hero has a piece of meat, any adventure game veteran knows exactly what's coming:

At least it's not a newspaper and a keyhole, I guess.

What was the dog guarding that is so important?

Some wire cutters. That's it.

Why is olympic weightlifter in quotes? I don't understand.

But yes, this is another classic adventure game puzzle. We need to oil this gate! How did people get into the warehouse if the gate is rusted shut? Who cares, it's a puzzle.

The oil is next to the hobo, and I could have grabbed it before, but I wanted to show something off:

This is the next section of the harbor. But going through that door triggered something somewhere else:

He's asleep now.

Jack Orlando, ace detective.

Stay tuned for the next update, which will cover the warehouse. Stealth sections are always a good design choice, so that'll be something to look forwards to.