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Jack Orlando

by corn in the bible

Part 11


The final area of the game is a military base. You can't return to the city, so if you missed a necessary item then you're fucked. Thanks to my brilliant strategy of "using a walkthrough," however, that will not be happening. The base has some of the stupidest puzzles I have ever seen -- not impossible to solve, just utterly retarded. But you'll see all that later; right now, we need an axe from this truck:

Jack's free, but he can't go anywhere yet. There's something in one of these two screens that we need in order to explore the base fully -- can you find it, and figure out what it's for? I bet you can't, because I sure as shit couldn't!

Now Jack is able to unlock the second warehouse!


After putting on his disguise, Jack automatically walks out the door.

The first puzzle in the military base was getting into the uniform warehouse. Puzzle number two will be getting into the uniform warehouse. However, we can now explore the base without being caught, which means no more bullshit stealth mechanics, so it's still better than the goddamn warehouse.

How does one get access to a locked storeroom? Simple: find a ladle on the ground somewhere, that's step one:

I'd like to point out that Jack's inventory screen looks different when he's wearing the uniform. It's a nice little detail.

There's a chef on the base, and the ladle is probably his. Shooting gangsters is pretty tough, but fetch quests are Jack Orlando's specialty.

Thanks. With this ladle I can make dreams come true.
That's OK. Maybe you can help me. Do you have the key for the dressing room. I can't find my keys right now.
Isn't that what it's about, pal?

The chef can't be threatened at gunpoint, since Jack left his gun in the dressing room. That's fine, though, he was helpful. After a quick visit to the uniform closet, again, Jack's got his inventory back, with the addition of some dogtags that were lying around in there. And thank god for that:

Though maybe this one is better:

For whatever reason, from now on Jack will ask every NPC about where he can find Colonel Williams. If you're wondering who that is, well, he hasn't been mentioned by anyone before. Jack just... knows who he is, through the magic of poor story plotting. But, as always, finding the criminals or evidence is not what you need to do right now. Naturally, what you really need to find is a bar.

He's in his office in the administration building.
I can't find my pass card. Can you lend me yours?
Well, of course.

Dog tags successfully traded for pass card. That's actually the last item we need to complete the game! Moustache soldier was very helpful to the decrepit old drunkard who he's never seen before, but army security was pretty loose between the wars, I suppose.

I'd rather have a new mixer.
I understand. Duty calls.
Sometimes I think a bartender needs to know more than a secret agent.
Especially when that secret agent's sent to the moon.
I didn't really mean it that way.

With the pass, we can visit the army headquarters.

How's the connection to the outside world?
Sir, I wish to report that everything is OK, sir!
Really? I've got a different opinion.
I don't understand, sir.
In my office I hear all the phone calls from my secretary's desk.

There's a phone book on the shelf in this very room. Picking it up gives you Tom's number. Why is this a puzzle?

Max, I'm glad you called.
I'd be happy if I were you. Everything's goin' well. That's why I'm calling.
I'm all ears.
Come to the base and pick up your share. Don't forget the briefcase.

Doesn't matter. Tell Major Stewart there's been a break in. An unauthorized person broke into Warehouse Number 2.

That's the warehouse we started this update on. Which, if you remember, was padlocked on the inside of the door. But whatever, she calls up the Major and sends him off to investigate. Jack is free to visit the Colonel and finally close this ridiculous case, once and for all.

I've got something important to tell you, Colonel.
No. I'm busy right now.
This matter can't wait, Colonel.
I said, I'm busy. I will not permit you to tell me what I must do.
Well then you'll just have to change your habits. I don't have any time for niceties. It's a matter of life and death.
Who are you?
Jack Orlando, private detective, but we shouldn't waste any time on trivial details.
That's no small matter, Mr. Orlando... and where on earth did you get this uniform?
I had to take it out of the supply depot. At least I only took the uniform... You see, a few trucks left the base last night loaded with weapons.
You're crazy, Orlando.
Sorry to say I'm not crazy. These are facts, and behind the facts are concrete names. Like Major Pete Reynolds. I think the documents which I'll now show you should be of interest to you.

Remember those papers we took off Scaletti's desk? If you didn't grab them then, the game is unwinnable. Have fun!

Since we've got them, though, the Colonel is instantly convinced.

And immediately afterwards, Tom and the Major show up!

You'll be convicted and demoted!
I doubt it. There are no witnesses, so there's no crime.
I don't understand.

Ho hum, attempted murder.

Sorry Colonel, we were busy with the break-in at Warehouse Number 2.
He's the robber.
You have anything to say, Stewart?
Nice sight, isn't it Colonel?

Good work. If you were a soldier I'd give you a medal.
Hmm,... I've already got the uniform.
Ha ha, I like that. Consider it a present.
Thanks, it'll remind me of a good end to a good case.
That was good work, Orlando.

And that's it.