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Part 5: Exploring the Beetle Forest

Before starting to explore the Beetle Forest let us assemble the new members of our team.

: But, oh, Garai is oh so strict... don’t tell her that either.

: Well, now what? [Perform Nagi Magic]

Spells: Vahli, Medina
Special Attacks: Horn: Water Attack

First of is the merge between Arpatron and Mukhambu and since no name was given I decided to just throw the two original names together calling him Arpahambu.

Merging Ritual

: Reveal to us thy heroic form!

: Okay, it’s done.

Let’s move on to the other two.

Spells: Agni, Agnis
Special Attacks: Fang: Fire Attack

Next up is the combination of Patash and Pataimel called Agnispam.

Spells: -
Special Attacks: Horn: Fire Attack, Fang: Earth Attack

Last but definitely not least is the combination of Terfrayd and Patalchu named Terchu (again through combining names)

I also decided to spin a few caught creatures to make some money. Here is Mahbu’s ritual for it.

Spinning Ritual

: Grant us our daily bread.

: You can get money by selling this silk at the shop.

Afterwards we say goodbye to Mahbu for now.

Here is what my equip looks like after a short shopping spree at the local blacksmith.

Most of the statistics explain themself. The stats are the same as they are for minions but they are not going to be raised on level up so minions quickly outhit and outlast you.

Empties is the amount of empty cocoons I currently have.
Fireflies are the amount of caught but not purified minions I’m currently carrying with me.
#Captured is the amount of different minions I caught during the game.
Capture Level is Levant’s levels. The higher your Capture Level is the easier it is for you to catch minions.
Rank is Levant’s current title. It changes as your Capture Level increases. It also changes the tune of your flute when capturing. Here are the current Capture melodies

Capture Melody - Apprentice
Capture Melody - Novice

Here is the melody for summoning minions as well.

Summoning Melody

So now that we’re ready let’s return to the Beetle Forest.

Once you visited the Beetle Forest and got the Cutscene with Lui leading you to it you get this overworld map to directly head to the Forest of your choice without having to stop by the Barrier Gate.

Let’s advance from where we met Koris.

In this game minions are visible on the overland map. In some cases you still have no idea whether you will fight or not as you run into minions when transitioning screen.
There is actually a minion spawn inside the transition between this screen and the next. In my runs through the forest I only ever saw either Pataimel or Skawasp spawn in that position.

After dispatching the Pataimel we follow the route deeper into the forest.

The thing on the left is a teleporter allowing you to skip between here and a later part of the forest. However it isn’t activated at the moment. Therefore we move on.

We come to the first split in the way through the forest. For now let’s head down to the ruin on the right.

For locked chest throughout the game we need Skeleton Keys in order to open them. Usually you can find the appropriated key somewhere in the forest so we’ll properly find one later on and come back for it.

On this screen is a spawnpoint for both Patash (like in the screen above) and Mukhambu. Contrary to the other minions in this forest both Patash and Mukhambu are actively running away from Levant sometimes making it a pain to engage them.

In the ensuing fight I used Arpahambu’s Horn: Water Attack.

Additionally Arpahambu leveled up.

Following the path further lead to the place where the two roads merge again. While there are no minions present currently Patalchu or Skaeeb spawns on the bottom part of this screen sometimes in the screen transition. We are leaving through the way to the north leaving the other road for later.

Here we find the second and last split in the road in the Beetle Forest. We move down the left path towards the Skaeeb waiting and engage him. There might be a Patalchu in place of the Skaeeb in a different run through the forest.

In the fight I’ll let Agnispam demonstrate Agni and show of the Skaeeb’s attack animation.

Skaeebs (as well as their relatives) attack by spinning their arm and then pummeling you with it.

He also drops a Great Walnut. This item heals Levant fully and increases your maximum HP by 1-2. If you’re willing to grind, you can buff up Levant by a bit. In the course of creating this Update I came across 3 Great Walnuts buffing Levant’s Hp up to 105. We move further down the left path.

Here is the second and last overworld spawn for Mukhambu and Patash. They might skill accompany other minions through the forest though especially Mukhambu with their healing.

This is Mukhambu’s (and Arpahambu’s) Medina spell which makes them a pain to capture.

Here is the end of Terchu’s Fang: Earth Attack.

Further down the Path at the well you can see the minion Nushab. It’s also the place where Skwoot’s spawn in their stead. When engaging either of them, remember that they tend to come in pairs and will likely poison you dealing around 7-10 hp damage per round depending on the minion affected.

They drop a Ring of Venom which is a usable item which has a chance of poisoning an enemy minion.

After defeating (and capturing one of them) the Nushabs we pick up the Skeleton Key leaning on the well and move on to the north.

To the north you can see Koris’ hut and to the east you can see the spawn point for Terfraydsas well as Mardregs and the one present is caught. We won’t go to Koris’ hut right now and instead head further east past the Mardreg.

We teleport back to the beginning to explore the other roads.

On my way to the diverging paths I run into a Skawasp using Malti and Arpahambu uses Valti against a Patalchu.

Back at the first split we go straight ahead this time.

We pick up a Shab Liquor at the statue in the foreground.

And we’re back at the place where the roads merge.

This time we head down the right path.

Masked Boy Voiceacting

You seem familiar...

: You may be one of them!

: Ahem... we must find out whether or not you’re the real thing!

And with that we are thrown into the fight against the Masked Boy. This fight is optional as it triggers the second time you come past the hut (I came past it once while catching minions offscreen). Despite it being optional it isn’t hard at all. You could probably win by using Levant alone but that wouldn’t help us at all so we might as well give Terchu a bit of screen time.

The Masked Boy has two attacks none of which are damaging. He also sometimes wastes a turn by trying to play a flute producing only shrill tone. One of his attacks is him clubbing us in the face as seen in the second picture.

The other attack is him doing a weird dance which somehow damages us. Probably with how awful it is.
Anyway Terchu dispatches him shortly after.

: Master Koris’ cottage lies ahead. Go on... get out of here! Next time I won’t go so easy on you!

With that he runs away and we enter his hut.

We find the Aquazor a water aligned spear that we equip. We leave the hut and go further north.

And we end up in front of Koris’ cottage again. I made a few more runs at the forest leveling our three merged minions up to level 5 in the process.


Level: 5 (+3)

HP: 72 (+34)
Mana: 36 (+10)
Attk: 27 (+3)
Defense: 24 (+2)
M. Attk: 24 (+3)
M. Def: 24 (+2)
Speed: 27 (+2)


Level: 5 (+3)

HP: 70 (+33)
Mana: 37 (+10)
Attk: 24 (+4)
Defense: 18 (+2)
M. Attk: 28 (+3)
M. Def: 26 (+2)
Speed: 23 (+2)


Level: 5 (+2)

HP: 92 (+31)
Mana: 27 (+5)
Attk: 30 (+2)
Defense: 30 (+2)
M. Attk: 17 (+1)
M. Def: 19 (+1)
Speed: 23 (+1)

I also caught a few attacks on screen for your viewing pleasure.

This is what Agnis looks like.

And this is what a Poison Attack by one of the Snakes looks like.

Also here are the contents of the chest in the ruins. Anyway let’s be on our way to Koris to finish up the Beetle Forest.

: However, there is a folktale that describes a dust that wakes the sleeping.

: It is the story of a wondrous powder, kept by a half-bird, half-man named Kikinak who lives in the Dragonfly Forest.

: Perhaps that powder is brewed from the Calabas leaves?

: This is only a guess, and it’s all I could find. But I think it is worth looking into.

: Here is the key to the Dragonfly Gate. You should have it.

Next time: We return to Syrus Village and gather information.