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Part 11: Ungrateful Villagers

Last time we were informed that is was our mission to imprison the Divine Tree itself. Now we'll see how the villagers think about that.

: You cannot imprison the Divine Tree. Did you not see the ancient ruins in the forest?

Hey the whole thing wasn’t my idea but I get no say in this.

: Arrghh... That ghost of Gehena Pale! What is she plotting?

: But if the Chieftain so ordered, then we must obey...

: Her family line has always held the real power in Syrus... working behind the figure-head image of the Chieftains.

: They have infested the Chieftains’ families in all the villages of Parel.

: Over-confidence in human intelligence is the trademark of we beasts of knowledge.

: But it is also fact that without the blessing of knowledge we cannot survive.

: Man is at times weak, and at times a violent beast.

: But it may well be a bloody path which lies before you... You must read very carefully.

: The cursed brandings have now spread over Mahbu’s entire body...

: The villagers say the brandings will eat away at her very soul. But such in only baseless superstition.

Well seems Mahbu has suffered quite a bit since we ascended the title of Cocoon Master and married her. Let’s go check on her.

: It’s okay, don’t worry about it. I mean, you had no choice, right?

I really like how her portrait changes whenever something happens to her. It’s her fourth portrait in the game now. Anyway while I was here I merged the first secret Minion of the game.

Sherrick is a magic/speed based minion with access to Agnia (strong fire elemental single target spell) and an instant death spell. While his physical stats are less than impressive he also has access to Horn: ---- (+Accuracy), Fang: Break Legs (+Critical) [effective damage against land based creatures], Claw: ---- (+Power) and Tail: Rend Wings (+Critical) [effective damage against flying opponents].

Anyway time for another roundtrip through the village starting at home sweet home.

: Ohh, isn’t there another way?

: I am sure the Venerable Jibara has made the right decision, but then again...

Moving onwards to the Blacksmith.

: It all began when you started going into the forest.

: Oh, Levant! You came by! How is your quest going?

: As you can see, I made up my mind to start working here. I too can work as hard as you do, buddy!

: I don’t want my mom to be the only one who’s gotta deal with my stubborn old man every day!

: What? Shut that trap of yours, mister big mouth! Real men work with their hands, not their tongues.

Yajako has nothing new to sell thus we move over to talk to Kelmar a bit more.

: The entire village is on the edge. I wouldn’t be surprised if a riot broke out!

: And with that outrageous talk of offering a sacrifice...

: At any rate, better keep Mahbu and the others indoors.

: i’ll look after them while you’re away. You don’t have to worry, okay?

: Who would’ve guessed... that people could be more frightening than demons...

Seems the whole village is getting nuts. Also I don’t like the sacrifice talk. Anyway let’s head over to the Town Shop.

: When business gets this bad, Cocoon Masters are our only hope.

: Come back anytime.

Nothing new to buy here either so time to visit the sick at the chief’s estate.

: Imprison? That’s our answer to this ordeal ?

: I’m afraid that we are being tested. Whether it is worth living or not...

: The villagers are infected with the spirit of defeat...

Onwards to the Silk Mill to talk with the rumour wives.

: Hah, you don’t need to worry about the mill...

: But I guess you can’t focus on your work when people are sticking their noses into your business.

: Just ignore those hags... They’re always talking like that.

: I expected no less of the Venerable Jibara. The village shall be safe and secure as long as we follow her.

: If things stay like this, Syrus will eventually be swallowed up by the forest.

: We have to imprison them in order to survive...

: There shall be both creation and ruin wherever the beasts of knowledge tread... Such is our fate...

: So you shall take treasure to exchange for Calabas?

: I wonder if you will be alright? After all, your’re just the son of a coward...

: You sure are optimistic. Out for a walk now, huh?

Why do I suddenly feel like not saving your son at all?

Let’s head into the mill.

: Who knows? But they’ve heard many things in their travels. It just might be true...

: So then all our troubles were caused by ... Garai? No...

: No doubt it’s true. She’s come to Syrus to steal our souls!

Garai doesn’t strike me as the Shang Tsung type...

: But it was Garai who cast that Barrier of Protection when the Onibubu attacked.

: Well, perhaps that was just a trick to fool us.

: If she really is the Goddess of Death, then just maybe it was! What a terrifying though indeed.

: I don’t think this is the time to sit around and cower in fear. We’ll all lose our souls if we don#t do something.

: I’m sure the Venerable Jibara will come up with a plan.

: After all, the Calabas herb was her idea right?

: As long as we follow her, surely she will save us.

: So now we’re going to imprison the whole forest... Could this mean that...

: Shh... He’ll hear you!

Not that it stopped you before...

: Your’re half-Nagi aren’t you?

: That means you’re on Garai’s side... Well, aren’t you?

What are my options? Garai or crazy shaman chick sending me on a stupid mission? Yeah I guess I’m on Garai’s side.

: Still, i just can’t trust you Nagi people.

: You mother doesn’t work, your wife has a creepy disease, and that old woman is the Goddess of Death?

: What is that look? You’re just like your mother.

: The son of the Lion of Parel? What a disgrace!

Since Cocoon Masters have to take a Nagi woman as a bride this means that the Nagi protected the village for countless years. Shouldn’t you guys treat them a bit more respectfully seeing how they can just doom the entire village?

: Is that true? Surely you don’t plan to keep the treasure for yourself do you?

: I don’t buy any of it... I bet you’re in league with the Goddess of Death!

: Well, in any case, you and your mother won’t be acting so big for long.

: We won’t need a Cocoon Master once all the monster have been imprisoned.

: Get to it! Do what the Venerable Jibara told you.

Or what? I still have control over a good deal of minions. Plenty to murder all of you ungrateful bastards...

: People’s lives are on the line you know. Are you reporting your progress like you’re supposed to?

: You and your mother take us for fools, don’t you?

: You’re not really going to run away like your father at a crucial time like this, are you?

That idea crosses my mind more often than it used to.

: Don’t you dare do that. We have no choice but to depend on you.

Then show some respect for crying out loud.

: By the way... How’s Garai doing?

: She’s helped you out a lot, so you should know something.

: Or are you no different from them? After all, you don’t turn on someone of your own blood.

: I don’t know what that sorceress drifter is scheming. But remember, the Venerable Jibara is here in Syrus.

: You better not be up to no good either.

After shaking of the alluring though of leaving the village to its fate we move on to the Watchtower.

: The Divine Tree’s a god right? Are you sure that’s what ya should do? It might just end up damming the whole village...

Even the kids know this plan is stupid. This bodes well for the mission.

: Well… Kelmar’s finally returned home... Aren’t ya worried about how worked up the village is getting?

: It seems like everyone’s changed since you’ve become our Cocoon Master...

: People are spreading terrible rumors these days. There’s no way yer mom can go out and work when people are talking like that.

: Hmph, I even heard people say they were gonna “sacrifice” her, heh heh heh… Well… I don’t think they mean it, but…

: You never know, they seem to be saying worse things every day...

: At first I thought they were just letting off steam, but now, i don’t know...

: My wife tells me Garai is the Goddess of Death. Who is that old lady, really?

: Well, the Venerable Jibara too has thought up a bold plan. Surpressing all the demons in the forest at once...

: Have you patched things uo with Mahbu? Sure must be nice to be so young.

Next up visiting Musa.

: Are you working for her too? We can’t trust you Nagi!

: Jibara knows what to do! We’ll subdue the demons and the damned forest too! They’ll fear us!

You do nothing but complaining. I have to do the whole supressing thing alone after all.

: Don’t you screw up! My son is depending on you.

: You’re just waiting your time. You’re not making me feel any better, so cut it out...

: Go find the herb, and make it quick...

Seems to me that the minstrels are the reason for the rumors about Garai. Let’s see where is all comes from.

: What do you plan on doing if you find it?

: Surely you do not plan to imprison it, do you?

I have no idea where you would have heard that...

: How terrible! How could a beast of knowledge say something like that!

: Heaven forbid! Terrible things shall come to pass...

: The people of Syrus are thinking rashly...

: Whatever the case, a descendant of Gehena Pale is pulling the strings behind the scenes, is she not?

: Well, perhaps this too is the nature of the beasts of knowledge.

: That old Nagi drifter named Garai...

: It seems she is no ordinary Nagi woman....

: Rumor has it that she was some kind of midwife back in the Nagi village...

. Do you know what this means?

: It is said that all Nagi are incarnations of ancient spirits...

: And their former life has great influence on their profession in this one.

: So what might a midwife have been in her past life?

: It is said that midwives are reincarnations of the divine spirit Azura.

: The divine spirit Azura is the minion of the god who extracts a new soul from an old one...

: Some even call her the Goddess of Death... Mind you, this is nothing more than hearsay...

Then it would have been best to keep quite about it instead of flustering the villagers even more.

: It is the enormous tree within which Elrihm resides. It is the source of all life in the land of Parel.

The plan gets more insane the more we get to know about the Divine Tree.

: But death is the only time you can lay eyes uponn Him.

: Listen, sonny. Don’t you go off in search of an early death.

: There are many ways to imprison. The most famous is called the Act of Gehena.

: The Divine Barrier of the forest comes from Gehena’s alchemy, otherwise known as the powers of the Act of Gehena.

: Only the descendants of Gehena Pale can perform the Act of Gehena...

: The shaman Jibara... She is no doubt a descendant of Gehena Pale.

: What terrible things await us... I wonder who will be sacrificed...

Wait, what?

: Listen, sonny... You must tread very carefully.

: It is said that imprisonment through the Act of Gehena requires a sacrifice.

So the whole imprisoning idea needs a sacrifice and I’m the only one heading for the forest. Can’t I just abort the whole thing?

Let’s go over to listen to Poto to finish things off.

Upside-Down Tree

: It is said that all in this land began with that tree.

: But no mortal has ever laid eyes upon it.

: That is except for Gi, prophet of the Nagi...

: It looked just like a huge tree that had been turned upside down.

: That is why it is also called the Upside-Down Tree.

: Nagi legend says that their accursed fate shall be released when the dragons of light and darkness appear before the Divine Tree.

: I’m afraid something terrible will happen.

Next time

We head back into the Spider Forest to go through with Jibara’s “plan”.