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Part 12: Spider Forest (Part 2) and the Time of Gathering

This time we’ll head back into the Spider Forest to follow through on Jibara’s orders and imprison the Divine Tree. Accompanying us on this rather short trip back are

Sheragni. The fusion between Sherrick and Agnispam. While this weakens the grows of Sherrick by a bit it also gives him Agni and Agnis which is important since we still don’t have the MP to use Agnia in every fight.

Arlazu. A middle of the line Water merge who is pretty good in every area and is based on Zeikier’s proposed minion Lazuli. It is created from Arpahae and Mukma.

Lastly Rigfrayd continues to come along as well as our Earth powerhouse.

First part of the forest is entirely the same as in our last visit so we’ll skip right to meeting Totoyamu again.

: This ring is f-f-fake! It do not shine when I put it on!

: I don’t want your junk! Off with you! You are swindler!

: The ring shines only when you wear it...!

: Ah, well... Oh yes. Did you bring treasure?

: But I also make promise to Elrihm. I cannot take you there.

: If Elrihm found out I told Man, he would not be happy!

I think once I show up and try to imprison him he’ll know pretty fast that someone of your family let me through... Thanks anyway.

Now that Totoyamu opened the path it makes sense for us to go north on this section.

Here is the barrier that leads deeper into the Spider Forest which was closed off before.

It has a different feel to it with the change in Color scheme. Anyway here is the first new minion spawn in the second part of the forest. You can find the Rashab/Skwmoaj pair in this location.

Both Snake minions are based on a mix of physical attack and defense. Instead of having poison attacks like their relatives from way back in the Beetle Forest these two come with their respective elemental attack with +Power attached which raises the power of the attack (obviously) at the cost of increasing the cost of the elemental attack from 10 to 15 MP.

After catching thr Rashab we engaged here we go further along the path.

Excellent Liquor is the next tier of minion healing items. We return to the split and head down south this time.

Another spawn for the Snake minions. We head up to the north.

We still had a Skeleton Key from the first part of the Forest to open this chest. The Yellow Bead makes you resistent agaisnt Earth Attacks. It also raises your Magic Attributes and Speed and thus is equipped immeadiately. The oils are stat up items for our minions for Defense and Mag. Defense respectively.

We return to the fork in the road and advance to the east.

We arrive at a roundabout way in which, surprise surprise, there is another spawn for the snake minions. In fact there are only 2 different minion pairs in the second part of the Spider Forest and the other pair is further in.

We pick up another Skeleton Key here. This one will come in handy. We advance to the path on the left (the rest of the circleway only contains another snake spawn).

Here we find the other minion of this part of the forest. Embla and Maryden. Both minions only advance upon you when you turn your back to them like Boos do in Mario games.

These tree like minions are pretty strong spellcaster. They have their elemental spell and the first instance of the Deva spells. Deva Spells turn the fighting field into the element of the spell e.g. Deva Ulvi turns it into earth elemental field, Deva Vahli into water elemental one etc. This strengthens the element it turned into and weakens its opposed element e.g. in a water-aligned battlefield Fire minions are weaker and water minions stronger.

Advancing down the path behind the Maryen leads us to the Divine Tree.

I think we broke something.

: Elrihm weeps! You have used Talisman of Imprisonment! So you are an agent of Gehena!

: Beast of knowledge... minion of Gehena...

: Thy mouth is cursed with bitterness... Thy hand is quick to spill blood. Thy path is ruin and misery.

And with that Totoyamu fades out of existence. I think we have done something we shouldn’t have. Let’s head back into the village.

: Why? Why did they take her away? And what do they mean by a sacrifice?

: What did you promise at the Hall of Judgement? NO!

I promised nothing. I was in favor of calling this plan stupid.

: I beg you Levant! Please save Mother Garai!

Will do. But first Let’s talk to her again.

: What happened in the forest? Did you really imprison the Divine Tree?

: That trembling... The forest... it’s weeping...

: We should prepare for the worst...

: Get to the Hall of Judgement—now! I’m sure she’s there. Please hurry.

The only places open to us are the Blacksmith, the Town Shop, Garai’s home and the Chief’s Estate. Let’s stock up before heading to the Hall of Judgement.

: Surely you’re not here to shop, are you?

: What are you doing out so late at night? You’re crazy, if you ask me...

Obviously I’m here on behalf of the neighbourhood to tell you to stop smithing in the middle of the nights as no one can sleep. Anyway Yajako has no new goods for us. When trying to leave Kelmar comes rushing in.

: Oh, Levant! What are you doing here?

: G-G-Garai’s in the ritual of sacri, sacri, sacri...

: Yes my son, the Ritual of Sacrifice.

You knew about it? I thought you were cool...

: Yeah, that’s it! Hey, don’t just stand there. Go now or you’ll be too late!

: I’m sure you’re worried about Mahbu, but I’ll take care of her. You gotta go to the Hall of Judgement now!

One last stop before the Hall of Judgement though: To the Town Shop.

: You didn’t know about the uproar tonight?

: I can’t believe the usual quiet villagers could riot in the middle of the night. I wonder what happened...

I stock up on a few Mugworts and Liquors just to be sure and off we go.

Let’s do this.

: The Venerable Jibara has ordered that you must not pass? It’s best for the village. Leave at once!

Unfortunaly we can’t kick his ass. So let’s see what’s happening inside.

Ritual of sacrifice

: I am not blind, you know. What were you scheming to do with that girl?

: I came to purify the souls of the Nagi... No, of all the beast of knowledge.

: You came to steal the souls of the people of Syrus... Is that not so?

: I’ve known it from the beginning, “Mother Garai”. Or shall I call you by your real name: Azura, Goddess of Death!

: The one who spins new souls from the old...

: Now is the time when the lore of the beasts of knowledge shall be laid to waste...

: ... and the wisdom of the wise shall be rendered meaningless!

: Jibara, Ghost of foolish knowledge... Phantom of Gehena!

: Some seek a sign. Others desire knowledge. Such is the power of Elrihm...

: But Elrimh’s foolishness is wiser than Man...

: And Elrihm’s weakness is stronger than Man...

: Light and darkness... The two souls.

: For the two, spin our souls and lead us to the Promised Land!

So much for saving Garai. We’re still stuck talking to the guardian.

Seems bright light didn’t become him. Since we still can’t get in we head back. Coincidently the whole town is open for exploration again. Let’s see what the others thought about the light show.

Well everyone has turned to stone. Elrihm didn't seem to enjoy us ruining his house. Hell, I kinda like a few of the villagers even if a good deal were assholes
Let’s check on Mahbu and hope she didn’t suffer the same fate.

Poor Kelmar. Didn’t make it in time to protect Mahbu.

Seems Mahbu is missing. Or at least she hasn’t been turned to stone. First off we investigate the thing lying on the ground to our right.


Doesn’t that look like...

Yep. Mahbu has been turned into a fairy or something. Poor Girl can’t catch a break. At leasts it’s better than being turned to stone I guess.

: I had this feeling that Mother Garai’s spirit shot right through me a moment ago...

: All kinds of things went through my mind at once... And before I knew it, this is what happened to me...

: All the villagers’ souls went with Mother Garai to the place of Elrihm.

: Your father’s disappearance... The wrath of the Onibubu... The Sacrifice...

: It was all... All for this day...

: “Ni, the Nagi Chieftain knows all truth,” That’s what Mother Garai said before she departed.

: But those chains... They are also what have bound our hearts... They are what make us ourselves.

: I may not be able... to stay like this... much longer...

Didn’t she have to suffer enough? Poor girl...

: There is little time left... Leave the rest to me. Mahbu, you must stay in the cocoon.

Pretty much.

: Our souls now wander through space and time seeking new bodies...

: ... and a new ordeal shall begin when our souls return to the flesh.

: The brilliance of the ring Mahbu gave you is proof that you are the Chosen One of Light...

: The Chosen One of Darkness is waiting for you beyond this dimension.

: The path to him shall test your devotion. It shall be a journey of the heart...

:... the outcome shall form the ordeal that our souls await.

: Go to the Moth Forest... There you must seek out the Nagi Chieftain at the Temple of Kemuel.

: Before you go... Don the Coat of Riketz... It is my final gift to you.

: I wish you luck, Levant... The Chosen One!

And with that the ghost of Garai vanishes.

The Coat of Riketz is a universal upgrade and even shows up on the character model.

Next Time

Levant, the last survivor of Syrus Village, heads into the Moth Forest.