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Part 17: The Final Ordeal and the Chosen One of Darkness (Part 1)

Welcome back after another unintended break due to inherent laziness and starting to play Dark Souls. Now it’s time to tackle the Spider Forest of the Netherworld and the last confrontation with the Chosen One of Darkness.

First of let’s get briefed by Ni again.

: ... their combined powers shall summon the Chosen One of Darkness.

: However, your minions will be severely tested if you attack with abandon.

: Prepare yourself for the battles that lie ahead.

: You must focus your thoughts. Ask me anything you please.

First order of the day is investigating the status of our beloved wife.

: If Mahbu’s metamorphosis into a moth becomes complete, it shall herald the end of everything.

: It will be the end of Mahbu and the destruction of our souls.

: There is little time left. It is all up to you now.

Wasn’t that always the case? Thank Elrihm Levant can work under pressure.

Next up is checking out our opposition.

: he is the most powerful of all the assassins of the dark. And he is the one you must conquer.

That wasn’t as helpful as I wished it had been.

Let’s see if there is anything helpful he can tell us to be prepared.

: Your powerful minions have served you well thus far.

Damn straight they have.

: But even greater terrors await you. You must take care.

Your whole job is to be as cryptic as possible isn’t it?

: There, the Disciple of Earth awaits.

: The final battle shall take place in the presence of Elrihm, where the Divine Tree stands.

With this we head off towards Ra in order for some more merging fun.

Our resident tree lizard got fused with a Gecko and afterwards once again with a flying mouth creature. He is still a middle of the line merge with decently powerful normal and elemental attacks as well as a full spell selection. He is also going to accompany us into the Spider Forest of the Netherworld.

We also continue to take our dogs along since they have served us well in the Dragonfly Forest of the Netherworld.

And despite not coming with us, our faithful snapping turtle gets merged with a cyclops beast to become a snapping cyclops turtle.

I also clear out a few of our lesser minions to make space for the last few catches in the Spider Forest of the Netheworld.

Mu doesn’t have anything to sell that we can afford (seeing how the one weapon that is interesting cost a whopping 80000) nor does she have anything to add to our situation. Therefore it’s time to head into the dungeon.

So like it was for the Netherworld forests before this one, the Spider Forest layout is completely the same as it was before. Although the color scheme is a lot nicer than the blood red it was after we tried to imprison a god.

Tragaron and his air elemental brother Berbansa (which I apparently didn’t screencap. He has blueish wings) are the caster minions of this forest. They have decent speed and the strongest elemental spell of their respective element (e.g. Maltia and Ulvia). They also got a non elemental +accuracy attack which they won’t use ever unless you are trying to prolong the fight past their MP limit. Still they are the least threatening minions in this forest given their fragile nature that leads to them getting oneshotted a lot.

Next up we have Uglam and Turen who look like Dragonfly Eels. Both have their respective Deva Spell and an elemental attack. Given the AI’s tendency to start of with the Deva Spell you usually kill them within two turns before they are able to press their advantage given by the Deva Spells. They can pack quite a punch if it comes down to it though so don’t get overconfident when fighting them in pairs.

At the usual place we run into Yami again after she vanished following the ritual of Imprisonment.

Yami turns into the peculiar looking Earth Boss.

: O beast of knowledge... Thou should know thy foolishness.

And thus we are thrown into our first optional encounter with the Earth Boss. He will show up in every location where the Forest people were in the actual Spider Forest. In these encounters you will only fight the Earth Boss himself and he won’t summon his minion. Seeing that the minions tend to be the actual hard part of fighting these bosses all 3 fights with him prior to meeting him at the Divine Tree are more or less free experience points.

His only attack is a double axe handle blow which deals a good chunk of damage but isn’t too threatening.

As such it takes almost no time for him to eat some dust.

: It is not over yet. I’ll not give up the Jewel of Earth!

With that he vanishes and we are free to explore the forest further.

We arrive at Kakayamu’s house without meeting any new minions.

: O beast of knowledge... Thou should know thy foolishness.

Here we are in the second encounter with the Earth boss. Nothing has changed about the situation from before so we just choose a minion that needs some experience points and smash him down once more.

He drops an armor that gives nice physical defense but ruins your speed and magical defense. Since not geting hit at all with Levant is the most important thing, we won’t use this armor either.

: It is not over yet. I’ll not give up the Jewel of Earth!

Once more he vanishes into thin air. Thus we progress towards the last optional encounter with him.

First of we run into our first wild goat encounters. Both Spiral and Jirahl hit like trucks and move fast as hell. Luckily for us, they posess Rend Wings as their only skill, so we don’t have to deal with very effective elemental attacks. Sill these two can wreck you if you aren’t careful. They make great base minions or addiional merging material though.

Next up we have the last minions of the snake family. Carmine and Mukshab hit fairly hard and are reasonably fast. Their main draw though is the Critical property of their respective elemental attack. It makes the attack 50% more likely to crit leading to huge damage. Naturally these two will have a prominent feature in our next merges for this feature alone.

I also level up my capture level once more ascending to the rank of Champion.

Here is the new capture melody.

Capture Melody - Champion

I pick up a Skeleton key in this dead end.

Dogpara and Terhambu complete the family of creatures that look like Eggs him horns. Both of these are brutally powerful physical attackers that tend to attack in teams and also have access to elemental attacks with the critical property. Use extreme caution when fighting them and by all means don’t get suprised by them as they can easily one shot Levant leading to a swift game over.

The last new minions we encounter in the Spider Forest of the Netherworld are Robun and Noobwee. They aren’t quite as extremely focused as prior minions but still have access to attacks with the critical porperty like so many others in this forest which can lead to a swift death if you are particular unlucky especially seeing how they will always attack in pairs.

Now it’s time to confront the Earth Boss in his last optional location.

: O beast of knowledge... Thou should know thy foolishness.

He sounds like a broken record by now.

The fighht goes as expected.

: It is not over yet. I’ll not give up the Jewel of Earth!

And with that he vanishes once again. We have now fought him in every optional encounter getting a nice amount of experience points out of him. We have also caught every minion (including the merged secret minions) we can get in the main game. Why exactly they have barred about 100 minions in the post game content remains a mystery. So we’ll stop here for now.

Tomorrow we’ll use our new minions to merge our endgame team and proceed towards the final encounter.